Can someone write me this?’

hi my fellow friends, subs and Kpoppers. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to update lately I have been super busy baby sitting my niece a lot these days and I do plan to update soon I have quite a bit of time of this week and next week I’m going out of town for three days! I have been In a writing mood a lot...

i am am wondering if someone can write me a super dramatic idol x oc oneshot with me and BTS Park Jimin, my bias!! I have a very good idea but it’s very dramatic and quite violent but yah and then there would be and some fluff at the end. I would really appreciate it!!! I could either write u something in return or give you a ton of karma points!!! 


Anyway that’s all I wanted to say and also, my doctors appointment I had last week went well. I had a heart checkup follow up and don’t worry guys, everything is perfectly fine!! I will try to post my update very soon, please wait for me!!


thanks again for everything!!! Saranghae!! 

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