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b a s i c s .
fullname : yoo mina
nickname :
meteorologist yoo, used by her house mates; mainly due to the fact that mina has the ability to control weather at will. only used when teasing her or when the weather is acting up.
min & minnie, shorter and funnier versions of her name, mina; used by her mom and house mates in an affectionate and friendly manner.
crybaby, a hurtful name used by some of mina's peers. mostly began being used when mina was homesick her freshman year at shinhwa private university and ended up crying shortly after a difficult class ended. ever since, she's been known as the crybaby and the crybaby astronomist due to her being an astronomy major.
date of birth : 09.12.2000 (19)
hometown : busan, south korea
languages : 
korean, mina's native tongue, fairly self-explanatory.
english, conversational at best; mina only uses it to pronounce certain constellations and other material relating to her major.
t h e  p e r s o n a l i t y .
catch a falling star  hardworking, loyal, humble, empathetic
 quiet, emotional, private  put it in your pocket
never let it fade away naïve, pushover, clumsy, insecure
t h e  e l a b o r a t i o n .
when it comes to things that are the most important to her, mina can be quite hardworking. she's a very passionate girl, making sure to do her best when it comes to her education. she's not the type to do anything half-assed, always putting in as much effort as humanly possible. mina's watched her parents struggle financially almost all of her life, so she isn't the type to take important matters like her education and overall livelyhood lightly. other than being hardworking, mina has been known for her loyalty. she has a lot of value for keeping strong relationships with others. she would never betray those closest to her as she honestly could never bring herself to do so. mina tends to be truthful with the people she is loyal to, valuing their trust in her overall. never one to gloat, mina is quite humble. she doesn't like bragging or bringing any sort of attention to herself. she always does her best to stay true to herself, never seeing herself as someone who is better or more deserving than others. she sees herself as an average individual, her only quirk is her supernatural abilities. other than that, she's 100% normal. while most would say mina is understanding, she's prefer the word empathetic. mina is a very compassionate woman, always doing her best to relate to those around her. she's the type of person to provide a shoulder to cry on or just someone who's willing to listen to you. mina always does her best to relate to the emotions of others as she believes it's important to understand the mindset of someone before forming an opinion.

it's very obvious just by looking at mina that she's a
quiet person. she's not really the type to talk to other people freely. for the most part, her quiet nature is actually one of her most well liked features. she's never really loud or talking over others. however, the downfall of mina's quiet nature is the fact that she doesn't talk. most people often don't try to approach her because she's so quiet. often times, people have a hard time hearing mina because she talks too quietly or mumbles too much. stemming from her very hurtful nickname, mina is a crybaby or rather, just overly emotional. she's a very sentimental person, usually seen crying or smiling, there's really no inbetween. mina's very expressive, which makes it easy for a majority of people to read her emotions; either by asking her directly or just looking at her face. however, mina's emotional state can be a bit much for people. especially since she cries so easily, she's just so sensitive that it turns most others away. after the death of her father, mina became a very private person. she's private in a sense that she doesn't tell people about herself at all. she often feels like a burden to those around her, part of her emotional and sensitive nature, causing her to keep things to herself at times. this is good in some cases as mina would never be the type of person to "air out your dirty laundry." but most of the time, mina's private nature works against her as it makes it difficult for others to get to know her.

