♥ Girls' Generation / 소녀시대 ♥ — KIM JEI-HYUN / SEOHYUN


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✩ Jiji - Her best friends in school called her that
✩ Hyunnie-ah - Her family calls her that when she arrives home.
✩ Baby Jei / Princess - Her boyfriend calls her that.
✩ "maknae-ah" - she doesn't mind if her members calls her that.


✩ Korean (fluent- 100%)- Born and raised in South Korea
✩English (fluent- 90%)- Learnt English while studying in school
✩Japanese (not fluent- 10%) - Still learning how to speak 
✩Chinese (not fluent- 5%) - Still learning how to speak and write.


✩ In the dorm/training room - no make-up because she doesn't like to wear it and partly, she is very lazy to put on. 
✩ Promotions/On stage - she have to put on make-up which she dreaded it because she is a plain Jane so she would put very less make-up. 


✩ In the dorm/training room/practice room (x)(x)(x)
✩ Promotions/On stage (x)(x)(x)

"Hello there! I'm Kim Jei-Hyun and it's nice to meet you and let's be friends forever! ♥"  

BIRTHDATE: January 13, 1992
BIRTHPLACE:Seoul, South Korea
ETHNICITY: Full Korean

FACE CLAIM:WJSN Seola (x)(x)(x)(x)(x)
BACK UP: Loona Jinsoul (x)(x)(x)(x)(x)
HEIGHT: 165cm
WEIGHT: 51kg 

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Personality type (MBTI) "ENFJ — The Protagonist"
—(+) Positive traits: Respectful, Loyal, Kind, Friendly, stand up against bullies & Polite
—(~) Neutral traits: Playful, Carefree, Hyper & Reserved 
—(-) Negative traits: Stubborn, careless, "too trusting", lazy & fickle-minded

PERSONALITY: {You can write like mine below in point form with explanations/reasons or descriptive (paragraphs with your character's personality.)}

Positive traits (+):
♦ Respectful: Since young, her father would emphasise that when she meet anyone, she must learn to respect others before respecting herself. That would always be commited in her memory. 
♦ Loyal: She has a sense of loyalty whenever she is with her group of friends and with her members. She would tell herself that no matter how hard it is, she must never leave her friends alone. 
♦ Kind: She's born with a kind heart and in school, whenever her best friends needed her help, she will never hesitate to help her friends. 
♦ Friendly: Most people when they meet her for the first time, their first impression was she is very cold, "like a rich kid behaviour" but no. She smiled and she would greet them. 
♦ stand up against bullies: Once, in school she saw a group of bullies were bullying a small boy because he has accidentally went into their turf and the bullies beat him up. She looked around and she saw most of the students would take out their handphones and start to record and yet, no one dared to help so she stepped in and she immediately protected the boy and she shouted at them that there's a teacher coming. After the bullies ran away, she made a new friend. 
♦ Polite: In school, in entertainments that she've worked, most of her trainers and even her boss complimented her that she is very polite. Even when the boss came into the room where trainees were training and they were very tired, Jei-Hyun will always greet the boss even though she's very tired. 

Neutral traits (~):
♦ Playful: Despite her good personality, she would sometimes land herself into trouble as she love to be playful. She would make some jokes, play pranks on her family members and sometimes, she would throw a paper aeroplane in classrooms just for fun. 
♦ Carefree: Most people in school, they will keep studying before their exams but for Jei-Hyun, she studied at the start of the year and when exams come, she would study a little. 
♦ Hyper: Despite her quiet self, she can be really hyper after eating a bunch of sweets that she ate or her friends gave it to her. Within 40 minutes, she will calm down and she would feel tired again or sometimes, she can be hyper just because she is very happy. 
♦ Reserved: Although her classmates said that she's pretty but also, she is a reserved girl who doesn't show off her skin to anyone, doesn't like to wear short skirts that reveal her long legs, wearing a huge make-up like what other girls do. Normally, she will wear long pants or jeans, comfortable t-shirt, she will always tie up her hair in school and she will never wear make-up to school.  

