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Mister delinquent 
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full name
jin, Minjoon
date of birth
October / 28
place of birth
seoul, sk
188 cm
64 kg
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— Joonie | For the most part this is what some of the girls in their friend group call him. aside from them, his grandmother was the originator of this nickname. considering the fact that it's within the second syllable of his name, it sticks rather nicely.
— mister delinquent/mister adventure | this is an acquired nickname minjoon got from the staff and students in middle school and highschool, for...various reasons. 

— korean | native tongue.
— english | minjoon is a grade a, english speaker despite not having made a trip to the states yet. but it was one of his best subjects in school. he loved reading and writing and challenged himself to read english novels, and watch english shows. the language was poetic to him. 
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choi junhong/ link to a gallery
oh sehun

APPEARANCE: Minjoon is somewhat lanky, but only in loose fitting clothes. underneath, and in clothes that are actually fitting, minjoon is more stocky. Broad shoulders, well built chest and abdominals. before high school graduation, he didn't entertain the thoughts of piercings or tattoos but as an adult, he considered and thought more about it; resulting in a left lobe piercing and left nose ring. He has this tattoo on the side of his body (ribcage) and this tattoo on his inner right arm.
Because he's been dying his hair more recetly, his hair is very frizzy when wet, and coarse when dry. his colored contacts are replaced with thick framed, round glasses.

Minjoon's style is somewhat eccentric. he has a sense of lowkey fashion, but a stubborn sense for highkey fashion too. he likes the color black, and coincidentally, leather. He's the typical "Bad boy" aesthetic, ripped skinny jeans, converse or combat boots,a plain black top, snapback, bracelets, and chains. 
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october 28,1996 : minjoon was born in seoul, south korea, ta-dah! :D he was the only son to jin hongseok (38) and jin yoonah (32). Hongseok was a businessman, and yoonah was an accountant. their marriage seemed fine on the outside, but on the inside, nobody knows that hongseok and yoonah were arranged to marry  ten years prior. they both dealt with their families pushing them for a child, and were finally able to do so out of spite. 

— As a child, Minjoon was mostly watched after by a nanny. he was the product of an unhappy marriage, and that's why his nanny made sure that he was always well taken care of. she tried to be the parent that minijoon lacked; minjoon only saw his parents after six pm, when they came home from their jobs. but, when they were home, they stalked toward their home offices or did their own things seperately until dinner and then minjoon would be sent to bed after dinner. 
It was a strict schedule for minjoon, but without any access to the outisde world, he thought everything was perfectly fine. he was content, or at least, so he thought it to be.
— When minjun was in middle school, he found it odd that  his classmates talked about their parents or about what they did on the weekend with their family. it was some wholesome bs that not even he'd be able to conjure up. he thought he was well-off, but his parents weren't even really in the picture like his classmate's parents were. He was different. his family life was different, and that caused him to act out in class (without even realizing it). and, minjoon began to doubt his hapiness, and family lifestyle.

feb. 2011 : Minjoon wasn't really a class favorite. he got teased for his attitude, and bullied for the things he did, more than anything. he was off the walls, free-spirited. he was loud-mouthed and stood up to his bullies, which often, ended him in detention or in the principals office. he had been lucky more than enough times, but today...he wasn't as lucky. the principal pardoned him time after time because he'd never actually been caught but this time; he was caught, drew blood and didn't want to stop. He had to be towed off of the person who'd bullied him. for students and teachers, it was uncanny because up until then, minjoon only ever used words. he was positive, and the fact that this time was different was alarming. whatever words had been exchanged, minjoon never said, and neither did the bully. but, whatever it was did hit a sore spot with minjoon.
Due to school policies of zero tolerence violence, his parents were called in. he had never seen his parents so upset at him, so dissapointed. but, they were there. it wasn't his nanny this time. 
when they got out of there, minjoon's father was yelling his lungs off at minjoon, and he didn't care who saw or heard it. he yelled all the way out of the school, on the ride home, even when they got home. minjoon was expelled from school and it was decided, after an exchange of hurtful words, that minjoon was being sent to Tongyeong, where his granmother lived. minjoon wasn't pleased but he made it clear with his own words that he'd rather be with his grandmother than with parents who wouldn't spare him a minute of their time. that's how he left things with his parents before they sent him on his way to tongyeong. 

