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NAME: heo inseong
💥 Mr.Poet / His friends use this more as a joke when he was younger. He enjoyed being alone and he always carried around a journal where he layed out his poems. It just wasn't normal at his school but he owned it, made it his own.
💥 Seonggie / this nickname is usually reserved for his close girl friends and or female fans in general.
💥 here / explanation
BIRTHDATE: april 24, 1997
BIRTHPLACE: santa monica, california
HOMETOWN: seoul, south korea
FACECLAIM: kang seungyoon
BACK-UP: choi junhong or joshua hong
💥 Korean / Native Tongue. Spoke korean at home in the states & with his family. 
💥 English / Fluent or Advanced. Since being raised in an english speaking country, Inseong spoke the language anytime he stepped out of his home. 

"inseong loves water. be like inseong. drink water."

APPEARENCE & LOOKS: Quite opposite to his sister, Inseong is a toll boi. He stands at 182cm (6'0). He's thin, and slender in build. He doesn't look like he's very strong either, but many idols including Inseong prove otherwise. You can be extremely thin and lift a lot. Inseong has naturally wavy brown hair, but he dyes it VERY often so nowadays it's dry, frizzy and the color of his choosing. 

He has his right ear lobe pierced and double lobe piercings on his left ear. He has no other piercings. 
As for tattoo's, Inseong's are rather small. His first was the word, "Alive." tattooed on the outside of his right arm. His second tattoo was on the inside of his left arm, near his wrist and it was two birds perched on tree branches. It represents he and his sister in their natural habitat, searching and finding themselves. 

The rest, is pretty similar to fc.

FASHION & STYLE: Clickity-Click
For the most part, Inseong is ALWAYS carrying around a backpack. Inside, you can find his essentials; phone, battery pack, ear pods, laptop, glasses, etc. (you can click on the link above to be redirected to the actual page where you can see what's in his bp). 

In terms of style, inseong has an aesthetic for tight, ripped pants. Color doesn't matter, and tops are best loose. Sometimes he layers up with denim coats or flanel. Signature shoes, converse or vans. Beanie? Yes please. (also, the link up there is also the link to his wardrobe).

"don't let the bad overweigh the good in your life. life bold, live proudly."

taurus :: the dark horse :: hufflepuff 

positives: determined, ambitious, materialistic, practical, calm, patient
negatives: stoic, stubborn, hedonistic, opinionated, fierce, sensuous

PERSONALITY: Integer tincidunt luctus mauris, a semper ligula scelerisque a. Morbi ullamcorper arcu eget tincidunt maximus. Nunc a arcu dapibus, euismod lectus dignissim, fringilla turpis. Etiam ultrices tempus fermentum. Fusce commodo at felis in luctus.

💥 Songwritting
💥 Cypher/Freestyle Rap
💥 Producing

💥 here
💥 here
💥 here

💥 Money
💥 Food 
💥 Chilling, or more specific the whole netflix & chill scenario
💥 Flirting
💥 Shopping

💥 here
💥 here

"Don't waste time on people who don't stimulating your soul."

BACKGROUND: Inseong was the only child to Minho and LeAh Heo in Santa Monica, California. Of course, that was short lived because about four years later, his sister Junghwa was born, AAANND we're getting ahead of ourselves. 

Inseong was born only months after the family had moved to Santa Monica. So, being brought up in an english speaking location was rather normal to him. He didn't really question the fact that he was talking english outside his home and korean inside of it until he met another korean exchange student, hansol who had difficulties speaking english. Because he knew korean, he was able to pick the hansol's brain a bit and get an inside scoop on his own life and how hansol's differed. 

Hansol became his best friend, and after Hansol told his parents about Inseong, they invited him and his parents over to theirs, soon after asking if Inseong would tutor their son on English. Minho and LeAh were proud of their son, and proudly accepted. 

Unlike his sister, Inseong spent his days and nights in his bedroom. Instead of making friends, he enjoyed writing. He always carried around his notebook where he'd jot down anything that came to his mind. He only had his friend Hansol up until middle school, when Hansol's parents decided to move him back to Korea. That's where Inseong got a lot of his inspiration for loss. He completely withdrew from social interactions and kept his head in his notebook where he created poem upon poem. 

His parents were displeased at this point. They didn't know where they had gone wrong and forced him to socialize; planning meet up's with other student's parents. Which was pretty damn embarassing for somebody going on 14 years of age around other 14 year olds. They laughed and ridiculed him for being the weirdo whose parents have to plan his meet-ups. In order to keep his parents off his back, he told his parents he was staying at school longer to participate in a club when in reality he spent his time in the liturature room. Surprisingly, he did happen to make friends with his literature teacher, Ms. Tang. She was a fan of his work, and always urged him to submit his writing to local contests, but Inseong had a feeling that that wasn't where his writing would thrive best. 

Thanks to Ms. Tang, Inseong found a direction to take his writing. She wasn't a music teacher but he felt safe enough with her to get her opinon on his rapping. She gave him pointers and ways to make himself better, and he was grateful. 

Within two years, Inseong was able to successfully find his voice and a place for his lyrics. By age fifteen, he was on his way to Korea to begin idol training. 

"For the love of god, don't up on stage."


RAP TWINKidoh/Jin Hyosang (former toppdogg member) // back up: Giriboy or Agust D/Suga

TRAINEE YEARS:  4 years, 8 Months
TRAINEE EXPERENCE: Etiam ultrices tempus fermentum. Fusce commodo at felis in luctus

PRE-DEBUT EXPERENCE: Lorem, ipsum, dolor, sit, amet.

"AHhhh, all my favorite dweebs gathered in one specific location, to make me suffer."


SISTER / Heo Junghwa (golden-blood's character) / 18 /  5 out of 5

name / age / personality / relationship / closeness
name / age / personality / relationship / closeness


SUGGESTIONS: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer tincidunt luctus mauris, a semper ligula scelerisque a.

COMMENTS: Morbi ullamcorper arcu eget tincidunt maximus. Nunc a arcu dapibus, euismod lectus dignissim, fringilla turpis.

PASSWORD: I personally like LU:KUS' "So Into U" because of the concept. Or lowkey into Super Junior's "Black Suit".

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