8 Facts About Me {Tagged by LayDZhang}

                                                                                                                                                     8 Facts About Me
1.) I keep to myself a lot, due to not being sure what to say to join in on a conversation or how to approach people. I often fear being completely rejected or told off by others so I often avoid approaching others and initiating things first.  Even if it appears someone has similar hobbies or interests, I still find it difficult. I've always felt like I was just so extremely different from other people that it was impossible to truly connect with others and what I consider 'friendships' are usually just temporary and pointless in the long run. 

2.) While I can be pretty quiet and reserved, I am also very opinionated and I have quite a bit of controversial opinions that cause me to clash with others and others not to like me very much or at all. I usually don't have a problem with others thinking or feeling differently from me but that doesn't seem to be the case most of the time for others. I lose a lot of would be friendships and what I considered friendships because of this.  Nowadays, if you don't have what's considered a popular opinion, you're usually shunned and told off by others. 

3.) I'm a really big anime fan. I've been watching anime since the tender age of 5, starting mainly with shows that aired on Cartoon Network in the 00's and on their original Toonami block.  One the became my most favorite as a child was Naruto, followed by Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Pokemon, and InuYasha. Nowadays, I've watched and become a big fan of dozens of other anime since then.

4.) I discovered this site on January 3rd 2012, (I only know the exact date because of the join date on your profile) and that was due to me coming across dating rumors of Jessica from SNSD and 2PM's Taecyeon. This just happened to be one of sites I was led to by Google and once I browsed around the site more I decided to sign up. Some of my previous usernames were Azu-Chan and BigBangLoverx3 (they're both extremely cringey and embarrassing, I know).

5.) My first ever bias in Kpop was Jessica Jung, and SNSD was my first ultimate group. I'd heard some songs by SNSD on playlist in a chatroom back in the Summer of 2010, but I didn't really research them much until early 2011 and then I fell in love with them as well as became a Kpop fan. Some other groups I had really gotten into that year were, Girl's Day (before they blew up in popularity), T-Ara, f(x), Shinee, 2NE1, Five Dolls,  miss A, and the Wonder Girls. I discovered Big Bang and Block B in that year, but didn't really bother to learn much about them until a year later.

6.) These days, I'm really no that into kpop as there's been such a huge shift in the music, idols, fans, and the industry is so oversaturated with groups now. I know the things I'm about to say next will ignite rage in some of you, but this is just how I personally feel. I find now that a lot of groups look and sound like carbon copies of each other as well as give off an extremely fake and pretentious vibe. I also feel like kpop has become a lot less about actual talent, skill, and ability and more about having a pretty / attractive face and / or being under a certain company.  I personally don't think some of the more recent groups under SM/JYP/SM would be as popular as they are if they didn't have either a pretty face and/or a big company backing them. Obviously I know a lot of people disagree with me on this, and they're completely allowed to. That's just how I personally feel about the current kpop industry right now. 

7.)  I was born with a rare illness that caused me to have an organ transplant as a toddler and has lead to very frequent doctor's appointments, procedures, blood work, constant medication changes, and other health issues a result. I've been doing better in the past 3 years but around 2015/2016 things started to get bad and I was in the hospital and getting procdures done a lot. Unfortunately, with the current pandemic, it's made things harder and made me a bit more paranoid. 

8.) I typically read / bl/ mxm fics as I find them a lot less predictable and more interesting  than the typical straight  fics. Though I am open to reading all romantic / ual pairings if I find the story interesting enough.  I've always been more into fics dealing with angst, drama, and dark themes as well.   I have written a few fics before myself, but they were never completed and it's been several years since then. I hope that one of these days I can get myself to publish another story. 

Well, that's all I have for you right now. I'm sure that there are probably more things I could've included (and some I could've excluded), but I did my best to narrow things down to 8 facts. I'll go ahead and tag user the_fictitious to do this as well. 

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