hello, i'm 원슬비


BIRTHNAME : won seulbi

  bb, bibi — any of seulbi's friends and family call her this, it's most often heard from rani and her other co-workers though as a shorter way to say her name.

  gluttony — usage reserved solely for rani and seulbi's older brother, seulki. the nickname is pretty self-explanatory, it's mainly used whenever seulbi is consuming copious amounts of food. she really loves to eat and it's truly the fastest way to her heart.

AGE : 18
BIRTHPLACE : seoul, south korea
ETHNICITY : korean
NATIONALITY : south korean

 korean — very self-explanatory, seulbi was born and raised in south korea, hence she's able to speak the languagely fleuntly as it is her native country

  english — as english has been a mandatory class for seulbi since her childhood, she's grown to be intermediate at it; meaning she can speak, write, read, and understand most english words and phrases. she's no where near 100% fluent, she's closer to like 75% or less. seulbi mainly does well with english as she does her best with schooling.


dude, why do you smell like meat?

FACE CLAIM : lee naeun of april
BACK-UP FACE CLAIM : jo yuri of iz*one


  standing at 167 cm and weighing about 49 kg, seulbi is known for her tall and lean appearance. she has light tan skin with striking dark brown eyes to go with it. her dyed light brunette hair is almost mid-chest, with blunt airy bangs. underneath her left eye is a small mole with various other moles spread throughout her body. seulbi has no scars or birthmarks of any kind, only having the aforementioned moles. as seulbi is usually blessed with clear, blemishless skin, she usually wears very little makeup. the most amount she ever wears is just a bit of a natural tone eyeshadow, some mascara, and a lip tint or liquid lipstick. when it comes to fashion sense, seulbi is the type to go towards typical casual feminine styles. she enjoys oversized sweaters, cotton t-shirts, crop tops, jeans, pleated skirts, and sneakers or loafers to go with it. she also enjoys berets and wearing her hair up in a nice ponytail as well. she isn't the type to wear dark colored clothing, opting for lighter and more neutral tones. the only time seulbi wears dark tones is when they are an accent piece, like tights, a purse, or her bottoms/top.


i'm not always carrying meat!

so sweet : generous, loyal, enthusiatic, hardworking

outspoken, spontaneous, emotional : and tangy

like a tangerine : insecure, gulliable, clumsy, quirky

seulbi, the girl who's always hungry, has a benevolent aura. she's generous, which is rare in the world we live in today. having a big heart with some good morals is just who seulbi is. she is a person who is always giving and helping those who need it the most, not only does it help other people, but it makes seulbi feel better as a person afterwards. seulbi is someone who is considered to be faithful, always sticking true to her word and promises she's made. she's loyal, a symbol of being a firm pillar of support to those she cares deeply about. looking out for the important people in her life is just what seulbi does. she remains true to those who matter the most, having their back whenever they need it the most. seulbi is one to believe that having an upbeat personality can help move even the most unmotivated of people. she is someone who's very enthusiastic, always trying to be optimistic about life. she leads a very passionate life, doing everything in her power to be the very best she can be. having a smile on her face at almost all times, seulbi is an ardent person who is always giving her all with everything in life. being energetic about life isn't a bad thing, and seulb is definite proof of that. never being the type to give in, seulbi has always been a hardworking person. she works until she bleeds, putting literal blood, sweat, and tears into everything she does. even when she feels like she just wants to give up, seulbi is the type of girl to keep pushing and pushing herself. this often has some draw backs, but it's who seulbi is.

