Dear readers - I am making my return, but there are some things to note

I am back omgomgofgerhewhtewurthewur heyyyy :3 you've probably maybe seen me floating around here for a few days now in feeds etc, but i am soon going to be making an actual return to writing (thanks, Taemin <3). However, i am going to be redesigning and rejuvenating my account; it has been a while since any of my stories here have been updated with recent writing, and for my new spread of ideas etc, i want them to be more recent, and my account to be based on more recent activity. That means, i will be drafting all of my current works HOWEVER that does not mean I will not return to them. I just want to leave them drafted so that I can get my thoughts around what i will complete, but also so that I can have a clean sheet for my new ideas. Does this make sense?

Anyway, I am excited to return properly soon, and i have missed you all so much. University is a TT but thank you for those who have stuck around, and we will chat again soon <3

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