character name

username — self explanatory

nickname — how may i address you?

activity rate — in % or out of 10



birth name — Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

other names — Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

nicknames — include explanation and who calls them this

birthdate — month day, year

birthplace — include town / state

hometown — include town / state

ethnicity — at least half asian!

languages — here and explain

Mirror Mirror

face claim — here

gallery — only if they are not an idol

backup face claim — here

gallery — only if they are not an idol.


height and weight — in cm and kg

appearance — include differences and future changes, remember some of them are still growing!

fashion style — preferably with links / pictures.

Me, Myself And I

traits — remember to follow the cheatsheet!

personality — elaborate the traits here

continue here


background — here

likes — at least 5

dislikes — at least 5

hobbies — at least 2

habits — at least 2

trivias — any fears? pet peeves? what's their shoe size?

Who we are


— relation : name / age / occupation / closeness / interactions

— copy and paste as many times as you need


— relation : name / age / occupation / closeness / interactions

— copy and paste as many times as you need


— relation : name / age / occupation / closeness / interactions

— copy and paste as many times as you need

Hit The Stage

stage name — here. include explanation

units — max of 2!

trainee years — remember the guidelines in the cheatsheet!

trainee life


predebut experience — here

post debut experience — solos? collabs with other artistes? acting?


— Year : Headline / Explanation / True or false?


vocal twin — here

dance twin — here

rap twin — here


This is to help me get to know your character's speaking habits, how they interact with others and to give a short preview of their personality. Answer in first person. Actions are not required.


Why do you think you should be a Crown member? 

— answer here


What do you think about Crown's concept? 

— answer here


What are your strengths and weaknesses?

— answer here


What do you hope for Crown to achieve? 

— answer here


Do you have any personal goals you want to achieve after debuting? 

— answer here


If today is your last day on earth, what is something you want to tell everyone? 

— answer here

I Love You

love interest — name

backup love interest — name


personality — just because you know them doesn't mean i do!

love story — Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, recteque aliquando no vel, brute essent duo ut. Autem denique argumentum duo ea, quod offendit nam an, quas minim possit eu. Te vim veri numquam voluptua, ei eum esse movet albucius. Ad ius debitis dissentiunt concludaturque, ne erant reprimique eam. Te dico salutatus interpretaris pro. Id nec iriure similique. Duo porro utinam tractatos id, liber inermis nam et, mundi graeci ius cu. Maiorum appetere vix ut, in ullum erroribus nam. Ut vim nulla debitis accommodare, no has atqui prompta. Est ei quem mnesarchum. Pro iriure vivendo signiferumque ne, quo quis invenire an. Quem dolorum ullamcorper vis ne. Ex mel malis nostrud intellegebat. Audire democritum efficiantur ea ius. Invenire erroribus percipitur id vim, at vix tempor splendide. Quodsi cotidieque interpretaris eum cu. Ne aperiri vocibus pertinacia duo, nostrud antiopam reprehendunt est ea, ad eam aeterno reformidans.


current status — here


end — here

Take A Bow

comments/suggestions — Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

scene requests — or song requests.

password — read the cheatsheet!

turn in — back to the story

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