K-pop chat server (Discord)

[REPOST] || [Looking for mods & news team!]

Trying to meet fellow k-pop fans? Although we're still starting up, a handful of people already joined and are making this a fun place to be.

You can assign roles for almost every k-pop group and solo artist to show off who you stan! There are also channels for popular survival shows like Produce X101, Idol Producer, Under Nineteen and soon more. You can also show off how much of a girl- or boygroup stan you are and be up-to-date with all important k-pop news.

This is also a place where you can improve your English. Meet fellow fanfiction readers and writers here, promote your stories and services, find the best featured stories and more (we are also considering to add roleplay)!

We're hoping you'll join to make this server a great and fun community to be in :)


If you don't have Discord yet, it's a really nice app to have, you should definitely try it.
New link: https://discord.gg/rrPnDUu or https://disboard.org/server/548863463011909661

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