loosing inspiration for a group, it hurts.

have you guys ever been into a certain group for so long, and suddenly you don't find the love that use to be there for them anymore?? because of all the things you have seen the fandom do 


and things just hit different now, its not the same passion and motivation i felt when i stanned them in the beginning.

it use to feel special, being into a group so long and felt like i was unique for it but now kpop such a world wide thing, especially bts its just i don't feel its special anymore to me now

but i'm still proud of them and their achievements but the fandom feels so far away from me now.

sorry, i mean i still love the BOYS as them self but i'm not attached so much now to the group anymore, if that makes sense...


so with that being said, i won't be writing for them that much unless someone requests it then i'll write for them.


i'm going to be finally wrriting these bts fics, i've had plans for YEARS YEARS I tell you guys omg lol i had these fic ideas since the first year I stanned them, i stan them since their debut days...so thats a  long time lol, but i always was too busy to ever write them but now i can. 

i have been in the bts fandom a long time but i've decided to take a break recently from them so i'm gonna write these fanfics for them as my last goodbye to bts.

and move on, i'll still probably check up on them bc i love them as indivudal artists too besides just bts but otherwise i'm saying goodbye..its been a good run...

but i wanna give love and effort to other groups now too, find new insperations.

i love them so much but the fandom is just not for me anymore and i'm not as attached to them as before, their recent music i am not attached to at all, and it'll probably continue to be that way since i have been feeling this a while since before they came out with mots 7,  but i still much love vkook, namjin, and yoonmin c; but i just can't write for a group, where my insperation is lost anymore


ok i'm down now lol sorry for this emotional rant vent thing i just 

i am hurt by this  a lot. it took a lot to finally come to this desiscion bc i've been so attached to them but i don't wanna keep having this feeling of loss with them so oof.

i spent so much money and time for them, i have all these stuff for them too like ugh 

but the connection is just gone now.

i might sell my bts stuff later on or giveaway! to other armys so my stuff doesn't go to waste.


Have you guys ever felt detached all of a sudden from a kpop group you like?? or am I the only one?

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