32 KDRAMA QUESTIONS (2019 ver.)

just read through the one i did in 2017 and some things have changed, since i've watched more dramas, so thought i'd do an updated ver ~ hehe


  1. Favourite drama of all the time?

Can't choose just one, but probably like Queen For Seven Days or Moon Embracing The Sun (love my historical dramas)

  1. Top 5 actors?

Ji Chang Wook, Lee Jun Ki, Lee Min Ho, Joo Won, So Ji Sub

  1. Top 5 actresses?

Kim Yoo Jung, Shin Min Ah, Nam Ji Hyun, Park Min Young, Park So Dam

  1. Favourite idol actor?

Yesung <3

  1. Favourite idol actress?

Don't really have one..

  1. Favourite genre of dramas?

Historical! And I think I quite like legal dramas too hehe

  1. Do you watch other dramas beside Korean dramas?

Chinese dramas

  1. Favourite OST of all the time?

Probably Hyun Bin’s That Man

  1. Drama with the best OST?

        A Korean Odyssey

  1. Top 5 OSTs?

That Man – Hyun Bin (Secret Garden)

The One and Only You – Kim Soo Hyun (Moon Embracing The Sun)

Shine Or Insane (Instrumental) (Shine or Go Crazy)

Starlight Tears – Kim Yoo Kyung (Boys Over Flowers)

When I Saw You - Bumkey (A Korean Odyssey)

  1. Top 5 OST singers?

Gummy, Baek Ji Young, DAVICHI, Yesung, Hyorin

  1. Favourite villain in dramas?

Shin Sung Rok's characters are the best villains I swear. He is amazing at it. In My Love From The Star and also The Last Empress, he's portrayal of the villain is wonderful.

  1. Top 5 OTPs?

Louie x Ko Bok Sil (Shopping King Louie)

Seo Dae Young x Yoon Myeong Ju (Descendants Of The Sun)

Lee Hwon x Heo Yeon Woo (teen) (The Moon Embracing The Sun)

Joo Joong Won x Tae Gong Sil (The Master’s Sun)

Lee Yeok x Shin Chae Kyung (Queen For Seven Days)

  1. Favourite celebrity couple of real life?

Maybe Shin Min Ah & Kim Woo Bin

  1. Which actor or actress do you want as your bestfriend, older sister, older brother, boyfriend /girlfriend?

Bestfriend – Nam Ji Hyun

Older Sister – Shin Min Ah

Older Brother – Lee Jun Ki

Boyfriend – Ji Chang Wook

  1. Who is your favourite Kdrama male character?

Probably Louie still but also Son Oh Gong huhuhu

  1. Who is your favourite Kdrama female character?

Ga Eul (Boys Over Flowers)

  1. What is your least favourite drama?

Probably Cunning Single Lady or Cinderella Sister, just coz I got bored and/or didn’t finish them.

  1. How were you introduced to Kdrama?

My friend told me to watch BOF and BAM. I was in XP

  1. What was your first drama?


  1. Who is your least favourite drama character?

Can’t say one in particular but it’d probably be one of those really b*tchy/stupid/annoying girls lol

  1. Who is your least favourite actor or actress?

Park Shin Hye.. I usually don’t have a least favourite because I don’t dwell on that stuff but for some reason I try to avoid dramas with PSH in it. I have watched You’re Beautiful, You’ve Fallen For Me and The Heirs though…

  1. Which actor or actress you want to marry?

Ji Chang Wook? haha he's my fave actor these days

  1. Is there a drama you wished that drama is your real life?

Every drama ever haha. Dramas like Devilish Joy because the couple is so damn cute and dramas like 100 Days My Prince because that is some thrilling, angsty drama hahaha

  1. Which drama character you wish to have as your real life girlfriend or boyfriend?

Louie. Istg I’m so in love with Louie huhuhu. (Shopping King Louie) or like Ma Sung from Devilish Joy, he is so cute oml.

  1. Is there a drama character you wish was you?

Ga Eul maybe hehe. (Boys Over Flowers)

  1. Do you like noona romances?

Not particularly. It's just a bit weird for me to watch. Nothing wrong with it but just not my thing.

  1. What is your favourite sismance and bromance?

For bromance, Kim Tan x Choi Young Do (The Heirs), Yoo Si Jin x Seo Dae Young (Descendants Of The Sun), Goblin Kim Shin x Grim Reaper Wang Yeo (Goblin), Lee Hyuk x Na Wang Sik (The Last Empress).

  1. Do you get second lead syndrome for both actors and actresses?

Usually I don’t get second lead syndrome but in Shining Inheritance I really, really wanted the second male lead to get the main girl. And, also for Cinderella and Four Knights, I thought the main girl was going to get with the second lead for like three quarters of the drama lol. But I shipped the main leads together too so it was okay.

More recently in The Last Empress, I actually still have to finish off the last few episodes, I wanted Sunny and Wang Sik to get together so bad. But that drama is predominantly a revenge drama and not a romance one so I don't know if you can even count it as second lead syndome but ya.

  1. In which drama you had the worst second lead syndrome?

Shining Inheritance huhu. But if The Last Empress one counts, then that haha.

  1. What is your favourite drama this year (2019)?

I've only watched like 2 dramas so far that aired this year lol but between them I'd pick The Last Empress.

  1. Can you understand Korean without subtitles?

Maybe one day.. but not today lol.

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