March 2011 : by the time  everything was settled, and ready for minjoon to re-enroll at a school, a month had come and gone. he'd already gotten a hang of life with his grandmother, and it was fairly different from what he originally expected. coming from a broken family, he didn't really expect much of a different atmosphere from his grandmother (or, treatment for that matter). It didn't even register in his mind that anybody would be treating him different. but, minjoon's grandmother loved him. she adored him. she was present in his life, and gave him a stern talking to. she even told him that it was okay to do whatever he wanted to, but he had to be aware of who he was hurting, and of the consequences of his actions. she wouldn't limit him or judge him for who he was. 
Minjoon had an entire month to wander around the city, and he'd started to get used to the idea of being there with his grandmother and the fact that he was going to be starting up school here. somehow, none of it scared him, because he'd already been through a lot. he was looking forward to a start without his parents shadow hanging over him. 
on the day he went to talk to the school, people made all kinds of comments and observations about him. the principal at the school assured him that what he had done at his last school was behind hi. they swore to minjoon that they'd help integrate him in the school, and offer any assitance to him so that what happened last time, would not repeat itself. Minjoon left that day, and prepared for school the following week. 

When he walked through the doors on his first day, people were already getting to him. it hadn't even been one entire week since he'd first shown his face in these halls, but they already seemed to know who he was, and how his reputation had proceeded him. girls avoided him, guys tried to size him up. the only saving grace was the girl he was sat next to in english class, junghee. she was chipper, and welcoming, much unlike all the other people at this school. he saw a light at the end of the tunnel. within the next few months, junghee introduced him to the group. they were wary because of his "mad reputation", but also surprised because if the school's bad boy could catch their junghee's attention, he was worth getting to know. 

— 2012 : life had finally leveled out for minjoo. he had little to no conversation with his parents (as he liked it), and his grandmother was just precious. he loved life with her, however his grandmother was getting old, and needed to be looked after more than she had to be looking after him. still, she encouraged him to go out and do the things she couldn't. 
it was those "crazy things" that wound him up being the talk of the school. the "delinquent" who was expelled from his last school, dressed like a punk and does insane things for attention on social media. but, It was always the complete opposite for minjoon. and unfortunately, nobody but his close friends would ever know about that.
Minjoo's parents were always straight-laced, they didn't want their son doing things he wasn't supposed to. growing up, they took his dark colored clothes and replaced them with brighter colors. he was only allowed to wear what they approved of. a life like that was enough to encourage him to live his life to the fullest, with nobody telling him what to do. but, it was that minjoo that his friends knew and came to love. it was crazy to go out and watch minjoo do what he did for fun, because "life was too short. you have to make the most out of it." 
However, the notion was only solidified when his grandmother died. he was a mess and the only person who could understand him was raon. he was so thankful to have her when he needed her most. he swore that he'd be stronger, and that he'd go on even more fun adventures in memory of his grandmother. 

—on another note, The death of his grandmother meant that his parents were going to have to reserface in his life. he couldn't leave tongyeong and live with his parents again, and he didn't want them anywhere near him or his grandmothers place. but, there was no stopping them, he had no claim to any of it. Minjoon's parents took two weeks off of work to arrange his grandmother's funeral. it made Minjoon want to loose his mind, to leave tongyeol in its entirety. he wanted to drop out of highschool and gun it as far as he could. it was then that his friends realized just how bad minjoo's situation was. minjoo made sure he was out with his friends more, and his parents would call him every hour just to yell at him for not even bothering to have a hand in his grandma's funeral. they questioned if he even loved her and he nearly went off on them because there was no question that he loved her, every atom, every molecule in him loved his grandmother. If it weren't for his firneds, highschool would have been the worst part of his life. 

2013 : when all was said and done with the funeral, minjoon's parents wanted minjoon to come back to seoul with them, but minjoon wouldn't budge. they weren't going to relocate their jobs but they didn't want to leave their own child unnatended in a city four hours away from them. at least, they had some sense as parents; butit came too late for minjoons taste. their stubborn child was going to stay in tongyeong even if he went homeless. it was the first time, his mother showed him any hint of selflessness. whilst minjoon's father couldn't care if minjoon starved or not on his own in tongyeong, yoonah extended her olive branch. she took a night to iron things over with hongseok, and he returned to seoul the following morning while she "handled" things with minjoon. 
Yoonah told minjoon that she couldnt save the house without hongseok knowing, but she'd finance a small place for him to stay. though minjoon appreciated the gesture, he'd gotten along fine without his parents, and denied her that. yoonah had to move onto plan b. yoonah asked if there was anybody minjoon could stay with for the duration of highschool, to which he had to converse with his friends to see which one of them would be willing to take him. he wans't surprised when junghee spoke up. Yoonah took care of all the details with junghee's parents and he moved in the following day; the same day that yoonah packed up her things and went back to seoul. 
when he finally turuned eighteen, junghee's family had already gotten used to minjoon staying with them that they let him stay even longer after graduation, so that he wouldn't be too stressed trying to figure out what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. but it stayed on minjoon's mind, and he didn't want to take advantage of junghee's parents, so as soon as he had a plan, he moved out of their home and into a small, affordable place. 
after graduation, minjoon was the first to leave tongyeong as he began welding training in seoul, right away. his friends were confused. out of all of them, they thought he'd be one of the last to start closing in on his future. everything afterwards was hard; keeping up with his friends, and going out because he wanted a stable career. 
It took minjoon two years to gain a welding certificate, and from there he split off in two directions. Minjoon started dive school, and continued to further himself in welding. He made connections, and gained experience and tips from fellow welders. 
With much luck, he got a job as an underwater welder thanks to his connection in yongguk.







