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NAME : Miu Shouto (美羽 翔人)
Miu 美羽 meaning: 美 [mi] (beautiful) + 羽 [u] (feather).
Shouto 翔人 meaning 翔 [shou] (soar, fly) + 人[to] (person)
` This is because of her quirk; ENHANCED [SPEED & REFLEX]. Her quirk enables her to attack her foes or opponents with an amazing speed like a Machine or more precisely 'GATLING GUN'
` TITAN - GIANT // This is due to her tall physique which was affected from her accelerated metabolism.
` here // explanation
` here // explanation
` here // explanation
DOB ( AGE ) :  August 20th ( 16 )
BIRTHPLACE : Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya
HOMETOWN : Nagoya, Japan

`Japanese Language // She can speak and write fairly well.
`English Language // She self-studied on how to write and speak this language. However, whenever she tried to speak them, it sounded weird to other people that it makes them laugh just to listen to her with her expressionless face. 'What are you laughing about?' Imagine Miu said with an old foreigner slang.


FACECLAIM :  Kirigiri Kyouko (Danganronpa anime )
BACK-UP : Violetta (Reines de Fleur game)
HEIGHT : 179 cm (Almost as tall as Aizawa and soon will grow)
WEIGHT : 64 kg

* This is the reason why she is called as Titan / Giant. Her quirk drains a lot of energies when used. This cause the phenomena of 'Accelerated Metabolism' which requires her to consume large amount of foods to sustain her energy.


🌸 School Uniform 🌸 

She wears her long lavender hair down with a single braid on her left side, tied with a black ribbon.

Miu's outfit consists of a dark purple collared jacket with six brown buttons over a zipped up long-sleeved white blouse and brown tie with a bird-like symbol on it.      She also wears a black short skirt, heeled knee-high dark purple boots with equally knee-high light purple socks. These also are made of heat proofed materials. 

Well, woman kicks better with heels, don't you agree? 

She notably wears custom-made black studded  and heat proofed gloves for protection against burning and extreme heat due to the friction of speed. 

🌸 Casual 🌸 

She is not one to be choosy and petty about clothes. For her, as long as she has clothes to wear, she doesnt really care. (Because most clothes are too small for her! Poor her!)

 Hey, look at her. Dont you think it suit her well? These types of clothings are simple and comfortable to wear during a fight or not. These suits are tailored using heat and fire resistant materials to withstand against friction of speed. Pants is chosen rather than a skirt as to lessen her anxiety of people peeking at her whenever she is in a fight. She is a more practical person than fashion. This uniform is already conventional, so why should she change? 
 ❝ If someone dislikes you, don't worry. Not everyone has a good taste
the soul.
POSITIVE : Honest, perceptive, intelligent, calm
NEUTRAL  : Realist, cautious, dependable, practical
NEGATIVE : Secretive, vulnerable, asocial, awkward
Honest to her work and family. She would give you two cents of her thought if she thinks you are in the wrong. You may think she is being an annoying bug but she is thinking of your future.
She can't help but notice every single things people do especially those who she holds dear in her heart. She is very perceptive about a person's mood and if they don't want to be disturbed. 
Intelligent and calm - both are the crucial traits needed in life especially in a fight. She has a very calm demeanor that sometimes people thinks she is very intimidating when she is not. 
She is a realist and cautious. She will try to assess the stituations before making a decision especially when it is about someone's life. She will try to find a way where everyone can be safe and not hurt. She is someone who you can depend on, she will do what she can for the sake of everyone in that vicinity. She is a practical type of person. She will not sit down and do nothing while someone else is fighting out there. 
Eventhough from the outside appearance, she looks tough, unapproachable and like someone who doesn't want to be disturbed, she is actually a socially awkward girl. She finds it hard to talk to people without them fearing of her because of her height. People often have misconceptions about her and when they want to talk to her, they tend to look away from her eyes as the difference in their height is so apparent that it makes her look mean and intimdating as she is looking down at them, literally speaking. All she wants is to talk to them and have a decent conversation but she couldn't do it because she is shy and doesn't want any trouble (asocial).
Due to this height problem, she has a tendency to be secretive about her feelings. She would rather hide her feelings rather than be an inconvenience for someone. This contradicts with her honest personality. Yes it does. She is honest towards others but rather secretive about her own. She rather lets herself be in pain rather than being a burden for others. This trait often occurs more when she tries to hide some ugly truths from someone because she doesnt want them to hate her or to be sad. Vulnerable is what people mostly see her after they have known her true self despite having an intimidating and fearsome build. She is an epitome of the famous movie character: Big Friendly Giant. Easily misunderstood but actually a kind and vulnerable being.
the history.
There is nothing much to say about her. She lives a normal life thanks to her family. Her quirk first manifested when she was 4. She didn't know how it happened. Her parents just didn't want to tell.
At the age of 8, when she was training (running) with her mother, her quirk suddenly boosted up to an Enhanced level leaving her unconcious in bed for 4 months to recurperate. It took her for a while to familiriase herself with her new upgraded quirk. It was then she noticed the limitation of her quirk.
She had been training with her brothers to increase her strength and endurance as well as how to control her quirk from being a liability. At the age of 13, her father taught her martial arts to defend herself against enemy. 
She got through the UA Highschool via the exam. She passed them with ease. 
the quirk.
                                 1          2           3          4          5

