He's Still Here

It turned out that it was just me being plain stupid, and felt heartbroken all-day for nothing. When he knew that I was not okay, he kept on asking me to talk to him that I just shared my previous blog to him. After he read it, he said to me that he wanted to make it clear and told me everything honestly. So, I was waiting for him while preparing for another heart-break. Never have I thought that I would read something that someone has written for me, that is long and just wow.




I know most of them have chosen to leave, but maybe, yes, maybe he is here to stay. 


p.s. Thank you so much for the comments from all of my blog pages, I am sorry if I did not reply, it was because I was often not in the mood or just being so sad that I did not find the strength to write appreciative words. But, your comments helped me a lot so I wanna say thank you, thank you so much! Love you all haha <3

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