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jin misoul / minjoon's granmother & Guardian / deceased / closeness (5 out of 5)

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lee junghee / best friend, girlfriend / deceased / closeness (5 out of 5)

Their relationship started the moment they'd met in english class. when she smiled at him, and engaged in conversation as he sat. she was the only one who wanted to know him, despite all the talk going on around him. he appreciated it, and grew to like her the more he got to know her. he didn't ask her out fright away because he liked to move slow when it came to things like this. and when junghee introduced him to her friends, he had instant eyes for miss dreamer (though short lived), and had no right to be in any type of relationship with loose eyes and heart. he got to know the group more after that, and maintained his first friendship just as equally. because junghee was constantly in his messages, he soon took to meeting her before school, between classes, and walked her home after school. sometimes her parents invited him in for dinner and other times he brought her parents little gifts as a thank you. the lee family really opened his eyes to the way families should be; and they got to learn about minjoon's own situation. it wasn't until sophomore year when minjoon actually got the courage to ask junghee out. thats why when his grandmother died, she worked so hard to get her parents to agree to him staying. it was all she could do to keep him in tongyeong, with her. it worked out in the end, and she grew closer to minjoon still; as she was able to see his emotions, his hurt toward his loss and anger in reference to his parents. if anything, the situation stregthened their relationship. 
Their relationship was one that didn't need to be labeled, and they didn't tell their group of friends because: a) nobody else would come forward if they were dating or messing around with each other, B) nothing's changed regardless of their relationship, c) they liked not being bugged about each other in the group. 
Whatever, it worked for them, and nobody really found out until minjoon had to speak up about it at the reunnion. it that he had to tell them the news at the expense of junghee's death, but...He had to be honest, because he needed them now more than ever. 


bang yongguk / minjoon's supervisor, and best friend / 29 / closeness ( 5 out of 5)

minjoon has been under wis wing for over three years and a half now. he's gotten to know minjoon quite well, and has even began taking down some of minjoon's walls, but each time there's progress with minjoon there are a few steps back. he's the person minjoon turns to for advice and he genuinely trusts yongguk like an older brother figure. so when, minjoon tells yongguk about why he needs to take a leave of absence, he offers to accompany minjoon back to tongyeong, to make sure he gets back home safetly. he knows minjoon well enough to know that he needs his friends and family more than anything at this point, and the ride back home would drive him crazy on his own. 


Miss van gogh / heo raon / close friend / closeness (5 out of 5)

Raon and Minjoo shared some of  the same fate; they were both raised mostly by their grandparents. minjoo was there for her moreso when her grandfather was dying. he couldn't imagine what kinds of things she was feeling because he too, loved his grandmother to the ends of the earth; he'd have no idea what he'd do if he was in her position. he remembers texting her every morning to see how she was doing, asking if sh was free to go out, just so he could providesome source of warmth to her cold life.
the fact that she was there for him when his grandmother died was minjoo's life line. he thought it amazing of her to push past her own pain to help him, and together, they paved their own way together, growing closer than they'd ever been.


Miss Dreamer
Minjoon has had a crush on miss dreamer for almost as long as he's known her. when he joined the group, and got to know her more, his crush was short lived. he could never be the guy for her. knowing that the way he was could derail what her dreams and passions were. he could never bring himself to be the one to tear her dreams apart. minjoon kept his feelings to himself, and always admired her from a far, and always encouraged her to dream big.


mister waldo jr
in regards to mister waldo jr, minjoon wasn't his closest friend, but they were friends nonetheless. minjoon envied mister waldo jr's relaxed lifestyle. minjoon sometimes wished he could sit still and enjoy a day reading, but that just wasn't his speed. minjoon always tried to convince mister waldo jr to live his life to the fullest, but after a very unsuccessful try, he deemed to give up on mister waldo jr's life, and let him live how he pleased. mister waldo jr, was always there for minjoon, and is probably the only member of the friend group who knows minjoon withough his "delinquent" mask on.


