KPOP Preferences 8

my yearly kpop preferences post - they're getting posted later and later in the year lol. not many changes in the last few years either since i've stopped trying to get into new groups and just sticking with my mains.


1. Favorite group(s)?

Infinite, BTS & Monsta X


2. Favorite guy group & bias?

Infinite Woohyun & Sungyeol, BTS Suga, Monsta X Shownu


3. Favorite girl group & bias?

(G)-IDLE Yuqi and new for 2020, Rocket Punch! haha I fell in love with Rocket Punch last year. It's pretty surreal, because I hardly fall for newly debuted groups to start with, let alone a girl group. But, hey, Rocket Punch is just That group for me. Don't really have a bias in Rocket Punch though. Yeonhee maybe.


4. All-time bias?

I was thinking about this a month ago - I can't tell if it's Woohyun or Shownu. Maybe it's both ahahaha.


5. Favorite maknae?

Kookie?????? yeah??? 


6. Favorite leader?

Sunggyu, Rapmon, Shownu (my bias shows)


7. Favorite song?

I still quote Block B Be The Light as my favourite song. But there are so many songs I love. Like Woohyun's Hold On Me, I've been listening to it every other day since it came out.


8. Favorite Japanese version of a song?

Still BTS' Blood Sweat Tears. 


9. Favorite English version of a song?

Mic Drop !!


10. Best actor in Kpop?

I would say Sungyeol/Yesung.


11. Best group on variety shows?

tbh if I'm looking at this completely objectively, then I would say BTOB. or Super Junior. Suju really a different type of funny lol


12. Best-looking?

kim. myung. soo. damn. (always) (forever) (still relevant in 2k18) (this is never gonna change) yes. and for 2020 I would like to add, lee donghae. like heck, that man never fails to blow me away. donghae og visual.


13. Cutest couple?

myungyeol and yoonseok. yes i'm not answering this properly, no i don't care.


14. Who would you date?

Hyunwoo, always my ideal type. But like also, Chanyeol and Baekhyun are so ideal too? can imagine myself dating them 100%. It's pretty random because I'm not even an EXO-L and they're not even my EXO biases but!! Chanyeol is like so bright and bubbly and smiley and he's so talented and cute and tall and just??? everything I want?? and Baekhyun is similar in that he's a pretty smiley and bubbly person too but he's also so sweet and thoughtful. Also both of them are the louder type, mischievous and mood makers, which is opposite of me and what I'd want in a partner. 

So yeah, perhaps I'm in love with them, I don't know. (This makes it sound like I like BaekYeol more than Hyunwoo, but we'd literally be here forever if I started ranting about Hyunwoo hehe)

I would also like to add Henry in here too lol. Ok I'm really done now.

15. Who would you date if you were the opposite gender?



16. Who would you want as an older brother?

for 2020, I say Namjoon haha


17. Who would you want as an older sister?

iunno anymore. min yoon ji LOL (this still stands haha)


18. Who would make a good husband/wife?



19. Favorite album?

Infinite's Destiny & Yesung's Here I Am (my go to answers, but really, there is too many great albums that i love) + Woohyun's A New Journey


20. Favorite solo artist?

YESUNG, of course. This will never change, ever. Like Yesung's voice is my favourite in the entire world. This. will. never. change.


21. Favorite underappreciated group?

still don't have one


22. Favorite music video?

SHINee Ring Ding Dong, K.Will Please Don't..., Infinite H Pretty


23. Favorite dance?

Infinite's Back/ BTS' For You


24. Favorite costumes/outfits?

SHINee's Ring Ding Dong, Infinite's The Chaser, Monsta X All In and Shoot Out. MX has great outfits.


25. Favorite remix?

I NEED U Space remix from MMA 2015 and also all of Infinite's end of year gayo remixes

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