 as someone who isn't the type to shy away from being upfront with people, seulbi is considered to be outspoken. she is an open-book when it comes to her thoughts, ideas, and opinions. honesty is the best quality, and seulbi believes that to be 100% true. she never lies to anyone, believing liars to be cowards and pathetic. however, seulbi can be brutal with her honesty, being too straightforward with those closest to her at times. she typically gives out constructive criticism, though a lot of people never really ask for it. seulbi is the type of person to act on impulse, resulting in some spontaneous behavior. she tends to do things on whim, often doing things without really having a plan in the first place. though this is incredibly irresponsible, seulbi tries not to be too impromptu. most of the time, her spontaneous behavior comes with a good result in the end, so it's really not too bad of a habit for her to have. being the type who shows her feelings very easily, seulbi is an emotional person. she tends to have strong feelings towards a lot of things in life, taking a majority of things to heart. it's easy to tell if seulbi is upset as it visibly shows on her face and with her body language as well. calling her sensitive really wouldn't be too much of a stretch as it's really true of seulbi. however, seulbi is very sympathetic due to her emotional personality, being someone that is able to get along with others easily.

 having never considered herself to be anything special, being insecure is something that seulbi does a little too well. she is her biggest enemy, constantly ridiculing herself inside her own head. seulbi tends to overthink a lot of things in life, being one to take things to heart too often. she's really self-conscious and doesn't put herself as someone who is capable of having high standards. seulbi constantly believes she could be even better than what she is now, though that would be impossible because no one can be absolute perfection in a world so imperfect. being used by others is common for someone like seulbi. she's quite gullible, often being lured in by those who have ill-intentions for someone selfless like she is. trusting others too easily always leads to seulbi experiencing some heartbreak, and it gets harder and harder every time she goes through it. she always looks for the best in other people, trying to look past all of the red flags despite constant warnings from others around her. she puts her trust onto people who abuse it until there's nothing left of it at all. being a total klutz both physically and verbally is what seulbi does well. she suffers from "butter-fingers" and constantly trips over nothing. it's almost as if she isn't paying attention at all but i promise you, she is. seulbi tends to let things slip from easily, accidentally revealing things that should be kept secret. it's part of the reason why she never lies, it's because it's practically impossible for her in the first place. seulbi has a hard time keeping secrets, resulting in her friends not telling her anything too damning as she might accidentally let it slip if questioned by someone about it. while saying she's odd would be an overstatement, seulbi is quirky nonetheless. she's peculiar to most people, having a different outlook on life and everyone that's involved in her own. her overall behavior is eccentric and kind of exciting as she's very interesting to speak to. while she may appear to be unusual to those around her, seulbi is simply just a bizarre person, which does turn some people off.

  in the early morning hours of august 18th, won junho and yeonhee welcomed a baby girl; won seulbi. she was their second child, right after their son seulki, who was born six years prior. for the most part, seulbi had a great childhood. she had two loving parents and an older brother, whom she had a love-hate relationship with; mostly because of his constant teasing. the most important event of seulbi childhood was meeting her current best friend, goo rani. the two were instantly inseparable upon their first meeting at the local elementary school. her favorite go-to activities with rani was hanging around the bbq restaurant that rani's parents owned. over the years, seulbi's time there went from watching bbq patrons with rani to helping out whenever she came over for some free meat in return. once seulbi became of age, she immediately got a job at pureuda with rani. working at pureuda has overall been really rewarding for seulbi, helping her grow her socially and earn valuable life lessons by interacting with customers. for a while, it was one of the best things to happen to seulbi when she had met moon bin. bin literally sweeped seulbi off her feet, she was head over heels for someone as charming and handsome as him. however, due to an unfortunate incident involving bin literally making out with another girl, their relationship ended on a very sour note. to make matters worse, seulbi's parents had to relocate to busan for her father's job as a professor. as a result, seulbi had to move in with her older brother, seulki. needless to say, seulbi was going through a really tough time as a result and rani had to jump in to comfort her best friend. now a few months later, seulbi has spent her time focusing on school and work over anything else. all was well again until a new bbq restaurant opened up down the street. almost instantly, pureuda began losing customers for being "outdated" compared to chingu. things continued to go down hill until rani's parents completely shut pureuda down. seulbi watched how pureuda closing completely destroyed rani. her best friend was first heartbroken, then she was angry. despite losing her job after the restaurant closed, seulbi 100% agreed to come back and help her best friend bring pureuda back to life. afterall, pureuda was her childhood. there's just no way she'll allow those jerks at chingu get away with this.