Negative traits (-):
♦ Stubborn: Like what her mother says, whenever Jei-Hyun has something to take care of, she will never leave and she will say "It's alright." Even if you ask her to go away, she will still stay by your side but she will be very quiet and continue her routine. 
♦ Careless: In school, she will make tons of careless mistakes in exams just because she is a little over-confident. Instead of getting 95 marks for her maths exam, she gets 65 marks for the exam. After that incident, she tries not to be too careless but sometimes it's just inevitable.
♦ "Too trusting": Due to her polite nature, she is sometimes "too trusting", whenever her best friends told her that they have a school concert because they were being selected, she would be really happy and she would ask when. When her friends gave her a wrong date like for example 30 February, she would immediately say "Okay!" but her friends immediately laughed and they explained that it was just a hoax. Jei-hyun would pout and one of her friends gave an advice to her that she shouldn't be too trusting especially if someone that you know for a long time. 
♦ Lazy: Although she's very hardworking, sometimes she is very lazy especially to make-up. She will find that make-up is a chore and she thought that make-up is seriously boring so in school or going to the entertainment, she will just put on some powder and moisturizer and off she goes to school or work. 
♦ Fickle-minded: You may see her as very decisive person but at times, she could be fickle minded. Take for an example for choices of food. She will look at the food for a very long time, thinking whether she should buy this or that and sometimes she will queue for the food but suddenly, she will "jump" to the next stall to buy her food. 


Kim Jei-Hyun is born on January 13, 1992. Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea and she is the second child of the 'Kim' family. 

At the age of 7 years old, she got an inspiration which is singing and it all started when her older sister switched on the television so that the whole family could watch while they eat. While the family were setting up the table, Jei-Hyun sat in front of the television and she saw a young artiste who's her stage name was 'BoA'. She was amazed by her singing abilities and she saw how wild the fans were when they were cheering for her. From there on, she has a dream that she will be a singer like BoA one day. 

At the age of 15 years old, Jei-Hyun has secretly signed into an entertainment which is called Star Empire Entertainment while she is still studying in high school. Prior to this, her parents didn't even knew about this until one day, her mother saw her walking into Star Empire entertainment and when Jei-Hyun came back home, she and her mother had a huge argument and her mother forbid her to be an idol and advised her to take up a high-paid job which is a doctor, just like her father who is still a renowned doctor. So, Jei-Hyun relented and the next day, she resigned from the entertainment and she focused more on her studies to be a doctor one day instead of a singer. 

Years passed and when she is at the age of 18 years old, her mother fell ill and it has been going on for about 3 weeks. Even though she has school, she offered to stay with her mother even though her mother asked her to go to school but she gave in as she knew that Jei-Hyun is stubborn at times. Everday without fail, Jei-Hyun would sing softly to her mother when she is asleep and the routine goes on until her mother encouraged her to train in an entertainment and she apologised to Jei-Hyun that she failed to see her talent. The reason why her mother was so worked up and she forbid Jei-Hyun to sing is because her mother was used to be an idol. She knows about fame and money until the company went bankrupt and has taken all of the idol's money and the boss just ran away with no notice. That's why her mother was afraid that Jei-Hyun could be misled but Jei-Hyun promised her mother that she will be safe and her mother felt assured. With her mother's encouragement, she started to train under an entertainment which is YG Entertainment.

During her times in YG Entertainment, she trained her vocals non-stop, coping all by herself and there were times that she cried because she missed her family members. After months and years of training, the boss of YG Entertainment chose her out of all the trainees to debut in a new girl-group and she was so elated that she gave a call to her family members, telling them that she made it. 

However, happiness faded as the new girl-group has suddenly disbanded for no reason and due to this, Jei-hyun was upset and so, she left the Entertainment and she realised that idol-life isn't for her so she had a thought of re-applying to a course and study about Medicine again. Few weeks passed and her older sister receieved news from her friends in her workplace that SM Entertainment has been recruiting trainees and they have a thought of a new girl-group. Upon hearing this, there were hesitations and her older sister encouraged her and told her to give it a try. So, she did. 

