8 Facts About Me, Xoxoyeolmae (tagged by LayDZhang)

Ok, I’m doing this challenge 8 facts about me tagged by my friend LayDZhang.
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1.    I’m an introvert girl. I don’t really know why I became a shy person because I wasn’t like that.. During my alimentary days, I was the most talkative person in my class, sometimes my teacher even scolded me because of that. I think the reason was that I changed my school and in New school, I had a feeling like they are all in a Wolf pack and I’m the new one there so I only had one friend and she is still my BFF. 

2.    Sometimes I don’t know how to start a conversation with new people. I only have a few friends as I hate it when they only come if they need something from me and after that talk behind my back. So often people mistook me as an arrogant girl.  But my close friends know that I’m the most caring and sensitive person to the people I loved.

3.    I’m really unfortunate when it comes to friendship because I easily give anything to my friends and help them when they need me.. But it always backfired me whenever I needed them. I’m a good listener, my friends always talk about themselves and I always listen to them but when I have to tell something about myself they won’t take much interest in it. So I tend to keep everything inside of me.

4.    I’m really good in my high school days like in the top 5 students of the class. (not bragging about myself) and my parents were sure that I would take engineering as my major But don’t know why I took the medical line and now I’m stuck with tons of exams.

5.    I love puppies especially Huskies are my favourites... When I was in abroad my friend had a puppy and I wanted to bring one for myself, but my sister is afraid of animals so I couldn’t get one. But it’s my dream to have a puppy in future.

6.    My dreams are really scary and horrible sometimes. I don’t even know why I’m dreaming that kind of things. But I’m telling you it’s really weird and some years, ago I dreamt of the tornadoes and the next day in the news it was showing that there might occur big tornadoes in the sea. I was really freaked out but fortunately, it didn’t occur. Sometimes I feel that everything is repeated like it’s already happened somewhere in my dreams like Deja Vu.

7.    About a year ago I was literally stressed and was drowning into depression because of my health issues, my exams and my relationship but then exo come to my Saviour and woah my whole life changed after that. I’m literally glad that I know exo. And also angry upon myself that why I don’t know them before. Exo is my lifeline. I love them so much.

8.    I’m totally competitive like chanyeol so that’s why he is my bias. In my family, they all know that I’m a crazy fan of exo. If you open yt in my tv there is only exo songs u can see xd.  Fun fact is my mom is a big fan of baekhyun she thinks that he is super cute. She can even recognize him regardless in different hair colours. She always mocks me that go and live in Korea because I’m literally living in a Korean world.

There are lots of facts about me I can write but I’m ending it here... Thanks if you read it till here.. I hope you all will participate in it.

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