it's pretty known that mina is an
naïve person, also known as being pretty innocent. she's not naïve in the sense that she's dumb; she's actually quite intelligent. she's naïve in a sense that comes across as being really gullible. she's easily tricked and manipulated into believing things that others tell her to be the truth. mina often comes across as being a pushover, letting others walk all over her. it's very easy for people to take advantage of mina, she's the type to see the good in others rather than the bad. this often results in her feelings getting hurt or in humilation. it's partly why mina is so closed off and private. having always been an utter klutz, it's no wonder that mina's well-known for being clumsy. she's clumsy both physically and verbally. she often trips and falls down, resulting in her getting random bruises or cuts. mina does her best to careful but there's no stopping her from tripping over air. she's also notorious for often stumbling over her own words. she tends to not know what to say at times, often causing her to say things at the wrong time. another reason for mina's quiet nature. it's no secret that mina is an insecure person. she really lacks self-confidence, always feeling unsure of herself in different ways. whether it's being self-conscious about her appearance, the way she talks, and how well she does in school. mina is always doubting herself and is definitely very hard on herself about a majority of her life.
t h e  b a c k g r o u n d .
in the early morning hours of september 12th, 2000, yoo mina was born. she was the first and only child to yoo jaeyoon and nakyung. growing up, mina was very friendly and sociable, nothing like the woman she is today. for much of her childhood, mina was definitely the closest with her dad; she was a daddy's girl through and through. however, by the time mina reached age eight, she learned that her father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. it was in the second stage, so it was important for him to get treatment as soon as possible. however, no matter how much treatment her father received, his health just continued to decline more and more. by the time mina was ten years old, her father was suffering from stage four pancreatic cancer. it wasn't long before he succumbed to the illness, passing away in the summer of 2010. after her father passed away, mina's personality did a complete 180. she went from being a happy-go-lucky girl to extremely quiet and pessimistic. it was only two days later that mina discovered her ability to control the weather, by creating a massive typhoon. of course, back then, mina had no idea that she even caused such a massive weather phenomenon. it wasn't until mina was in her first year of high school, trying to study for a tes, that she had found the pouring rain outside to be distracting. she wished in that moment that she could just stop the rain and like magic, it did. but it wasn't magic, it was mina. she had been the one to control the weather. after such a life changing discovery, mina began to do everything she could to keep her powers under control. when she wasn't practicing, mina would do her best to study really hard for school. it was the only thing truly keeping her going, keeping her from completely falling apart. she missed her father so much that school became the only thing to keep her distracted. her sole passion became to do well academically and to get an amazing job as an adult. she had originally planned to go to university for law, but something changed in mina's senior year. she found herself fascinated by constellations and the night sky, in a way it helped her feel reconnected to her dad in some odd way. it was then and there that mina decided to become an astrologist and open her own planetarium one day. after high school, mina was lucky enough to get a scholarship with shinhwa private university, one of the top universities in seoul, let alone south korea. she was extremely blessed to receive a scholarship that provided her education to be tuiton free, the only thing she had to do was maintain a 4.0 or higher for her entire schooling experience. now nearly two years later, mina has entered her second year of university. it hasn't been easy living in a share house full of super powered humans, but she can't help but notice something dark brewing around her neighborhood... maybe it's just her imagination? or not?
t h e  r e l a t i o n s.
mom, yoo nakyung (43) • cleaning lady • friendly, loud, naggy
after the death of her father nearly ten years ago, mina and her mother pretty only had each other left. the two became closer after the passing, becoming each other's best friend almost in a funny little way. while her mother's nagging does get tiring at times, mina still loves and appreciates her mother very much. she facetimes her every other day just to check up on her.
friends, the peach villa girls (19-29) • university students
to be added! :)
t h e  t r i v i a s .
• constellations
• mango bubble tea
• cats
• soft blankets
• candles
• crying
• gossip
• bad grades
• exams
• falling down
• star watching
• studying
• napping
• getting bubble tea
• going on night walks
• tripping on nothing
• crying easily
• biting her lips
• twirling her hair
• doodling next to her class notes
• here
t h e  a p p e a r a n c e .
standing at 160 cm and weighing 48 kg, mina is quite petite. her skin is naturally pale, never having any breakouts unless it's her "time of the month." she doesn't wear a full face of makeup too often, only wearing some natural looking eyeshadow, mascara, a little blush, and lip gloss. mina has no scars or birthmarks, with only a handful of moles spread throughout her body; though, they aren't very noticable. her hair is naturally dark brown, but she currently has it dyed blonde per the suggestion of her house mates. the last noticable fact of her appearance is that mina has dark brown eyes. the peculiar thing about her eyes is that they change to a white, gray color whenever she manipulates the weather.

t h e  s t y l e .
mina's style is best described as cute, yet casual. she wears a lot of light pastel colors. her wardrobe mainly consists of sweaters, skirts, skinny jeans, shorts, graphic tees, cardigans, dresses, transparent mesh socks, sneakers, and small backpacks/crossbody purses. she's very modest with her clothing, opting to not show a lot of skin. mina's wardrobe can be found
t h e  p o w e r .
power : weather manipulation
abilities : can control any and all weather at will; this includes common weather patterns like thunderstorms and natural disasters like tornadoes. she can only manipulate the weather so much before it takes a physical toll on her body. this often includes and is not limited to: nose bleeds, migraines, vomitting, and fainting. there are possible worse side effects, but mina hasn't pushed herself far enough to find out.
discovery : about ten years ago, when mina was only ten years old, her father ended up passing away from a long-time illness. the prolonged sickness and passing really affected mina, awakening her supernatural abilities. for two days, mina caused a super typhoon to hit south korea. she didn't realize that she had caused such destructive weather back then, only fully learning of her abilities when she was able to make it rain on will. she continued testing her abilities, opting to only let her mother know how what she was able to do as she was worried what society would end up thinking of her.
t h e  q u e s t i o n s .
"hello! welcome to the peach villa, please state your name, age, and major!"
• mina took a deep breath and shifted in her seat, "i'm yoo mina, age is 22, and my major is astronomy..."
"what was your first impression of the peach villa?" 
• smiling, "i thought it was beautiful."
"where do you spend most of your time at the villa?"
• "in my room." mina answered quietly, not entirely sure where she definitely spent most of her time at the share house.
"what do you do around the villa as a way to help out?"
• smiling softly, "i help by vacuuming and keeping the patio clean."
"alrighty, well that's all the questions i have for now! do you have any final words?"
• mina simply shakes her head and quickly leaves, not willing to say anything more.
c o m m e n t s .
thanks for checking out my mina :)
s c e n e  s u g g e s t i o n s .
• here
• here
• here
p a s s w o r d .
did you find it??
h w a n g  h y u n j i n .

