lee chang-wook
name: lee chang-wook

other name:
- conrad // his english name

- blondie // he's been given the nickname upon entering kingdome because throughout the time he was under the company they've always seen him with blonde hair and since became his signature look in the company.

- cuddle bunch // he's a guy who really loves skinship, if he could he would cuddle with someone all day if he could, thus giving him such a nickname.

birthday / age: February 11, 1996 / 23
birth place: Sydney, australia
hometown: melbourne, australia
ethnicity: korean
nationality: korean-australian

-  english // fluent // his native-language
- korean // fluent // technically was the first language he spoke, being that korean was what he spoke at home.
faceclaim: ateez seonghwa
backup fc: oneus leedo

height: 178cm
weight: 67kg

appearance: conrad basically looks exactly as his faceclaim, with some minor body tweaks to him. conrad is more leaned towards the more masculine side and rather has himself a fit body from working out and training. he will most likely maintain his blonde hair (but will occasionally do something special to it, like having purple streaks in it.). he had his ears pierced and has a leg scar on the back of his right leg from a playground incident when he was younger. 

fashion style: conrad likes to wear clothing that make him look mature and presentable to the eyes of others. one of the most implimented clothing is his outfits are trench coaches, white shirt, and sweaters, but does occasionally mix it up when he feels like changing it up. during the winter time he likes to wear a black mask w/ leather gloves to keep him warm from the freezing cold. he like to carry a bag with, most preferenced to his shoulder bag, to carry extra belongings with him. his favorite types of shoes are dress shoes, but because they aren't the most comfortable things to wear all the time he likes to wear sneakers from brands like nike or adidas. 

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{ + } Supportive, generous, sociable, earnest { + }
{+/-} emotional, maternal, physical {+/-}
{ - } handsy, concealed, self-critical, hard-shelled { - }

the best way to describe conrad is that he generally has a motherly personality. because of his background, he grew up be a person who looked to help others and be there by their side when it is needed. he doesn't joke around or take it light heartedly when someone is hurting, but is there to be their friend and do what he can as a friend to be there. along with that, he's learned to be a confident and put effort to socialize with the people around him and get to know them better as a person. he likes to get to know the people he's working with and wants to form a friendship with them if he can. 

he can be quick emotional as a person who's very sympathetic to others and also at times struggles himselF (but as stated in his negative traits, he doesn't show or express traits to others.). even if someone does something very generous like giving a gift for his birthday, he can get quick emotional from that and cry. as said about his personality, he has a maternal trait that can be really nice as he can help provide for others, but it can get overbearing as he's also protective of his friends and family. 

he's in general a very touchy person. whether it's intentional or not, his hands are always moving and it can be really uncomfortable since he has a tendency to touch people alot and over does it most of the time. like said about being emotional, he isn't someone who likes to seek others like how he would for them. he doesn't like the idea of looking weak in front of others or being a burden and likes to hold it in or cope by himself, which is hard for him as he wants to have some support but struggles to admit it, plus it doesn't help either that he can be very hard on himself when he messes up. overall, he likes to make a barrier for himself whenever he's feeling down and stay away from others rather than to bother them.

background: conrad lived practically a pretty simple life. he was born to a wealthy family back in sydney, australia, where his father was a successful doctor and his mother was a former teacher, retiring after having him. since very young, he didn't have much of a relationship with his father because he worked alot, but he was really close to his mother. as a young child, he'd always go to his mom, who owned a guitar ever since she was young, and would listen to her play nursery rhyme songs as they sung together. eventually he wanted to learn the guitar, in which his mom decided to teach him at the beginning, putting him into private guitar lessons later on.

they lived in sydney for around 5 years before moving to box hill, melbourne after his father transferred to the hospital in the area. there he became neighbors with blackpink's Rosé. because they were the few koreans in the area, their families grew close to one another and the two became close friends finding themselves to having shared a birthday together. they did everything together after that, learning to play the guitar together and hanging out at each others houses. it really did seem like they would one day become a couple, but that was never really the case for conrad. something he and Rosé did growing up was talk about the cute guys they'd see on tv, getting in trouble alot for different reasons. In Rosé's case being very young, while for conrad was the fact that a guy shouldn't think a guy is cute.

as they got older it became more evident why it was bad, as it wasn't accepted. for conrad though, it just felt like he couldn't force himself to like girls, and eventually seeked Rosé for help. they both ended with the conclusion that he liked guys, later to learn that the term was that he was gay. knowing such things they both decided to keep his uality a secret and went on with their lives. other than learning of his uality, they both also learned of their love for music, both growing to love music so much that it almost hurt whenever they would stop playing the guitar for the day. 

around 2012, Rosé had came to conrad's house explaining to him about an audition for the korean company yg. desperately telling him to go audition with her as a duo, he agreed. though his father was not really liking the idea of him doing music, over the time their parents decided to schedule Rosé's dad to take both him and Rosé to sydney for the audition, they both prepared a guitar duet with one another and performed it on the day of their audition. with much anticipation, both days later got an email from the company explaining that both had passed the audition and that they would like to take both of them to korea to train for them. his father hearing the news had objected for his son to leave, upsetting the conrad which lead to an argument with the two. through his mother's talks with his father, they (though more like his mother.) allowed him to leave with Rosé to go and train in yg. with that conrad's journey began and would eventually lead to where he is now with kingdome.