At the age of 27 years old, she has finally fulfilled her childhood dream which is to be a singer and she is placed in a group called 'Girls' Generation', waiting for the chosen trainees to be placed as well. 


✩ She is the second child in the 'Kim' family.
✩ She is the second older sister to iKON Jinhwan. 
✩ People often mistook her age as they thought that she is either 16 or 17 but in reality, she is 27. One of these people is the boss of SM Entertainment. 
✩ She loves her older sister's cakes especially her handmade strawberry shortcake. 
✩ She used to be in YG Entertainment, supposedly to debut with a new girl-group but it's disbanded so she left the Entertainment.
✩ She studied under Seoul National University where she took up a course about Medicine. She quit as soon as she trained under YG Entertainment. 
✩ Before entering university, she has previously entered a school which is Seoul High school while she was training under Star Empire Entertainment. She has graduated in 2008-2009. 
✩ She has a secret instagram account which is (@kim.jei)
✩ She has no food or medical allergy. 
✩ When she walks, she walks from the back to the front. 
✩ She is a secret supporter of LGBT. 
✩ She admires idols like BoA, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Beyonce & her younger brother's group iKON. 


✩ Father - Kim Jae-Jung (57 years) / Renowned doctor / Hardworking, Reserved & Stubborn / 9/10 
He taught her some taditional family values, taught her how to be respectful to everyone and so Jei-Hyun will always go to him when she needed him the most. 

✩ Mother - Kim/Song Jae-Min (55 years) / Housewife / Caring, Protective & fierce / 9/10
Since young, she taught Jei-Hyun lots of stuff like writing her name, being there with her when Jei-Hyun needed her the most. Although she could be really fierce like forbidding Jei-Hyun to sing and at the same time, she protects her daughter and all of her children from being misled. 

✩ Older sister - Kim Seiyeon (31 years) / Owner of "PLATTE" cafe / Sweet, carefree & hot-headed / 8/10
She is the oldest of the three children and she is like a role-model to Jei-Hyun in terms of studying and working at the same time. When Seiyeon flares up her temper for no reason, Jei-Hyun will always be there with her until she cools down. 

✩ Younger brother - Kim Jinhwan (25 years) / Idol / Charming, laid-back & stubborn / 10/10
Jei-Hyun and Jinhwan are very close especially when they were young. They loved to play all sorts of games, range from cooking to guns. They would play all the way till midnight and they would hear their older sister nagged at them to sleep. When they are older, they still played games but not as much as before as Jinhwan is an idol too. 



Stage name:

✩ 'J' — Pronounced as 'Jei' or 'Jay'.  


✩ The Talented maknae 


✩ Lead Vocalist, Maknae 


✩ Singing — Dreamcatcher Yoo-Hyeon


✩ Star Empire Entertainment (2007 - 2008)
✩ YG Entertainment (2010 - 2015) 
✩ SM Entertainment (2015 - Present) 


✩ In Star Empire Entertainment, trainee life is quite stressful for her as she has to juggle her time to study and to practice for her vocals. It was too tiring that she went home at around 1 am. 
✩ In YG Entertainment, trainee life is even worse. Most of the trainees kept to themselves and some of the trainees has cliques. Sometimes she would practice all alone in the training room until she met her best friend who is a trainee and she doesn't have any cliques so they would stick together. Even when they both part ways, they still keep in contact with each other. 
✩ In SM Entertainment, trainee life is just alright because she kept improving her vocal skills and she would keep practicing her voice until the company choses her for the new girl-group. 


✩ Bigbang music video — Bad Boy
✩ 2NE1 music video — Go Away 
✩ Winner music video — Empty 
✩ iKON music video — WYD (Special cameo)


✩ "Is iKON Donghyuk and an SM trainee are together? They looked so sweet!" — True | They were actually secretly dating but they have told their parents and their parents approved.  

