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Tag #1: Natsukio


Hello darlings~! 

It's me, dulcedewildflowers/Nara!

Before I start anything I just want to say that I hope everyone is doing well! I send my best wishes, warmth, love and hugs to everyone! Stay safe, warm and well! ^~^

I was tagged to do this challenge by two sweethearts, Debo and Natsukio! I hope you two are well! Thank you for thinking of me when picking AFF users to continue the challenge~! 

With all of that said, let's get started, shall we?


1. I am a... mixed Indian!?!

I recieve questions about my background very often since I mainly write interracial fanfictions with Indian OCs. I never realized that it was such a big deal til after I started writing and uploading my stories to AFF. As far as I know my biological mother was a pure Indian from Chennai and my biological father was an islander from Trinidad so that apparently makes me a "mixed Indian". I know Indians don't claim islanders as their own due to some weird culture differences but the islanders are technically descendants so I'm trapped in the middle! (Also, somehow, from my father's side, I'm 22% Japanese!)

2. I am a orphan... twice?!

Long story cut short, my biological mother had me out of marriage and was visiting the states by an exchange program. She couldn't take me back home with her because she was scared of being disowned by her family since out of marriage is viewed as a sin in India... My biological father had signed up for service through the Marines and left high school early because of it, before my mother knew she was pregnant. Immediately after having me, my biological mother disowned and left me at the hospital(somehow?). Six months after that I was adopted by an Indian American family in a southern state of the US. My new mother was diagnosed and passed away of cancer a few months after adopting me, leaving me and my adopted sister in a really bad situation with my adopted father. My sister managed to escape the situation, luckily, but I was stuck with him until I turned 18 and ran away from home because I couldn't handle the things he was doing any longer. He disowned me the night I ran away, leaving me an orphan because my biological Father was the last living parent I had (I thought). Ultimately, I found out that he passed away while serving overseas, three years after I was born, so it didn't actually change anything.

3. I am/was a... artist! 

Aside from writing, I actually paint and sketch quiet often! (Or at least I used to before my accident. My hands are far too shaky to do so anymore.) I own two galleries, one in California and one in New York! Aside from showing works of close friends of mine and artists across the globe that can't reach the states easily, I showcase a lot of my own work. I haven't been able to create anything as of late but that's okay, I'm focusing more on my stories and also, official music (themes and such) for my stories since the accident so it's opened new doors for me! I'm so excited to see where I'll end up! 

4. I teach... art, writing and business classes!

Now this one isn't anything much but I really enjoy doing it. A few times a week I'll head over to my local orphanage and/or shelteres and teach the kids and others staying there everything I know. I've been doing this for around two years now and I noticed I love teaching, the kids and just sharing what I know in general.

5. I work in... five different fields!

I run five businesses (including now, Aiden's). One in Nature Conservation, one in technological advancements, one in wildlife conservation, one funnily enough (for my Serenity readers)- as a flower shop that specializes in repurpousing old/dead organic flowers and last but not least, one in security(bodyguards, private home guards, ect.) I'm normally a very busy person, I can't sit still and my mind is always racing. 

6. I suffer from... Androphobia.

My phobias aren't limited to this but this is one that affects me most. For those that don't know, Androphobia is the fear of men. I developed this from my childhood spent with my adopted father and still suffer from it to this day. Aiden was actually the first male I ever felt comfortable with, and Taro followed soon after. It gets in the way a lot, especially when it comes to business, but I've learned to live with it over the years. 

[Sidenote: Around 95% of my issues stem from my childhood. Luckily, I've grown and learn to live with them all at this time. I host talks about the issues I deal with often to help survivors and those who wish to understand their friends and/or family suffering from the same things that I did. Many of you will probably be curious as to what bothers me as a whole and while it will be difficult for me to talk about on here since it's online and we all know the internet will always be a strange place, I am willing to talk about it in a private blog post. Let me know if you guys are interested.] 

And of course this affects my dating life too. I am technically biual but I lean more towards women because of my phobia........ Aiden was my exception and a perfect one at that. My soulmate in every way. As I stand right now, I don't think I'll be dating or getting into any serious relationships with men ever again just because of the type of man Aiden was and the impact he made on me. He was one of a kind. I will always be in love with him...

7. I love... all types of music!

I recieve questions about what types of music I listen to aside from KPop very often but I tend not to answer just because I knew I'd end up making a post such as this at some point through my time on AFF. Music is a very, very, very big part of my life. A few of my favorites overall are Bollywood Love Songs (90's songs are GOLDEN), J-Rock, Instrumentals (Game OSTs, Anime OSTs, ect.), Classical and Modern rock. I'm actually not that big of a Pop music fan and I probably couldn't name ten pop artists off the top of my head aside from K-Pop acts and The Weeknd (That man is dangerous and I LOVE IT.) but I do listen on and off to a few songs from very random artists. A few of my favorite songs overall are; 02 by SUHO, Rise by Taemin, Animal by Aurora, Butterfly Effect by EXO, Limitless by NCT 127, Mere Naam Tu by Abhay Jodhpurkar, Sanam Re by Arijit Singh, One of These Nights by Red Velvet and Venus by Jane Jang.

I LOVE songs that make me cry or so happy that I start bouncing on my heels. If the artist is able to hit me that deep then consider me a fan of them for life.  (Yes, that means you SUHO and Taemin! You're not the only ones, of course, but dammit you two kill me EVERY SINGLE TIME.)


WHICH MEANS NARA IS FAT but that's okay. I like thick! Thick is best! ;) 


I hope I shared some interesting facts for you all! I wasn't really sure what to share, I'm more used to people asking me questions about what they'd like to know... but It was fun doing this! Thanks again to Debo and Natsukio for the tag, I probably wouldn't have done this if not for them! ^~^

To continue the challenge I am tagging the following people; CorgiFae, ColdOne and ninifilms. Most of the people I talk to on AFF have already done this or are readers and don't post much so I doubt they'd take part in this... Sorry I can't spread it farther! 


Stay well, safe and snuggly warm everyone~,

Love, dulcedewildflowers~! ❤❤❤❤

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