- dogs
- boba
- hanging out w/ friends
- mukbang videos
- shopping
- manhwa
- cuddling

- social media
- bugs
- antigays
- cats
- alcohol
- dirty spaces
- broccoli

- composing
- songwriting
- playing the guitar
- cleaning
- cuddling

- when he was still in melbourne, he'd cry almost everyday in elementary bc he was seperated from rosÉ since he was a year above her. 
- he owns a guitar he's had since he was 10.
- can play a little bit of the piano (does twinkl little star count?)
- he has a phobia of dirty spaces.
- usually on his free time he either reads manhwa or hangs with friends. 
- doesn't have his drivers lisence.
- had alcohol once in 2018, but never did after that.
- he plays music based on his emotions.
- has yet to come out to anyone except to Rosé.
- doesn't have nay type of social media.
- wants to have a corgi one day (They are so cute i love them!!!)
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best friend  | Park chaeyoung (rose) | 22 | Member of blackpink
they've been best friends for a very long time. they would hangout with each other almost everyday, though now due to their busy schedules they've been unable to meet up with each other alot, but they still text and facetime together alot. sometimes people may mistake their relationship and think they're dating (since no one has yet to know he's gay.). even through the period they lost contact when training in yg, they were able to maintain a great friendship and plan to have a long lasting friendship. 

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Mother | lee miyo | 56 | Former Teacher / Housewife
he says the is mother is his role model. he really loves his mother for her being his number 1 support in his training and calls her as much as he can to update her with his situation in korea. he isn't exactly afraid to tell his mom about his uality, but is rather waiting for the right moment to tell both her and his father at once, but knows it'll be hard and that he might aswell just tell his mom first.

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Father | lee Daewook | 59 | doctor
they don't have a relationship at all with one another. because his father was never exactly there is in his life, conrad says alot that he practically knows nothing about his dad other than his birthday and occupation. his father though does make occasional calls to him, telling him to come back to australia and to get proper education and get a proper job. it would only make their non existent relationship worst and it would just upset him to talk to his father, struggling to find some way to have any type of relationship with him.
stage name: conrad
plotline / position / Persona : e // vocalist, dancer, songwriter, composer // mother of the group

vocal: ateez seonghwa
dance: ateez seonghwa
rap: here

trainee years: 7 years ( under yg ent. from may 2012 - march 2016, joined kingdome from september 2016.)
trainee life: throughout his time with yg ent., it was very competitive. once entering he had been seperated from Rosé since they had a ban from trainees of opposite genders seeing one another. he had to follow many of the strict bans the company had, such as not getting a lisence, plastic surgery, dating, etc. through his training he worked on his singing and dancing, and later on he also took to composing and song writing. though he had worked really hard under the company, he was always less favored than to other trainees who were beyond talented than him, forcing himself to work twice as hard just to prove of his capabilities. overtime he became a promising singer and dancer in the company and was noticed for his hard work, as well as his rather very prominent talent in composing music, as he eventually began performing his own composed pieces for his monthly evaluations.

through his training, he eventually was put into the higher group of trainees who yg placed upon he sees as someone who could debut in their next group. he worked hard to keep his spot with the group and rather maintained a stable spot with the group, though overtime it became obvious that the company had its favorites and were letting of trainees that they thought weren't fit for their company. he saw many trainees who had trained with the company for years and got to know leave because they were told that they weren't good enough for the company and about the time he left the company, they had been hinting of letting him go as well. eventually it became obvious that his time was up and through his own decision, he departed from the company. for the months he had no company he got into contact with Rosé as they both worked together to find him a new company he could train under. having been rejected by sm. jyp, and cube, Rosé had mentioned him of kingdome upon seeing an advertisement online that they were looking for trainees and through luck he passed his audition and joined the company. he quickly fell i love with company, seeing for once that they cared for his talent, and didn't play favorites with their trainees. this would keep him with the company for the rest of his training until he could eventually debut.