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Personality type (MBTI) "ENFP — The Campaigner"

Positive traits(+):
♦ Kind: During his times in his predebut, he was seen to be really kind to one of the producers. He helped out one of the producers for one song and it was successful. 
♦ Respectful: He was seen very respectful to everyone in the company, even in his school too. He would greet everyone with a big smile and ask how their day had been. 
♦ Sweet: He would bring some food and water to s even though he is very tired. He will help to tidy up the stuff that their members has left behind in the practice room. 
♦ Well-mannered: His parents taught him how to be well-mannered infront of the people that he know and not to be disrespectful. 
♦ Hardworking: Even in his off day, he will make a point to practice his dancing skills and sometimes he will work on his group comeback dance. 

Neutral traits(~):  
♦ Calm: Most of the times when the members , he wouldn't be too aggressive or anything. Instead, he would just sit and he would smile. 
♦ Energetic: Oh, he loves to be energetic because of his passion in dancing. He loves to dance and that's why he is energetic most of the time.
♦ Shy: Sometimes on variety shows or facing a crowd of people, he would be shy and people will see him looking elsewhere or noticed him getting really fidgety. 

Negative traits(-):
♦ A little agitated: When things doesn't get to his way, he will be a little agitated like he would breathe really deeply and he would just close his eyes.  
♦ Sometimes get jealous: Yes, he will be sometimes get really jealous when he spot Jei-Hyun with guys that he doesn't know. He will give a death glare at the person that he doesn't know but he's still sweet to Jei-Hyun. 
♦ Sometimes cold: When he meets someone especially if it's a guy that was seen hanging out with Jei-Hyun. He would be really cold to that guy.
♦ Distracted: Once he sees cute things like plush toy, he would squeal and he would hug it as if he is a kid again. But, it's cute to Jei-Hyun's eyes. 
♦ A little lazy: Sometimes, during in the morning, he doesn't like to move at all because he just want to lay on his bed and sleep more. 

Ever since she had a recommended letter from YG Entertainmet that she has a cameo appearance in her younger brother's group music video, she thought that it's a bad idea because she never met the rest of iKON members yet but her younger brother, Jinhwan assures that it will be alright and so, she agreed to it. 

Once she accepted, she went to the music video film site and she saw how hardworking the boys were and when she has to film her part in the music video, the boys were curious and they asked Jinhwan who she is. Once Jinhwan stated that it is his sister, the boys couldn't believe it because they didn't look alike.

During breaks, the boys would introduce themselves to Jei-Hyun but there's one boy that she is interested is the boy who bowed to her 90 degrees, introduced himself as Donghyuk and during breaks, he often gives her drinks whenever she doesn't need it, brings her food even though she didn't asked for it and she thought that it's cute.

Once she ate the sandwich that the boy has handed it to her, she accidentally ate a piece of paper and she found it disgusting so she took it out. It was not any ordinary piece of paper. It was actually a paper with a phone number that was written on it and it was full of hearts. On the paper, it states the boy's name which goes by "Kim Donghyuk". She smiled and she decided to keep the paper but she didn't call him or message him. 

Months passed and Jei-hyun was busy practicing for her singing skills and she saw the door of the practice room is open and revealed to be her younger brother. "What brings you here?" Jei-Hyun asked and she saw two of s came along too and Jinhwan replied "I just want to see how my noona practice. By the way, the place is so majestic! Junhoe, let's explore the area!" When the two of them left the room, the room is filled with awkward silence as Jei-Hyun and Donghyuk are facing each other.

"Why didn't you call or message me?" Donghyuk asked and Jei-Hyun replied "Been busy and all. Why?" "Because I want to date you." Donghyuk said while looking into her eyes. 

Few months later, they are in a relationship and their family approves. 

STATUS: Secretly dating, in a relationship 

ENDING: He attends to their first concert and he supports Jei-Hyun until the concert ends. 


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LAST COMMENT: Hey guys! Hope you could understand what's going on in this application and hope that this will give you some inspiration! ♥ Also, if you want to copy my personality points, it's fine with me because tbvh, I'm lazy to write paragraphs and I'm sure you guys too... right?(hehe xD) so I would just have some point forms but stating the explanation/reasons.


✩ any plotline (reccommended to be an older plotline, revengeful type) to land poor Jei-Hyun into some kind of trouble because Jei-Hyun is too trusting. 

✩ Any scene request that you guys write and I will write it. ^^ 

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