8 Facts About Me (Tagged by Natsukio)

Hi Hi~ Lol it's been a while since I've done something like this. Thank you to Natsukio for tagging me into this (your facts made me happy and touched at the same time since I was able to relate to something on your fifth fact, and I hope you pursue being a psychologist!) today you guys get to learn 8 things about me. Even though I legit have nothing interesting really to talk about ehehe. 

Okay, let's start with the first one...

1. I don't think many know my actual name, well in AFF, it's Christina and I'm 15 years old (turning 16 in July!) I was used to be called by Madi because little me thought that was a cuter name but honestly, I can be called by whatever. 

2. I love singing, I used to take singing classes but then decided that I only like to do it as a hobby so I stopped doing those. Lol I love using Smule, it's so fun and I usually sing in Japanese, but I can also learn Korean, Vietnamese (I'm also Vietnamese >.<), and definitely English. 

3. I also really like reading, I read mostly fantasy romance books sometimes horror and a bit of Sci-fi. My record of quickest reading was reading eight hundred? Pages in two days. Lol, I spent two all-nighters for that and I don't regret it. It's called Kingdom of Ashes by Sarah J. Maas which is seven series and Kingdom of Ashes is the last one. I've been not reading lately and I should probably start again since it's summer and I have tons of time but I'm trying to find a good one but can't find any. I'll get something eventually. *_*

 4. I'm the most talkative person ever, it's always fun to talk to people who have the same hobbies as you or have the same interest. I can talk all day on basically anything, I get yelled often by teachers because I talk too much T_T But it's okay! I think. 

5. I have a 56-inch stuffed bear named Phillip that I sleep with, and a 38-inch bear named Bambi that sits by my bed. I also have a couple of more, but I can't name all of them. Yes, I can. There's Stacy, Mr.Paw, Daniel, Mr.Cow, Chip, Mrs. Sheep, and Daniel 2.0. They're not as large as Phillip and Bambi but they cover my bed. I still don't get to this day how I was able to remember all these names I've given them. 

6. After a lot of thinking, I might become a therapist. I used to have not the loveliest past, and I never really had anyone to talk to so I kept a lot of things to myself which worsened over time, then when I was able to have a therapist and spill my heart out, it was the most refreshing and greatest moment I had ever felt. Now just the thought of me able to do something like that and being able to give thoughts, and just talk to people that are in need makes me happy, and since I'm a talkative person...I don't see why not. And apparently most of my friends think that talking to me is soothing as well, which makes me glad to hear. 

7. If anyone that sees this and has read Love me, Brothers, yall would know that I really like watching anime. Hehe, I can watch a variety but I used to be really into reverse-harem anime and romance. Now, I can go for anything lol. I just finished watching Overlord too, so now I got's to find something else. I started watching Sakamoto, which there was some funny stuff that made me cackle like a hyena but after that, I think I want to try something actiony...You know? 

8. Last but not least................ I really like writing. There I said it. Fight me. Lol please no, but yes, I really enjoy writing stories and I've been doing it for a good while now. Even though I still can't write good stuff, or see my grammatical errors as I write, I'm still trying to learn my hardest and improve my writing skills. I think that was one of my reasons why I also started to read because in the past I had absolutely abhorred reading. Looking at it made me exhausted, but then now, it's like the funniest thing to do. I try to find different kinds of styles that authors put into their books then I try to blend it with my own. One of the authors that I really like when it comes to they're writing is Stephanie Garber. Her Caraval trilogy series was the first book I ever picked up and made me love it. The series has this unique way of describing colors and using them in great detail. If ya'll like reading fantasy books, I would greatly recommend you check that series out. In the end, writing has become one of my greatest hobbies that in the beginning, I thought I should've pursued, but now I think it's just something I would like to enjoy in my free time. 

And there you have it! Eight things about me! This was actually really fun, even though it took me a while to find things about myself that were worth writing lol. Thank you if you got to the end, and thanks again to Natsukio for tagging me into this. I don't have that many people that I'm close to on AFF or at the very least wasn't already tagged. So I guess, I hope I can make some friends out of this ^^

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