Hello there. Does anyone remember me? XD

I don't know if anyone cares at this point lol but I've just finished writing the new chapter for SOOH. It'll be updated in a week or so, cause your girl has to revise and correct (I really need a beta lol). 

What's SOOH you might ask? 

I know it's been too long lol. I like to poke fun at myself for being a slow writer, but this was another level of slow. I actually stopped writing for a few months, but I had started this chapter back in September and got back to it in January and really focused more in February. 

To be honest, I had lost my confidence as a writer and felt like the whole story was . I really thought of abandoning it instead of disappointing you guys over and over again with the wait. 

I'm glad I got back to it, cause again the story is my baby. I am trying to get back into rhythm with my writing. And can you guys believe it's almost March which means... WE HAVE TO GET READY FOR JJONG'S MONTH. WOOOHOOO. 

But for now, let's celebrate the fact that I'm alive lol. I think this chapter might get a reaction out of you guys hahaha

Much love to you all. <3 

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