Ending Scene

I just wanna rant and I don't ever do that cause usually people use this site to, write, simply put. 

Rant about nothing. 

That's sorta funny. 

You ever like..wanna write? And then you go and read another story and you think, "that's too good, I could never"

So you dont but you're still kinda sad you didn't. Stories are feelings and words and work and you want to make the effort but you can't because it won't be good. When I feel inspired I want to write and I feel so light, music that I listen to with lyrics, a mood, feelings that inspire stories it makes me feel sorta weightless, makes me wanna spill words upon words of delicate sayings, a story for people to read and like and love. 

But its not good, ya know?

Not like that story you read that made you feel small and delicate and white, like you want to cry. 

Good like that. 

So you don't do it?

Kinda sad

when you listen to someone sing, watch someone move and you want to w r i t e but you can't

It makes you wonder, how could someone write something so beautiful

That's such a basic word

It's a feeling I can't explain 

I wish I could write like that and pour my heart, my everything into those words and make someone cry they feel so small. I feel like that sometimes while reading. 

Some people are so talented how could you ever compare to something so gorgeous. 

You can.

I know you can.

I'm just being stupid. 

But it makes you wonder, it does. 

How can someone be capable of something so beautiful.


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