Power :                                                                                    ( 2.0  / 5.0 )

Speed :                                                                                    ( 4.0  / 5.0 )

Technique :                                                                              ( 3.0 / 5.0 )

Intelligence :                                                                            ( 3.5  / 5.0 )

Cooperativeness :                                                                   ( 2.0  / 5.0 )

QUIRK : Enhanced Speed & Reflex (Type: Emmiter)

`Speed [Enhanced] User can move much faster than the average member of their species, beyond what can be emulated via natural training and with little to no maintaining. However, this power is not without any ill effects, as it can strain the body, although some users may be resistant or even immune to the effects of high speed travel, including acceleration, friction, g-force, inertia, etc. However Miu isn't one of those lucky users.
`Reflex [Enhanced] User has drastically enhanced reaction speed, allowing them to dodge bullets, catch flies in mid-air, dodge and maneuver around complex attacks, catch falling objects, block detriments and react instantaneously to what others take more time to react to.
Speed  Level Reflex 
Peak Human Speed 1 Peak Human Reflex
Enhanced Speed 2 Enhanced Reflex
Supernatural Speed (I,II,III) 3 Supernatural Reflex
Absolute Speed 4 Absolute Reflex
[Achieved] [Locked]



Physical attacks dealt by User to opponent are higher than normal due gaining Kinetic Energy and momentum, produced by speed of each hit.

Condition: Enhanced Speed

Damage: Medium

Enhanced Skill of Speed Combat. Super fast momentum will hit the target with tremendous force and damage.

Condition: Supernatural Speed

Damage: High

 // Physics 101 - The faster the object moves, the higher the mass it attains. Hence the higher the force will be inflicted //



This skill allows user to evade any attack by the opponent. This skill won't work on target of same speed level or higher.

Condition: Enhanced Reflex

User Perceives time as though it was moving slow enough allowing them to response faster to e.g. catch the bullet. This skill won't work on target of same speed level or higher.

Condition: Supernatural Reflex




Moving from one place to another at great speed.

Condition: Enhanced Speed

Burst of speed applied on the feet allowing the user to move faster than the eye can track, making them think that the user 'teleport' somewhere else.

Condition: Supernatural Speed

Absolute Speed that leavers User's afterimage there making it appear as if there are multiple person exist at the same time.

Condition: Absoulte Speed

ULTIMATE ABILITY[LOCKED]: SLOW-MO ; this skill can be attained when User has both Speed & Reflex quirks; both at maximum level, enabling them to manipulate time continuum. =>  TIME MANIPULATION


` No weapons will be needed for this type of quirk. Just use logic and momentum, you can send the enemies flying. The faster you move, the higher mass you will attain, thus the heavier the hit you can give'
` Work
effectively against those who don't do calculative hits and attacks.

