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song daehwi

Name. Song Daehwi

Other names. 

Name / Explanation

Name / Explanation


Name / Explanation

Name / Explanation


Birthdate. November 13, 1996 (22)

Birthplace. Here

Hometown. Here

Nationality. Here

Ethnicity. Here


Language / Fluency / Explanation

Language / Fluency / Explanation


Faceclaim. Pentagon' Yan An

Backup. iKON' B.I


Height.168 cm & 57 kg


Wendy was born with light brown, and hasn't changed her hair colour since. It's wavy and has been described as the hair of a fairy queen. Her skin is pale and she takes good care of it so she can live up to her visual reputation. Her eyes are dark brown, and she wears coloured lenses frequently so she looks more foreign. Wendy is quite tall and with a thin body to match with it.



First of all, Songhwi is constantly keeping it classy with a button-up shirt in all sorts of colours and patterns, I love this because k-pop stars don't tend to wear formal shirts when seen out and about, so I appreciate it that baby Songhwi is making an effort. Plus, he keeps the top button done up which is super cute! Yet he also proves he can make the look casual through rolling up the sleeves at a fan meeting. He's just looking so fresh. Songhwi loves to wear floral tops! It brings out his sweet and youthful personality and makes him look so adorable. We've already seen the beautiful floral shirt in the previous paragraph, but I just had to feature it again because it makes me so happy. Also, foetus Songhwi is looking so edgy in the floral, mesh top ffeon Oh My Boy's first Grazia photoshoot, he likes how this helps to illustrate Oh My Boy's style transformation. When I first searched up Songhwi's fashion, his shoe game was so strong omg. The chunkiness and the studs gave me serious shoe envy and nd I don't know anyone who could rock shoes like that at an airport. I'm pretty sure you can find shoes like this from any cool shop really or you could just bejewel some old shoes you have lying around to create an edgy and vintage look.



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Personality Traits.
loving, caring, serious, ambivert
(-) angry, quiet, crazy, shy, y


Song Daehwi is a loving, caring person who mostly show off her crazy and wild side of her alot more than her shy and quiet side loving to show her positivity she is an ambivert when first meeting people she would get shy and quiet but when close to her you get to see a side of her that make you question a lot about her but you'll love t very much even though she is a ball of rainbows. She sometimes get called a very y person but that's just her way of being funny she is very musical kind of person and you will usually find her in her room listening to music of writing song lyrics, maybe dancing if her mood is off the chats. Beside her wild side she is very serious person when it comes to her music, family and friends, mental health and many more that she is opened mind person and you can talk to her anything about anything she will always have the right thing to say to brigthen up your day or make you think about your decision. But she wouldn't be the person to try to dislike people who lies or continues to do something to her that is not right, when she is angy she can be very scary and lowkey like the devil himself. At these times but this side of her is usually not a mess with as everyone who seen her like this tends not to mess with her.



Wendy Hong grew up with her brother Hong Jisoo in Los Angeles, California. Their mother comes time to time to visit both of them in South Korea when she isn't work or gets the time off to see both of her babies. Wendy took a liking chance to dance at an early age and was highly encouraged to join the circle for her tribe and to explore different techniques as well. She excelled in it, competing or the state to national level. Wendy graduated with honours and went to Downtown Magnets High School for dance where she took a liking to learning languages on the side. She was in Korea doing ninety days at a lnaguage cafe teaching english when she was scouted to join a girl group under S.M. Entertainment which was one of the top 3 best-selling companies in South Korea. When both of them lived in America, they would speak Korean at home and English at school so both of them are good at speaking it but not good at writing Korean. Wendy is really good at 2 languages so far which are english and spanish the other two languages japanese and korean she is still struggling which she can make a big improvment on.

During the time in South Korea both of them were scouted by PLEDIS Entertainment and both were trainees at PLEDIS Entertainment, Joshua who was going to debut under a project boy group called SEVENTEEN and Wendy who was going to be under Pledis Girlz. In the trainee time Joshua was actually quite good with dancing and singing whereas Wendy didn't really like it being a trainee at PLEDIS Entertainment and decided to leave the company which made Joshua felt bad for her and knew that she would leave the company. Wendy would go back on the streets playing the guitar and singing at the same time, this is when she was scouted by another agency called S.M. Entertainment which is a the best comapny ever and she was really excited and happy. Wendy would debut under a girl group (f)x a group with 5 beautiful girl but there were like 12 trainees competing for the final spot.



- producing music
- playing video games

- screeching when certain things happen
- saying whatever he's thinking
- laughing randomly

- teasing his friends
- cuddles
- plushies
- video games
- old school music

- serious situations
- fights
- being yelled at or scolded
- bugs
- drinking alcohol



Relation / Name / Age / Occupation / relationship with your character.

Relation / Name / Age / Occupation / relationship with your character.

Relation / Name / Age / Occupation / relationship with your character.
Relation / Name / Age / Occupation / relationship with your character.


Stage Name. Songhwi

Plotline. Plotline Six

Backup. Plotline One


Vocal Twin. Here (Backup plotlines twins in brackets)

Dance Twin. Here (Backup)

Trainee Years. 7 Years in total - 1 Year in PLEDIS Entertainment and 6 Years in S.M. Entertainment

Trainee Life. 

Wendy's trainee life at Pledis wasn't going so well as Johsua' trainee life since she was having a hard time keeping up with the dance choreo in the dance studio with Pledis Girlz plus she didn't make any friends at the time so she felt a bit lonely. That was when she decided to end her trainee contract and started to go back on the streets to go busking and see what agencies will scout her out, within a flash S.M. Entertainment scouted her out and gave her the opportunity to train with them to debut in a new upcoming girl group. S.M. was a lot different than Pledis and when she meant a lot different. The vocal and dance teachers were so much better, Wendy's dance has improved alot and there were no things to say about her vocals since they were so good too.



Year / Activity

Year / Activity



Year / True/false / Elaboration

Year / True/false / Elaboration


seo soojin

Backup. Sung Jiyeon



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Love Story. 

On the first day of her trainee life Songhwi had already met one friend her name was Song Youngho, she was actually really nice to her but onto her lovelife. The day the girls were rehearsing for a dance cover to see who wins a mission that whicher group wins has a chance of debuting at that point Monsta X were invited to become judges for the comptition and all the girls got excited about Monsta X especially one girl her name was Wendy now she is a huge fan of Monsta X and caught her eye was I.M also known as Im Chankyun. Their eyes met that day since trainee life and now that she is dating him for real now they would talk forever to get to know each other and to see who wins at what. I.M really loved Wendy ever since he met her when she was a trainee he was so charming towards and his abs and biceps are just like a block of chocolate, Wendy could not resist to touch his abs when they go swimming together but they have kissed in the pool before and Wendy said it felt like one of those romantic K-Dramas that she was in.


Ending. Here

Status. just friends for now :)


Relationship Trivia. 



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