name : hwang hyunjin
date of birth (age) : 03.20.2000 (20)
major : astronomy major & culinary arts minor
languages : 
korean, hyunjin's native tongue.
english, much like mina, hyunjin ended up learning english in high school and university. he's semi-fluent in it and is still doing his best to improve. 

t h e  p e r s o n a l i t y .
something that is quite noticeable from the get-go is that hyunjin is a very
sociable person. the man is a literal social god, or maybe social butterfly would be a better word? regardless, he's the complete opposite of mina, who's a complete introvert. hyunjin, unlike mina, actually enjoys talking to others and making new friends. he does it quite easily, usually with help from his own natural charisma. hyunjin has always been quite charming, drawing others to him easily with little to no problem. he has a really alluring aura, causing others to feel more comfortable around him. he sometimes even inspires people with the actions he does, much like how mina first began to admire him. another noticeable feature about hyunjin is his humorous nature. he's always the one to crack a joke or attempt to lighten any mood. yet another reason why others tend to be drawn to him. he is almost always fun to be around, making even the darkest atmospheres feel light again.

while being humorous is fine and all, hyunjin tends to get carried away, becoming quite
mischevious in the process. often times, hyunjin can take a joke too far, hurting someone else in the process. this usually happens whenever he's with his friends, jeongin and chan. but a majority of the time, hyunjin is able to make others forgive him and his childish antics. something that most people fail to realize is that hyunjin isn't always happy. he's actually quite private about his true feelings, opting to bottle them up for the betterment of others around him. he rends to pretend is fine, when it's really not for hyunjin. he actually feels quite lonely most of the time and the truth is, hyunjin feels really lonely despite having so many people surrounding him in his life. despite his looks and personality, hyunjin is actually quite insecure. it may be hard to believe when you see the gorgeous, seemingly confident hyunjin strutting across campus to his next class, but it's the truth. hyunjin is really hard on himself. he wishes he could be even better than he already is, wishing mainly to be smarter and braver. he came to shinhwa private university through his familly's connections and financial standing, not because he's smart like mina.

t h e  f i r s t - m e e t i n g .
it was the first day of mina's and hyunjin's astrophysics class back during their first year of university. the professor was known for being notoriously strict and hard on all of his students, and it just so turned out that the rumors were true. it should be illegal to assign your class to complete a five page research paper in three weeks on their  day of the school year, especially as freshman. the professor made any group of two people sitting next to each other be partners. for mina, that just so happened to be hwang hyunjin. at first she couldn't help but think just how indimidating his visuals were. he was gorgeous and mina was... average, in her own opinion. she was expecting him to have a fierce personality to go with his beautiful face, but instead she was met with kindness. hyunjin ended up being super kind and actually quite funny, for the first time in a long time, mina laughed. that was the beginning of mina's massive crush on one of the university's biggest heart throbs.

t h e  d e v e l o p m e n t .
as the school year continues on, hyunjin finds himself becoming more and more drawn to mina. by the time spring comes around, hyunjin has a full blown crush on mina. he likes her and he's pretty sure that mina likes him too, but he isn't too sure if she does or not. sometimes he catches her blushing, but hyunjin can never tell if he sees her blushing right or not. the two begin to become closer after meeting up more and more due to mina's roommates seulmi and mirae as well as hyunjin's friends chan and felix. their friends begin to notice the two falling for each other and start to encourage them to go out on a date. essentially the two are just crushing on each other but are too dense to completely notice it.

t h e  i n t e r a c t i o n s .
here, min of 1 paragraph

t h e  e n d i n g .
here, min of 1 paragraph


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