` Breathing may proved to be difficult due to high speeds and the force of inertia. The implications increase from prolonged use of quirk: Vertigo, Faint, Nauseous, Headache, Bleeding from nose and ears, Damaged Internal organs as well as death. So she tries to finish her battle around 5 minutes. Every 5 minutes longer she uses her quirk, the effects of the quirk will strain her more.
` Burns and Extreme heat are to be expected due to the friction of speed.  
` Can be nullified by
Speed cancellation, weak against speed theft, highly susceptible against Gravity Manipulation Users due to significant change in body weight during the attack.
` User's physical state may directly affects their speed and endurance. Due to that, User needs to consume a lot of calories because of Accelerated Metabolism in order to gain their energy in order to function normally.
` Users will
age slower, however their physical state will continue to grow until the body can't withstand the change and soon perish. It is said that it is so rare for Speed quirk user to be living above 35 y.o. Short lifespan of life indeed
` As soon as the battle ends, the user will
sleep for  an unknown measurement of time (usually depends oh how long she is using her quirk) onto catch up with their sense of time and to regain the energy back, to function normally. This recuperation period doesn't start automatically. It occurs as an Extreme Exhaustion that the user will start soon feel sleepy and then fall asleep. This is more voluntarily rather than forced. (Example: if she starts sleeping, she will sleep all the way according to how much energy she had used) 


  • In the battle, if she were to stop using her quirk, she will feel exhausted and weary(but not to the point of collapsing all of a sudden), she would try to stay awake and such as she isn't the type of person to sleep just anywhere. If she were to intercept any other enemies, she can still fight them but not at her best condition. Her body functions will lower 10% each interval between fights.  


` Miu prefers to be bare-handed during a fight because she thinks it is wrong to hit or kill people with guns or weapons.
` Her fighting style is mostly 'Martial Arts' and then it is hybridized with techniques from other fighting style into one. Few of the techniques are inspired and taken from Jeet Kun Do, Taekwondo, Boxing and even Savate kicking technique.(Kicking someone in their vital areas. Ops. A fight is a fight). That was what taught to her by her father. He had been coaching her alongside her brothers. 

Her favourite moves are Catapult Kick/Drop, Sommersault, Shredder Kick Combo, Infinite kick chains [refer: Lee Chaolan Tekken Fighting skills]. Machine gun kick i.e. Gatling Gun Kick is her trademark move. That's her alias after all.

She rarely use her hands or arm. Unless she wants to hook or headlock someone. Her fighting skills are 90% from legs movement.

` Nein
` here
the facts.
` Deku (He is a hero she inspires to be. She had been keeping up with him ever since his appearances on UA's Sports Annual Festival. She is now a secret fan now that he has become a Symbol of Peace)
` cats but she is scared of their claws and teeth
` being in a narrow space
` insects or bugs
` being disturbed in sleep
` Running at night
` Reading books on her phone before sleeping
` stares out in the space and falls asleep
` scribbles her book when she is bored
` Sleeps a lot
` Eats at least 6 times a day
` Playing games with her brother on her phone ; League of Heroes
` simple and clean
`  must be comfortable for her to hibernate
the connections.

FatherYuudai Shouto // Father // 37 // Pro Hero // Alive // ARMSTRONG - Enhanced (Strength)

Yuudai has been an Elite Pro Hero and still now is. He is rarely seen in the light and only fight in the shadow. Eventhough he is busy fighting as Pro Hero, he doesn't miss spending time with his family. Yuudai is what most would called him, 'A man of a few words'. Even if he doesn't tell how much he loves his family, he would rather show them. He showed his affection and emotional support towards his wife by accompanying her during her monthly checkups with the hospital.

