I Want To Find Me

I need inspiration


I want to write

But every time I try to write something,

Everything just seems so

not me


I've been staring at the white page for so long

That my mind also feels so empty 

The usual sparks glinting over my eyes

Slowly just fade away


My passion is still there

Imaginations still running free

But words just don't

come out easily


Writing. Stories. Author.


Bring me back to that world

The world with Me in it


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RMLovers19 #1
Hi... it's been a long time since we chat each other and I hope you're doing fine all of this time...I hope you are okay and if you need someone to lean on you can find me no worries...I still can wait for you even it takes a long time but please do not burden yourself okay 🤗🤗🤗