plot desperada.

the title says it all. the amount of time and personal preferences i’ve got has basically only made me able to focus on 1x1rp, so i’m out here looking for partners to write with. (sorry, this ain’t pretty.)

a little deats about me. i’m a switch and do roleplay both boys and girls, my muses are of quite the variety too. i don’t have a lot of limits when it comes to kinks or genre preferences, just nothing /harsh/, historical or too heavily based on fantasy. as of my replies? they’re detailed script to (semi) para. i never do take too long with replies, and will always be sure to hit you up if they’ll be delayed. i’d lowkey expect you to do the same? haha. also— oh. if i don’t think we click within plot sense, we can always be friends.

i’m available within kkt/line so if that’s a base you prefer, we can always take our plot there. (craaap, anything else you’re curious about just hmu!)

if you’re one to ghost all of a sudden for whatever reason, click away. i don’t have time for you.

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