"My dad doesn't speak much but at least he gave me a signed T-shirt of Midoriya-san!" - Miu


  • He gave her a signed t-shirt as a gift when she woke up from her long recuperation period. 
  • His power is enhanced by his beloved wife when they were still partners in their teenage years (before marriage)

Personality Traits:

  • +ve - caring , calm and dedicated
  • === - cautious, dependable, tough
  • -ve - Rigid

FC: Simon Blackquill (Ace Attorney)

VC: Tomokazu Sugita (Gintama Gintoki)

MotherMirai Shouto // Mother // 36 // Retired Pro Hero // Alive // LADY BOOST - Power Boost

Mirai was an Elite Pro Hero who often teamed up with her Husband for so long. She quit her profession as a Pro Hero in fear of 'All For One' discovering her ability and take advantage of her. While that was one of her reasons to quit, she also suffers from 'Body tremors' and 'Blackout',  symptoms caused from using her quirk.

"My mother is my everything. She taught me how to control my quirk and when not to use them." - Miu

Miu spent a lot of time with her mother, as well as training with her in the backyard of their home until her mother accidentally boosted her quirk when she was 8. Miu ended up unconcious in bed for 4 months due to an accident where her mother unknowingly boosted up her quirk ability. Since then her mother refused to have any physical training with her children. 

However she still gave her insights and tips on how to control her quirk and how to use them without inflicting damage onto herself.

Personality traits:

  • +ve - Kind, strict, intelligent 
  • === - amiable
  • -ve - cynical (towards other people)

FC: Irisviel Von Einzbern (Fate Zero)

VC: Mayumi (Narration)

Older twin brotherYuichi Shouto // Older brother // 23 // Pro Hero // Alive // NEGATE - Power negation (ENHANCED)

Yuichi is the older one of the Shouto twins. His appearances take after his mother with white hair. He is the hearttrob Hero who always sway people with his words and so on. He is seen with bandages covering his eye because the condition for Negate quirk to be activated is to have both eyes opened(A bit similar to aizawa except Yuichi's need to have at least three times skin contact with the opponent). As a Pro Hero ,he is always seen with his twin during battles against villains. They are often called 'Shouto Twins' or 'Yin & Yang'.

" Stop being a pain in the arse, Yuichi" - Miu

He often teases his sister for being tall with no malice or intentions. What kind of brother who isn't being a jerk towards their beloved sister. Well, he loves her nonetheless and cares about her.


  • Bad with technology (phone)

Personality traits:

  • +ve - Playful, suave
  • === - Realist, logical, 
  • -ve - wise, cunning & sly

FC: Natsume (Ephemeral Fantasy on Dark Game)

VC: Kosokue (Narration)

Younger Twin BrotherYuji Shouto // Younger twin // 23 // Pro Hero // Alive // PAIN - Pain suppresion (ENHANCED)

Yuji is the younger one of the 'Shouto Twin' however more mature than Yuichi. He is a lot similar with their father, Yuudai in terms of appearances and attitude. He looks very intimidating as a Pro Hero due to his eyebags and his quirk of not being able to feel any physical pain.

" I sometimes wonder why you are the eldest brother" - Yuji to Yuichi

"Just ignore the trash. He's whining because no one has thrown him out yet " - Yuji to Miu

He has a very crude sense of humour. He always annoys the out of Yuichi and is very protective of his sister, Miu. He is the closest to her.

Personality traits:

  • +ve - Playful(in his own way), protective, kind
  • === - Perceptive
  • -ve - sarcastic (crude sense of humor), gloomy

FC: Ryo Kurokiba (Shokugeki no souma)

VC: Takehito koyasu (Twisted Fate League of Legend)

 the partner-in-crime.
picture 1
NAME : Kaminage Shunsuke
BACK-UP : Maki Oda
AGE : 15
QUIRK : Regeneration ( Quirk Type = Transformer )
` explanation
HISTORY : here
ENDING : here
STATUS : here
` Both shares same respect for their idol

