My first fanfic in over 7 years

                I’m just a dyslexic writer trying to be an author since 2012. I’ve written a variety of fanfics, short stories and one-shots inspired by the crazy world of Kpop. As of March 19th, 2020 due to COVID-19’s quarantine, I’ve recently been inclined to write yet again another story. From 2005, my earlier years of being a former Kpop fan, I’ve matured, navigated through some crazy times and I’ve come to learn some things don’t change and yet others do. This work of fiction was inspired by a series of recurring dreams I’ve been having for nearly 2 years now. I’d often make lighthearted jokes about it with my wife/editor username (JungHyoSun13), knowing her bias had always been Kwon Ji Yong (GDragon) and mine Dong Youngbae (Taeyang). It wasn’t until recently that we’d frequently discovered similarities us and our bias. Me being more like the free-thinking creator, GD and her the reversed, talented and tender-hearted like nature, Taeyang. I guess in the end we’d married our bias.
                Funny enough, the dreams I’ve been having were about me being in a complex relationship with Kwon Jiyong, which you can imagine had taken me by surprise given my 8-year username (youngbaebabe23). The more these dreams occurred the more my mind played devil’s advocate. What would my relationship be like? How much would we learn from each other? And what I discovered would equate to an absolute F**cking mess and a romantic nightmare. Nonetheless, I felt compelled to further indulge in the fantasy. Me, being an androgynous woman in a same- relationship I began to wonder, how would someone like me be perceived in the eyes of the two men? What challenges would arise to shift the course of relationships with the two men? Would Dong Youngbae, someone I’ve always wanted vs Kwon Jiyong be someone I need in my life if I were to date another man?
                These dreams often randomly still occur to this very day. With that said I hope you all stick with me through the journey and rollercoaster ride of my crazy subconscious. Thank you all for reading Untitled. Please don’t forget to like and subscribe for more adventures.

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xoxo JungHyunKi23 aka the youngbaebabe23

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