Miss wanderlust
More than anything, he knows what it's like to be held down from doing what he wants most, so after high school, his friendship with miss wanderlust was strengthened. 


mister always right
In all honesty, minjoon feels lucky that he isn't mister always right. but, he aches for ister always right, too. he wishes to free his friend from the binds of his parents but he knows its way too far out of his reach to accomplish. so, instead he offers his everlasting support and love to his friend. though...minjoon will not stand to be by mister always right's side when his temper is out of hand. mister always right, knows exactly how to strike a chord with minjoon, and minjoon really isn't into fighting with his friend. 


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CURRENTLY ATTENDING: the corner of minjoons lip curls up into a scoff. "I currently don't attend university or college." his tense shoulders slouch over in personal dissapointment. "For the first year or two after high school I did, things just ended up falling through. it's life, somethings become more of a priority. more than school." Minjoon huffs, shrugging like the situation would just dissapear.


CURRENT OCCUPATION: "I currently work as an underwater welder off the coasts. wherever they need me, ill be there."

THE DREAM JOB: "I never really dreamed big as a child or a teen. I just wanted a job that offered some type of exhileration. if I could land a job that put me on the edge, then I think I'd do good." 


CURRENT STRUGGLES?: minjoon's main struggle was having nothing to anchor him down anymore. hes scared to open up, and let people take care of him. for the past half decade, he's worried about himself becuase nobody else was there to do it for him. he's always been the strong one, but he's having a breakdown over junghee's death because that's the second person he'd open up to completely. the second person who knew him more than he knew himself, and she died. just like his grandmother. he's driven to belive that people he opens up to leave him in one form or another. that notion scared the living daylights outof him. 

Have they kept in contact with the others?: Explain why they have or haven't.

THE PASSING OF JUNGHEE: Minjoon remembered the exact moment and he couldn't forgive himself for it. miss wanderlust was the one who had contacted him about it, but he was in the middle of a deep underwater welding job. he was irritated that somebody had to replace him for the job because there had been an urgent matter he needed to attend to. 
When he resurfaced on the boat, his supervisor was less pissed off about minjoon being inturrupted than anything, and right there was a sign that something must have been terribly wrong. minjoon was scared for the first time in his life, he thought that something was wrong with his grandma, but when his supervisor gave him miss wanderlust's name, his thoughts couldn't stop wondering.
it took minjoon a few minutes to collect himself before he dialed miss wanderlust to get the full scoop. all his anger, all his anxieties brushed aside ad he heard the news, "minjoon..." he could tell that she had been crying. "minjoon, junghee is dead." he broke down after he heard those words. minjoon wasn't the type of person to show his feelings openly, but junghee was his person. how could he have been so angry and irritated that he had been pulled from his job only to figure out that one of his closest friends had...died? he hated himself for thinking bad things before he got this news. how dare he? 
Minjoon needed to get to tongyeong fast, so after sharing vague details to his supervisor, they ordered a speed boat to retrieve Minjoon to take him back to the shore.

RETURN TO TONGYEONG: On the trip back to Tongyeong, minjoon felt numb. like it was some big joke. how could something like this have happened to junghee? he was angry at life for taking soembody so wholesome. he wanted to run away and do something so horribly wreckless. minjoon wanted to cry until there was nothing more to cry. he didn't want to talk to anybody, and he didn't want anybody's pitty.
Coming back to tongyeong was normally a very boring aspect of his life, as he returned every weekend to take care of his grandmother, but...today, right now...it was grim. he didn't want to come back today. he just...can't believe this is real life. he wished it was a nightmare he could undo, or wake up from. 


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USERNAME: Strangermaddy

ALIAS: maddy


- Yongguk drops him off for the first time to re-meet up with his friend and his friends are somewhat very aware of how much the situation has affected minjoon on appearance alone.
- since returning to tongyeong (this time around), he takes little care in his own maintnance. when he used to style his hair and put in his contacts, he no longer does so.  his dyed hair is coarse and hanging in different directions (thanks to over exposure to salt water), and he's paler, and wearing thick framed round glasses. his friends are somewhat stunned to see him that way
- minjoon admits that he's scared to love people/open up to people because everybody he becomes close to ends up dying. (but thats life my bud #emoboi)

COMMENTS/OTHER: So, if it wasn't clear, minjoon is normally a strong, stoic kind of person. it is rare for people to see whats underneath all that exterior, and for his character developement, he has to come to terms that it's okay to show feeling, and to open himself up to people no matter how hard it is to do so. 
Also, junghee's parents were the only ones who knew about junghee and minjoon's relationship status.
A side note-- yongguk knew too, bc minjoon cant keep a secret from him tbh #slayed

P.S sorry for the super long a** application, i think i rambled on for far too long ): 

PASSWORD: "remember when junghee made us all wear matching outfits for valentines day our sophomore year?"

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