8 Facts About Me!

I've been seeing a lot of posts among members doing this and I figured, why not?

1) My MBTI personality type is INFJ-A. I was pretty surprised on how accurate it is when I took the personality test after learning about the Myer-Briggs test in psychology.

2) I've been an EXO-L for 7 years, but I could've been for nearly 8 years. A few months after they debuted, I decided to watch MAMA out of interest and got startled by the chants at the beginning, I cried and avoided them. But after Wolf, I checked out their MV, then some of the live stages and them variety shows and immediately stanned because they were adorable sweethearts. I really hate how much of a coward I was. 

3) I dislike horror movies yet I managed to watch some the whole way through (IT: Chapter I and II, The Boy, Us). I don't really know why but I guess the way they induce so much anxiousness within me as the characters do the dumbest things could be the reason. 

4) I have interests in a lot of things, sometimes I don't even know what I want to do in life. Illustrating, graphic designing, medicine, and writing are just some of my interests. Now embroidery is something that I want to try out after seeing some videos on YouTube. 

5) I'm a homebody. I don't really go out much, especially since now the coronavirus is occurring. A lot of the things I like doing can often be done at home. But sometimes, I would go out with friends just out of boredom from staying home for so long.

6) The Sims 4 is pretty much the only game I play but really, it gets boring quite quickly. I just end up making sims and playing up to thirty minutes before getting bored.

7) I used to have a sweet tooth when younger but as time progressed, I found myself digusted with anything that''s overly sweet. I mean, American cakes are so sugary to me and soda's just disgusting. 

8) Baggy/oversized clothes are it! I love wearing them, they're so comfortable. I don't think I can escape from them anytime soon. I understand Baekhyun when he says he prefers them lmao.


That's pretty much it! I don't really have anyone in particular to tag but feel free to do so if you wish! ^^

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