8 Facts About Me (Part-2), tagged by Rosezee_exo!

I seriously don't know why am I doing this again because I don't have anymore facts?? (>_<)


Anyway, let's see how many lame facts we can gather here:

1. I'm quite brave person. I am not afraid of any kind of insects. I don't have any problem in sleeping after watching horror movies. So, yeah, I am brave in my opinion lol! 


2. I'm quite punctual, despite being lethargic most of the time. I'm that friend who is the first one to arrive/ get ready at every outing/friendly meeting.


3. I don't know how to swim, how to ride a bicycle. Don't know how to play any kind of musical instruments. I don't know much cooking. Pretty much of a noob if you say so!


4. I've never been to any official date. But I'd like to go on one, if there's someone willing to take me lol. 


5. I've never drank! But I'd like to taste some beer or wine one day (Just for one time, because I want to know how it feels). But of course, I'd do it in a safe place, with a safe person (Preferably, my hubby? If I ever get married lol)


6. I have the ability (not sure if I should call it an ability?) of reading in between lines. I have a knack in understanding psychological things, human nature  more precisely than other people in my life. And I'm kinda proud of it. But mostly, it is painful, because I can feel the gravity of harsh reality more than them. 


7. I have a dream of attending one, only one concert of EXO. It is the wildest dream of my life. I would probably cry while shouting my boys' name if I'd ever be able to attend one.


8. I give out free love life advices, despite being single for my whole life. If you ever need any advice, I'm always here. Also, a good listener to your life problems. Giving advices is probably one of my top 3 hobbies lmao.



So here's another bunch of unnecessary facts. Thank you for reading. Feel free to do it if you wanna do!

Have a nice day❤


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