  while seulbi loves pretty much all food, her favorite dishes definitely are tteokbokki and pizza
  she is allergic to bees and wasps, getting stung usually means a hospital trip for her; due to this, she keeps an epipen on her at all times
  definitely the type to drag one of the pureda girls/her friends out for late night snack runs
  takes her education very seriously, she typically tries to study in her free time as she wants to get into ewha womans university as a economics major
  enjoys watching cheesy kdramas and anime; her favorites are 12 years promise, love alarm, weightlifting fairy kim bokjoo, demon slayer, toliet bound hanako-kun, and kamisama kiss
  along with living with her brother, they also have a cat named gongjoo (princess in korean)
  isn't the type to spend money on anything except for food
  mainly listens to got7, dua lipa, and harry styles
  often has rani borrow her clothes because they are "prettier"
  favorite school subjects are mathematics and science
  least favorite school subjects are physical education and history
  usually gets to see her parents every weekend, if not every other weekend
  is closer to her mom than her dad, often facetiming her for advice and just to see her face lol
  loves any movie genre except for historical, it's "boring" in her opinion
  more tba in the future...


do you like meat?


  best friend, goo rani • pureuda bbq employee • friendly, ambitious, stubborn
literally seulbi's partner in crime, there's no one in this world that seulbi trusts as much as she does with rani. the girls practically spend all their time together, especially after seulbi's parents moved to busan. when the two aren't hosting ww3 with chingu bbq, they girls love spending their time drinking bubble tea and watching cheesy korean dramas. the two girls both dislike the employees of chingu, doing everything in their power to steal back their customers from those jerks.

  older brother, won seulki • paralegal • intelligent, responsible, protective (fc: kim jongin)
the days of seulki teasing seulbi has long passed, well only sometimes! after her parents moved away, seulbi moved in with her older brother. while he does have a stable, high paying job as a paralegal, it hasn't been easy taking care of his little sister. he had to help her through her first breakup and lots of other "girl" things that normally their mom would have taken care of. nonetheless, seulki will always be there to protect and care for his little sister.

  acquaintances, na jaemin • chingu bbq employee • intelligent, charming, prideful
while their overall interactions have been limited, seulbi's opinion of jaemin isn't very good. he's known for being very two-faced, making seulbi very wary of him. plus her best friend seems to despise the guy a lot, making her extra extra wary of jaemin. for the most part, seulbi hasn't had any really really bad interactions with him as she usually more focused on his coworker, hyunjoon.

  ex-boyfriend, moon bin • high school senior • charismatic, sociable, loud
the two used to be extremely close and had a very loving relationship, but it was all ruined when seulbi happened upon him making out with another girl in his car. after that the two effectively ended their relationship all together. the two haven't really talked since considering the fact that seulbi blocked bin's number, actively avoids him at all costs, and rani threatens him every chance she gets. however, bin has recently realized how much he messed up and is looking to possibly rekindle his relationship with seulbi once more.


LOVE INTEREST : heo hyunjoon (ex-the boyz)
BACK UP LOVE INTEREST : kim youngkyun (sf9)


  while he is known for his quiet exterior, hyunjoon is actually a very generous person. he is always one of the first people to lend a hand if someone needs it. he's very helpful and is definitely someone you can rely on. loyalty is hyunjoon's middle name. he is not the type of person to turn his back on the people he cares the most about. he's overall a very dependable and reliable person. and while he does tend to be very selfless, hyunjoon is still known for being very intelligent. he most certainly doesn't lack common sense, always choosing mind over matter. he relies heavily on logic and isn't the type of person to act solely on emotion. stemming from his reliable nature, hyunjoon is also well known for being very hardworking. he isn't the type of person to slack off, rather he's usually the type to do his best upfront so that things get done quicker. he doesn't half- anything he does, striving for the best so that everyone, including himself, can benefit.

