hey guys :)

i'm sky,

i have been writing since 2016/2015 before i even got into kpop so

i'm not new to writing, but its been a while since i have written, i was always back and forth with it in the past before, and then when i tried to take it too serious, people expected more of me i took a long break from it so i didn't loose interest in my writing, but now i got my writing vibe back again so bare with me while i get back into the swing of things


if anyone has any good tips on writing or good writing resources, please feel free to share with me!

also, share ideas you want me to write about too! bc i may write about your au or idea


I really missed writing and i'm also going to make graphics/fmvs too so you guys have a lot to look forward to from me.

^W^ I hope you all like my content..

and don't be afraid to add me/talk with me either.


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