8 facts about the_fictitious a.k.a. me(tagged by LayDZhang)

Hei everybody! Greetings from the not-so-silent reader. So, I was tagged by LayDZhang for the 8 facts challenge and here it is:

1. I'm a very calm person at first glance and therefore the elders of my family and extended family really like me at family functions as I am the perfect example of a doll--with lovely dresses and a quiet and sweet persona--but believe me, my immediate family and friends don't even consider me to be a homo sapien. I'm not really shy and I can make enough small talk for a roomful of people.I was even made the class monitor 'cuz of talkative nature and was latwer promoted to house prefect(junior rank) in middle school.

2. I may come off somewhat as a plastic(mean girls reference) at first and even though sometimes I tend to act like one, I'm really a super-nerd at heart,but my friends are bigger ones-most of them are class or subject toppers! Also, I have changed schools quite a many times- many times because in my country people mostly attend a single school throughout their life. for the last two years of school, i.e., 11th and 12th grade, I attended a residential school and trust me, it was one of the top best things that happened to me during my short life. 

3. I love to learn new skills- especially languages. I also like to study, but I tend to skip out chapters which don't hold my interest, even the important ones. I did not revise the electromagnetic induction unit for my physics boards, which I must admit was not a smart move. But I'm trying to improve and get rid of this. Any tips?

4. I still have one board paper left which was postponed due to the pandemic and there is no hope when it will be conducted (even though the council has released dates for the exams) and to think it was my favourite and best subject!!! I really feel like eating someone's head off!

5. I kinda have a violent streak which I suppress for the most part, but will explode heavily once the saturation point is reached, so I tend to be careful around people whenever I feel under the weather. This doesn't really help as I have quite a temper, but all-over I have a pretty good temperament. Thankfully, I haven't really seriously hurt anybody and I'm trying very hard to get rid of this bad-habit. I am truly weird- my actions- no. not even in public are they held back, just subtly suppressed, but I have good civic sense so as not to freak out any strangers.

6. I truly love the performing arts with all my heart of which music is the one to regarded the highest. I love all music, but mostly I prefer classical, rock and the 1990-2010 pop style. I also like EDM and remix tracks, but I hate when they re-make an old song. Covers included with originality are fine,but I dislike re-made tracks. I also love to read, especially long novels and comics. Actually, the reason I discovered fanfictions was because I had run out of material to read in print and began looking for online platforms. Writing short stories and essays is also one of my pastimes and here comes my reason for failure to write fanfics, even though I really want to write one. Hopefully it's going to happen soon! 

7. I love the horror, fantasy and mythology and am infatuated with the supernatural, paranormal and some occult, but I really don't indulge in any particular practices. My parents have never stopped me to acquire and pursue knowledge which has piqued my interest, only certain practices and activities were barred. So, it's safe to say i have quite a few (maybe otherworldy) acquaintainces, if they truly exist, regardless of my beliefs.

8. I want to give a Ted- talks and travel the universe, while also work for the UN. Also, I speak in a KHICHDI language 'cuz sometimes it gets difficult to find a word in the current language which is in my head in another one and this really puts my mother on edge>.<                             [khichdi is an Indian dish, but is also used as a metaphor or simile for things that are garbled-up in a weird mixture and make no sense whatsoever to the other person]

So, I hope you had fun reading these silly antics of mine. Not forgetting the magic touch at the ending, I would like to tag dbsj0001, OdetteSwan, anneunaeun and everybody else who is up for this challenge! Wishing for thy good morrow this day!

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