She wasn't sure why she was called alone--only to find out that She's the only one in the 1-A classroom. 
However, She's not entirely alone. What she saw infront of her is the Symbol of Peace standing by the windows, his eyes focused on the forest surrounding the building.
She was beyond suprised to see her object of inspiration for herself and heroes was infact in the same room as hers. 'CALM DOWN, YOU PATHETIC FANGIRL DOPE!' she mentally screamed at herself, for almost squealing like an idiot. 
Deku turned around, a smile gracing his lips when he saw the student and waved.
"Hello! You must be Miu Shouto! I'm happy that you agreed to come here even if All Might didn't told you why you need to."
'Hah..Yes, I'm Miu Shouto' She replied calmly with an apparent blush forming on her cheeks while in fact she was startled to see his beaming smile and tried to resist the urge to pat him because he was so short in her eyes.
'Damn..cute' she thought.
"Please sit," he courtiously pointed at the familiar chair where she and her classmates sat on.
She was sitting as she stared at the green haired hero. She was pretty sure going to brag about this to her brothers. 
Deku leaned on the table, crossing his arms across his chest before staring at her, the seriousness in his face is enough to make her nervous already. Deku is the Symbol of Peace and number one hero in Japan, after all.
"To explain why I called you here, and same goes to the others previously, I'm going straight to the point," he stared at her. "Japan is in danger, more or less."
She listened diligently as he mentioned that he had this kind of sessions with other students. 'Oh, so this is an interview then' she thought to herself and then bring back her attention to the hero.
"Tell me, why did you chose UA instead of other schools who also offer hero courses? You do know their reputation--especially during my generation back then."
She thought carefully  before answering him and took a deep breath. She looked at him in the eyes.
'In order for one to improve themselves and be a hero, one must face their fears and get ready to handle problems if it arises'
she paused and continue 'There is no other suitable place to be than here in UA High School'
"Do you want to become a hero?" he tilted his head, loud and clear emerald eyes piercing right through her. It's almost intimidating despite the kind and innocent expression he's wearing.
She hesistated a bit despite the answer she gave him earlier. Perhaps it was because of the piercing gaze he gave her. She was always uncomfortable when someone did that.
'I want to be a hero despite having many limitations with my quirk. I believe one can't simply ignore someone in distress because they have no quirk. As long as there is a willingness and kindness in their heart to help people, to me they are called 'Heroes' as well'
"Then I'm asking you this; if me and the Pro-Heroes needed back-up, would you come? Would you help us?"
She became shy again as the hero asked her if she would help them when they needed back-up.
'I would come to help even if the heroes didn't tell me to, Midoriya-san'
The hero smiled, nodding slowly and pushed himself away from the table. The sound of his heavy iron black soles clashing with the cemented floor echoed throughout the empy classroom and Deku just chuckled.
"Work hard, Young Miu. Thank you for your time," he gave her a thumbs up. "Make all of us proud, including yourself."
COMMENTS : sorry it took so long to write huhu. For the 'romantic interest' of Miu, you can make anything hehe. its up to you.
PASSWORD : here have a slice of deku!!! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
` Family arc(?)
` White day arc/filler [where pheromones villain, Valentine (just made it up) goes on a rampage, sending love arrows at UA Highschool students and staffs making them 'obsessed' with someone they see on the first sight!!! Valentine just wants revenge for having rejected by Aizawa!! on valentine's day]
` Summer survival camp [Students of UA are given task to stay 'alive' within 3 days in a forest without getting caught by the 'villains' (teachers in disguised). The defeated ones will join the 'villains' to take out the ones who is still alive]
` Kidnapped arc [ some villains who have grudges on her brothers, kidnapped her and bla3. in the end her brothers save her and walla ]
` Physical Examination arc [ classes in UA Highschool take part in combat and fight against each other with their powers being nullified inside the dome. It all depends on physical skills!!! ]
` Ghost Island Filler [ Students of UA go to the beach to rest in a grand cruise (courtesy of someone's richass family who sponsored: random tho), somehow got stranded in a 'ghost' island ]
` Heroes Baby Arc [ where all the staffs and teacher become babies and they have to take care of them. AIZAWA IS A COOL BABY B) ]
Chaos Day Filler [ where everyone is the opposite of what they were. eg. shy girl => shameless boy ]
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