Hey, it's Joanne here.

I come back after talking to Elle, and we decided to discontinue all the stories with Sulli's character. We both don't think we would be able to continue writing, although it is an alternate universe fanfiction, we believe it's gonna be hard to conttinue with it anymore. 

I'm really sorry to our avid reader of MinSul's story, we will have to part away here. The sudden news of her passing away just broke our heart to gazillion pieces. 

I don't know if this supposed to happen or not, she was too young for all of these, but... living as a public figure would mean that our beloved idols will have to face as much criticism as much as the love they get from others. 

We don't know for sure what they have to face daily, I was just hoping that the others celebrities that I know and love would be strong to face this world and continue avhieving their dreams no matter how hard it is. I also hope they get enough supports from real people, close friends and families around them, not just their fans. Because no matter how much fans love their idol, they still have a live on their own. 

I hope and pray that everyone will be safe and healthy and find people to talk to if you have any problems.  

You will be missed dearly, Choi Jinri @ Sulli T_T





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