I think I'm out of inspiration

Can someone tell me that Mina is okay? Cause I seriously felt broken when I read what jyp said. I know she's healing but I can't help but to feel anxious T.T OUR DEAR PENGUIN! I hope she's doing fine at this moment. I can't seem to find the energy to continue writing knowing what happened to her. It was like my life instantly went lame. Aigoo I hope she get well soon :(


I cried my eyes out seeing the girls on their concert crying. Specially when Chaeyoung said those words. Like holy moly my heart can't handle it T_T Sana is crying so hard as well as Jihyo and Dahyun. Dahyun hugs Sana huhu im broken. Momo holding up a hand for Mina wahhh It hurts more than a break up. Really. Seeing them sad makes me sad. My happiness huhu. fighting twice! Stay strong! #getwellsoonminari #nineornone

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