I can't rest, can I ?

Hello, dear followers. 

I want to update you about my whereabouts. 

I am a person who can't rest. It's sad, but true... haha. It always happens this way, you know? I am writing a story and I am completely focused and it and then "bam" I have an idea for another one. While I was writing "Fall in love with me" I had an idea for another story and I was like, it's ok I can write this in some other time.

But the thing is, there is not such thing as "other time" for me, because as I already said, I CAN'T REST. My head was full of conversations and characters... 

Since I brought this to myself when I falled to the tentasion to write the first story, I should just accept my fate and write, don't you agree? So this post is to tell you that YES I AM WORKING ON ANOTHER STORY. 

and I think you guys will enjoy it.

Wait a little more, because I am still unsure about a few things, but I am confident that I will find the solutions for my doubts. 

I am also working on worpress with a blog to update you with more about the stories... I foud the sctructure of this plataform very problematic and there's a lot of thing that I want to share but I am not allowed to, so with the blog I will make sure to share more. 

Thank you for support me and read my stuff, you guys are amazing. 


(twitter: @borntobeasone_) 



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