Rant...lol (I don't have many friends in real life to rant to)

I have like three friends in real life to rant to, and two of them are my older sisters.

So, I'm a tutor. I tutor mostly on the ACT. The ACT is a test that high school students must take in order to get accepted into a good college. The higher the score, the better. However, at the community college I tutor at, you don't have to take it to attend there, but you do have to take it to get accepted into the nursing program offered by the school. And so, I'm tutoring pre-nursing students in the ACT. Most of them are adults, okay (mid 20s to late 40s)? Keep that in mind.

There is this one student that just irks me to the core. I only have an hour to meet with her because if I go longer than an hour, she falls asleep. At the very beginning of the semester, we agreed to meet at 10AM on certain days. At first, she came to tutoring on time. Well, actually now that I think about it, she only came on time ONCE. It's the fifth week of the semester. We meet once a week. One day, campus was closed. One day she came in on time. One day, she came 14 minutes late. The next day, she came in 17 minutes late. The next day, she came in 20 minutes late. That day was today.

Last week, after the 15 minute mark, I was getting ready to leave. She comes in 2 minutes later and looks at me in shock and says, "Why are you leaving already! I'm only a bit late."

Okay, first of all, I have the right to leave after she doesn't show up within the first 15 minutes. It's in the contract. Second, 17 minutes isn't a bit late when we only have an hour to go over a ton of material. Third, this was her second offense which was pissing me off.


Today, Ladies and Gentlemen, today she came in 20 MINUTES LATE. Very very upset, I told her:

Me: If 10AM is too early for you, we can change it to 10:30AM.

Her: (Chuckles like an entitled brat) Oh, no no. 10AM is just fine. We stick with 10AM. Okay? I'm just not feeling well. I woke up late today. All what matters is that I'm here. Amen.

Me: (Clenches my jaw and forces a smile) Well, if I have someone coming in at 11AM, I cannot tutor you for an hour if you come in late.

Her: (Completely ignores what I say. Takes an extra 10 minutes to take out notebook and pens. Takes an extra 5 minutes to put on lotion.)


What pisses me off even more is that I asked her if she was ready. She said yes. I was waiting for her to finish applying her lotion, but she had everything out (her notebooks and pencils), so I slowly began to explain what we were going over that day to her. She nodded as I continued to explain. I wrote down notes slowly so she would follow me and do the same, but she only continued to rub her hands together. After explaining everything and writing everything down for 10 minutes, she copies down my notes in the slowest pace possible and says, "Explain that again."

She then says, "What do I actually need to know?"


I tutored her last semester and she wasn't like this. She wrote down notes while I did. She was attentive and asked acutal questions. Now, she's just plain lazy and doesn't give a about the tutoring.

I swear, if she shows up late one more time, I'm going to tell her that if she can't even show up on time to tutoring, how will she become a nurse? Will she just let patients die because she can't bother to show up early?

And, if she shows up late a fifth time, I'm leaving at the 10 minute mark.

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