My graphics shop got my fanfic lit AF

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By JungHyunki23 aka youngbaebabe23

The following is a work of Fiction.
The events and characters are fictional and the celebrity names/images merely borrowed and do not represent who the celebrity is in real life.
©JungHyunki23 all rights are reserved for the author. Distribution of any kind is prohibited without the written consent of JungHyunki23.

Read at you own discretion Rated: M for mature
*May contain profanity. *Violence *Some ual content *Nudity & Adult situations not suited for readers under 18.

            Shinjuku's talented photographer Satsuki Nakayama is renowned for her sharp eye, and her equally sharp tongue has fallen into a downward spiral as a result of being unemployed. Unjustly terminated for being a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Satsuki is blackmailed in the Japanese photographic industry. Her life turns upside down when her childhood friend Kang Daesung introduces her to an up and coming tattoo artist Dong Youngbae and Rapper/Producer Kwon Jiyong. Reluctant, Satsuki takes a chance when offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to become a part of Seoul's 1 number creative talent agency established by Choi Seunghyun 'Acquisitions Talent.' Satsuki struggles to navigate through trails of discrimination for her androgynous presentation in addition to challenging the core values of her beliefs of ual identity when falling into a series of unforeseen romance.



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