I just mad a Ko-Fi

Hey everyone! So I just made a Ko-fi if you want to support me. And if enough people seem interested I will get Ko-fi gold so that I can add monthly donations and commissions for people. I'll probably post snippets of upcoming stories/chapters there and maybe some background info on my works in progress. Things like reference pictures, descriptions, or any important details. For some, this may include screenshots of The Sims where I have built houses similar to what I want for my stories or sometimes create versions of characters that I will be using for OCs. (I don't have the skills to make K-idols in the game lol) I will also upload any pictures of my fanart/ art that I will be working on there for people to see. If you are interested in a monthly option or commission please let me know so that I can see about getting Ko-fi gold and then changing it so that's an option. 

I'm disabled and this would be a huge help for me! I have my ko-fi base set to 1$ so it's hopefully affordable! I really appreciate any help you can give! Thanks, guys!



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