2020 and Surgery Update



So, 2020 is turning out different from what everyone expected. Life here has changed a little, but it is easing up in Australia as we were not hit as hard as other parts of the world.

Uni is, of course, all online, which so badly because as a nursing student, it’s hard to learn how to put IVs into someone correctly from watching a video -_- but hey, we are getting there. While 2020 has been hard for a lot of people, I’ve actually had a lot of positives as of late. I finished off paying my car off making me officially debt-free and I finally brought a new TV.

With all the free time, I made a savings plan, because I am moving overseas in September 2022 (I picked a date!) Now, when I sell my car in 2022, all of it goes back to me! Which is exciting. I made a countdown until when I leave as well even though it’s still about 2 years away XD. I’ve also been making my own worksheets to teach in classrooms. I have also been watching a lot of vloggers who live in japan and checking out places they have been to for me to check out. I’d kind of like to vlog but I have no camera lol. So busy busy. I have 1 last assignment for the semester which is exciting as well. I am halfway through my degree already.

As for my surgery, it’s been 6months since I had my stomach removed. I have hit a standstill at 18kg. in the last 3 months, I’ve lost 3kg, but I haven’t been exercising as the gym is closed and when I take my dog for a walk, lately because so many people are taking theirs, he wants to stop and sniff every 2 steps T^T as I live in an apartment with people under me, I can’t really stomp and do floor exercise without disturbing them Tried once and the lady downstairs came upstairs to check on me because she thought I fell over and was injured XD so sweet lol. Still, 3kg is better than no kg, I guess. But when I go back to the gym, I hope for lots of kgs gone :3

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