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For those reading my latest story, updates will be coming today. This story will be coming to an end soon and I might take a break to think about what I'd like to do next. I graduate in December with my Master's, so I've been super busy. Target has been my most popular story by far and my editor and I are halfway through the editing process. 

Future Stories

I would like to write more stories but I just have to figure out what storyline I want. For a few of my stories, I've always been able to write them fluently with few writer's blocks because I dream about them all the time. Then I have my forced stories that end up getting deleted or dragged out. Thanks for the patience you have all given me. I'm not the fastest updater but I am trying. :)

My Style

As for story style, I'm not changing that. Drama, angst, gore, violence... etc. That is my style and I tried writing outside of that and failed miserably but that doesn't mean I won't try it again. I just need to read more fluff and romance stories to understand the progression of a story like that. I think a supernatural story is next for me. Something along the lines of powers and whatnot. I have a story that I've been writing since I was in high school. *cough* Almost ten years ago *cough* So I'll be converting that story into a fic to see how it plays out but the demographics on this site are a little different, so I have to tweak it a bit.

This Man Right Here

I KNOW ya'll sick of the Sehun stories but ya'll don't understand how easy it is for me to write a fic about him. Haha His face is soooo.... it's my style. I could literally write 20 fics in one sitting about him. Since my stories are dark and angsty, his face is dark and angsty because he always looks mad. But I'm trailing off the Sehun fics and I'll try other ones. I might do WayV or NCT next. I'm not quite sure yet.


I like constructive criticism. I got some loyal readers on here that read everything I write, no matter how bad and I literally want the best for whoever reads my stories. I can't please everyone! So what you like and dislike isn't feedback. But if I'm getting repetitive, which I always do, or if I have some type of plot hole, point it out. I don't have beta readers and I'm looking at the same pages for hours on end. I can't catch everything. I try to organize material in documents but sometimes, I still hit and miss. So please, don't be afraid to ask questions if confusion arises.


I love them. Period. When I see a long comment on how ya'll feel about my story or the characters, it makes me happy. I try to evoke emotion! I try. :)


Thanks for reading my stories! Thanks for commenting and following me. I will continue to try to give you all some good content and some fun reads. If you have any other idols besides Sehun that you'd like to see in a story, let me know as well. You all help me grow as a writer! :D

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