Contest Still Open!

I wanted to remind you guys that my contest is still open and will be accepting entries until midnight on August 4th! There are a lot of prompts and groups, and I'm allowing OC stories again this time, too. Also, you may enter as many times aa you like. Go check it out, if you dare to enter! Thank you! 

2020 Variety Writing Contest (Open and Accepting Entries!)


Here are the entries so far, so check them out, too! 


#1. USERNAME: WeirdJasmin

STORY TITLE: Partners In Crime


2. USERNAME: Batcrazy

STORY TITLE: Revelation: Fate of the Four


3. USERNAME: Tatapajamas

STORY TITLE: The Custodian's Calling​​​​​​


4. USERNAME: -Tigress-

STORY TITLE: Green Skies

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