 as mentioned before, hyunjoon is a very quiet person. he's not the type to actively speak to others, rather choosing to keep to himself. he very much enjoys silence, though it does make it harder for people to communicate with him. part of the reason why it's hard for others to approach hyunjoon is because of his intimidating nature. while he most certainly doesn't mean to be, hyunjoon just naturally intimidates others with his resting face. he has the tendency to glare or scowl at people unintentionally, which often causes some discomfort. though part of his intimidation, comes from hyunjoon's blunt nature. he is not the type to sugarcoat anything, always choosing to be honest; even if it comes out brutal a majority of the time. he's naturally outspoken when asked about his feelings on certain subjects, though he isn't the type to voice his opinion openly unless asked to. while being protective isn't necessarily considered negative, in hyunjoon's case it is considering his blunt and intimidating nature. when it comes to the people hyunjoon cares the most about, he will always protect and defend them. even if it resolves to him fighting, hyunjoon will do it because his loved ones mean the world to him. 


  seulbi's first encounter with hyunjoon wasn't related to the current pureda and chingu feud, rather it all started last school year. seulbi was still dating bin at the time, so it wasn't anything romantic. rather, the two just so happened to be in the same class as seat partners. she was taken aback by his quiet and stoic nature, mainly because a majority of boys that seulbi knew were quite loud and rambunctious. but, hyunjoon was different and it was honestly really refreshing to seulbi. on the other hand, hyunjoon thought seulbi was beautiful. he couldn't help but be drawn to her personality. he could tell that they were very much alike, but he sincerely believed that she was way out of his league. the rest of the school year was spent with seulbi trying to get hyunjoon to open up more. she never fully succeeded, but hyunjoon will never forget how kind and friendly seulbi was to him that year. 

 at present time, seulbi is conflicted with the appearance of hyunjoon at chingu. she never imagined her forbidden crush would end up working at chingu. this time, seulbi has allowed herself to actually develop a crush on hyunjoon, especially since her and bin ended things. for hyunjoon, he's completely taken this chance for what it's worth; a chance to try and win the girl of his dreams and longtime crush. while he knows he shouldn't fraternize with the competing bbq restaurant per jaemin, hyunjoon simply can't help but want to get to know seulbi; he just needs to find the courage to do it. it also doesn't help that seulbi's ex, bin, is trying to weasel himself back into the picture.


let me ask you about meat.

what is your ideal type like? : 

  seulbi awkwardly shifted, obviously uncomfortable with the topic of love. "my ideal type? well, i suppose just someone who actually loves me would be nice."

why did you start liking heo hyunjoon? : 

  "w-who told you that?!" seulbi's face flushed a bright red. "i could never like someone from pureuda's competition, no way!" she didn't like lying, but there was no way she'd ever admit to liking someone from chingu.

so why did you want to work for pureuda? : 

  seulbi smiled softly as she was hit with nostalgia, "well, i spent my entire childhood here! also, rani's here so there's no way i'd want to work anywhere else."

how do you feel about chingu barbeque? : 

  "ugh! don't get me started on those jerks. who opens their bbq restaurant down the street from an already existing bbq place?! coincidence? i think not." seulbi raised a single eyebrow before shrugging her shoulders, obviously believing her conspiracy theory.

anything else you want to tell me? : 

  smirking, "yes! come visit pureuda bbq, we have the freshest selection of food on the whole block."


monbxbe : josi  :  turn in

COMMENTS : here's my precious won seulbi! i hope you like her :)


  bin continues to come around seulbi despite her repeatedly telling him she wants nothing to do with him, it ends up escalating to hyunjoon stepping in to tell bin off
  pureda girls sleepover!

PASSWORD : bulgogi



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