i'm not a fan, or a hater. this is only thoughts, from me, a human, to some of the issues jinri, a human, has been through.

stop ualizing woman bodies.

where i live, every time 'sulli' is mentioned, they immediately refer to 3 things: leaving f(x), appearance, and bra-free. sulli was right or wrong for leaving f(x), sulli is beautiful or not, you have your own opinions. i'm talking about the third, also the one that gets the most attention. i want to talk about how the society ualizes the body of a woman.

belongs to 'secondary organs', since it doesn't play any role in the reproduction progress, but also develops along with the 'primary organs' during puberty. just like the adam's apple for men, honestly.

but we've been ualizing it (and almost the whole of a woman's body) since centuries ago, leading to how the little girls are always told to dress properly if there are uncles, brothers, or even fathers. on street, a man without a shirt won't receive so many judging looks like a woman doing the same thing. on sns, instagram for example, pictures with female's s are usually censored or straight-out removed for '', and male's? still there. as if they are any different.

a woman's body just exists, no invitation or suggestive gestures needed, is still referred to as 'y', as 'an attempt to seduce'. remember when sulli talked about 'stare '? many netizens said she deserved it. 

"your fault for not wearing bras."
"you are our eyes, actually."
"you dress weirdly and don't want others to stare?"
"how u gonna react if men wear tight jeans and show off that thing on their crotch?"

i can't count how many times i have seen such comments.

aside from victim-blaming, the last one quoted above also proves the ualization of woman body. why don't you compare to ? but ? they are not even in the same category of organs.

it's very, very difficult to erase something that has rooted deep in one's subconscious mind. is sulli wrong for not wearing bra? no. she doesn't do harm to anyone, nor does she encourage or force anyone to do so, it's simply her personal choice. how about people who criticize her? perhaps not. they react how the community wants them to react, how they have been trained to. 

with a body being ualized, how would parents dare to brush off like 'we are all one big family' when their little girls are near other males, family members or friends? how would girls dare to wander somewhere deserted and dark without proper clothes (it still doesn't even work sometimes)? we must learn to protect ourselves, but what irony, it is also a burden.

but i guess, i hope, the world can change, because we create it. personally? let's not tell women to hide their breats, but tell men to keep their in their pants instead. don't let dirty thoughts grow until both sides come to mutual consent. maybe, in the future. as of now, the world's not safe. 

and sulli? she was, and is merely one in billions of women living and trying to break the prejudice that has been there for so long; someone who has been cornered and rendered hopeless with no way out. there's always this delicate side of a girl no one should violate, because the consequence is beyond imagination.

i respect it. as i always respect people who dare to think, to speak, and to do. right or wrong, who am i to decide?


rest in peace, choi jinri. you will be missed.

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