- released in 2017: sometime when he was under yg (approx. 2013-2014) , he had done a demo for the song  "just dance" with Rosé
future works:
- make an official solo debut 
- compose songs for the group and other groups 

- " is blackpink's Rosé possibly dating xero's conrad!?" // false
- " dispatch releases photos of xero's conrad on a date with seventeen's joshua" // they're caught on one of their dates, believing they were alone they kiss, in which the secret paparazzi takes photos.
- " xero's conrad comes out as gay and people are split between the news" // he makes an official announcement of him coming out and people basically split with either supporting or petitioning to have him kicked out of the group as well as joshua.
hong jisoo (joshua)
oh sehun (exo)
group / occupation: member of seventeen
birthday / age: december 30, 1995 / 23

dongsaeng // it is just a nickname he says to agitate joshua because people who don't their ages always gets it mixed up that conrad is older because joshua looks very young. the nickname developed as their friendship progressed and they became close.

sir gentleman // during the beginning of their friendship, conrad remembered how joshua was known as the gentleman of the group and so whenever he would see him, conrad would greet him by saying "hello sir gentleman" while bowing.

joshua starts out as a very shy person in the beginning. overtime though, once he gets to know the person he becomes more open and shows his more playful and jokester side to him. he's also known for his mannerism and his rather soft styled speaking that makes it much easier to feel comfortable around him and to wanting to befriend him.

with joshua he is a very gullible person who doesn't handle being attacked by others with mean and unreasonable comments. he can also be very insecure about himself and find it hard to open, but overtime with the right crowd he can become more open and willing to speak and gain confidence as well.
love story: joshua and conrad met through Rosé, who was friends with joshua, back in january of 2018. around the time joshua was really shy with the man and accidentally called him "hyung" as conrad looked older than him. through the misunderstanding, they laughed it off and became acquainted with one another.

over the span of months their friendship grew and they became very close with one another. they became supportive of one another, congratualating each other for conrad's debut, comebacks, and booking big events. eventually, after months into debuting with xero (maybe between 4-8 months) conrad decides to make the first move and ask him out on a date. 

through their first date it was rather awkward, both with no dating experience it was very awkward at first for the two, including the fact they had to make it look like they were just hanging out and not on a date. upon arriving at seventeen's dorm, they entered in joshua's room in which they finally became comfortable with one another and decided to watch some anime and play around with joshua's guitar. from then on they continued to have private dates before conrad officially asked him to be his boyfriend.

into their relationship it was going well. in the early beginning of their relationship, he and joshua has came out to their members and though it was awkward at first they were luckily able to get the support from their members. they went months into it without ever getting caught, but eventually after a year of dating they made a small mistake on one of their dates and ended up getting caught. conrad ended up getting into trouble with his couple and having to release an apology video in which he also admitted to being gay. through the whole situation his parents called rather upset of the situation and told they were to go to korea and wanted to see him adn joshua.

meeting up with his parents alongside joshua, his father was first to yell at the conrad for being gay and for not listening to him on giving up on singing, going to joshua right after accusing the boy for being a bad influence to conrad. this would lead to conrad and his father arguing when conrad steps into defend joshua, resulting in his father walking out and conrad upset and on the verge of tears. his mom, quiet the whole time, went to conrad to comfort her son and apologize for his dad's behavior, saying that they were just shocked when the news came out. having told her son and joshua herself that she supported the two, she went to go grab her husband and speak with him over his actions. eventually both parents returned, in which his father apologized for his outburst and quickly leaving right after to avoid the awkwardness. even through such events, joshua stood by conrad throught he whole situation and comforted the younger boy when his parents left. 

interaction: in the early stages of their relationship, they don't exactly act like a couple. sure they do share smooches and cuddles, but because of their personalities they are much more comfortable in just hanging out and playing on their guitars with one another. when conrad feels lonely he typically calls joshua first to see if he is busy and would talk with him for hours if he has time to. though a very awkward relationship, they enjoy the awkwardness.

once everything had came out of their relationship and it died down enough to where they were no longer getting alot of hate, they eventually began to become more open with their relationship. having the weight off their backs, they began working on being open with their relationship, though they were very concious at the beginning. through mass love from their fans, they became more open to showing their love for each other and became for thankful for their fans who stood by them and supported them. 

eventually they became very public with their relationship, openly kissing in the public eye and holding hands. going on dates at shopping males and restaurants. through the support, they were no longer afraid to have to hide it and ignored the continuous controls from people to break up and be like other people and date the opposite gender.

ending: their relationship would go out for years, even after both groups had disbanded, eventually deciding to head to the US where joshua grew up and live there so that they coulde get legally married and live their lives together and a married couple.
comment: hello! so this is my 2nd app ever so i'm excited to turn in my first male application and i do hope you like him. if anything you see if wrong, i'll do my best to fix it and make sure he comes out a bit more accurate :)

scene request:
- it would be cool if there was an episode where appeared on a variety show liking running man, hello counselor, etc. 
- an argument breaks out with two of the members
- they appear to perform for a festival, but they are removed from the roster last minute which causes the members and their fans to become upset.
- the whole love story of joshua and conrad (other than when they met since it was prior to conrad's debut.)

password: er0s (the word eros means "love" so i think this would be a cool name.)
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