EMPIRE : Dan Uyeong, Monarch of June (#7A7A7A, #0147FA, #0139c7, #7FFF00, #666666)




NAME Dan Uyeong 단우영



 Mr. robot - Uyeong is always able to keep his cool and barely shows any emotions, so he's called the robot of the group, nothing moves him, except when the little babies of the group are sad. No one can touch his babies.
☼ Housewife - Uyeong is one of the oldest (if not the oldest) members of the group, so people automatically expected him to be like a mom figure, and he kinda is. He might be a stone, but he cares deeply for his children, does most of the housework and is actually quite silly.
☼ ASMR Uyeong - This one is either loved or hated by his friends, but it's a pretty funny nickname. Fans will definitely comment it as well once he debuts, but Uyeong has a very low and tingly voice, so tingly that it is almost asmr by itself, hence why they call him asmr uyeong, like he has a channel or something.
☼ Vampire - Uyeong already has this strong, bewitching look to him, but when he performs on stage with make-up, he can really look like a vampire, hence why he got the nickname from fans.
☼ Rude - A nickname also mainly given by fans, just because he likes to do like winking and such. He's very, very, very rude.



BIRTHDAY January 15, 1993

BIRTHPLACE Busan, South Korea

HOMETOWN Seoul, South Korea





☼ Korean - His native language, which is pretty much the only language he is able to speak except for some random English sentences used in his raps (thanks, google translate and other members). His diction and pronounciation are very clear, but he speaks with quite the strong dialect which he definitely has to practice on hiding.



FACECLAIM Hwang Jungha 

BACKUP N.flying Seunghyub or Hotshot Junhyuk


HEIGHT 181 cm

WEIGHT 64 kg


APPEARANCE Uyeong is quite tall, but also quite skinny. He has barely any muscles, he's just extremely skinny like many idols are. He is 181 cm tall, and weighs only 64 kg, what is definitely not much. He has a really strong glare, which is often named as his main charm point, a small nose and beautiful lips that women would kill for to have. Whenever he does gain weight after all, it always appears in his cheeks first, making him look squishier. He currently has one small tattoo, but it's only the start. He wants to splatter his body with small, aesthetic tattoos (like how he looked in UNB's Blackheart pictures).


FASHION STYLE Uyeong's style is two worlds, basically. He either dresses like an absolute gentleman (with a mix of cause he really likes latex pants), or he dresses like a lazy prick. It is really depending on his mood for that day, which confuses the groupmates cause he basically doesn't have any visible mood. When he wants to dress like a gentleman he wears latex or leather pants, a shirt or turtleneck, depends on the season, and occasionally a blazer. When he's in his lazy mood he'll wear simple t-shirts or hoodies, often with statements on it he either agrees with or doesn't understand at all. And he pairs them with simple, grey and comfy track pants. He mostly wears black, sometimes grey or white, but barely any colors. if he does wear colors it's either dark blue or red. No matter how he's dressed, his hair will always be styled amazingly clean, he sometimes wears hats that go with the outfit as well.




Inspiration: Jungha himself, Cha Hun, Wow. Silent, emo and kinda scary, but actually very weird, loving and silly.


Mbti type: INTJ - Hogwarts house: Slytherin


(+): caring, calm, disciplined, polite
(0): maternal, noncompetitive, unpredictable, sometimes really silly
(-): asocial, difficult, sly, flamboyant


Caring and polite: Uyeong is a very nice man, maybe not one of many words, but when it comes to taking care of others, he's great. He also knows manners very well and the staff often name him as an example the younger kids should follow. He might seem very stiff because of his manners, but no one important minds that. He is like the cold robot who has a warm core, when another member, especially the little ones, are feeling down, his instincts come out and Uyeong will greatly care for them. He is some sort of cool but motherly figure for the group and when the time's right, he'll care for his children. He also does most of the chores in the dorm without even asking and makes sure his kids are healthy.


Calm and disciplined: This is generally what people's first impression of Uyeong is. While it is very true, there is more about Uyeong. He's not the type to speak a lot, when he doesn't have something to say, he won't say anything (don't leave him alone with minjin, it will be very silent and extremely awkwaed!). He stays calm in most of the situations, except when it involves the maknae line being harmed, oh no. Do not touch the maknae line or mother hen Uyeong will come for you. But in other cases he always keeps his cool, often even giving the impression of being a cold and apathetic guy. He's just calm and zen. He's also very disciplined and tries to bring it to others as well. He listens and obeys without any complaints except if it's something he just can't agree to, and he is always tidy, never too late and again, has incredible manners. Classmates used to say that he was so uncool, but Uyeong knows that he is the coolest guy out there and now that the little ones look up to him, he knows that he was right.


Maternal and noncompetitive: this goes hand in hand with his calmness. Uyeong hates competition, and believes that everyone deserves a chance, hence why he's not really happy with the training system. He would rather send all the other trainees to Empire before him, but he sadly has no say, so he will be forced to leave some kids behind, which makes him very sad. They are his children, his little cubs, especially the youngest ones, again, they really make his soft core inside the hard shell come out and he'll turn into a caring, but strict mom.


Unpredictable and sometimes really silly: Uyeong, the robot, the vampire, the ultimate cool guy. That... is not always true. This man can sometimes suddenly have his moments that he seems to be high on sugar and becomes a really silly oddball. He often makes odd videos that are lame but lowkey funny to some (like this, also asdlfgkj his voice). He can switch from cool guy to angry mom to silly kid in no time, so he's really unpredictable.


Asocial and difficult: It's not that Uyeong doesn't want to, he just can't. If there is something he balls at, it's having a normal conversation. He's just not really a good talker, you know? The poor man feels uncomfortable with his lack of social skills, so he tries to hide it away by just not saying anything. That also makes him pretty difficult to handle, because when he disagrees with something, he won't be able to clarify what's wrong clearly and instead will just be sitting in the corner with a dark aura around him. Scary, brrr.


Sly and flamboyant: Asides from his caring and cool personality, Uyeong has something else to him that only comes out when he's in distress or dislikes someone. People often say that instead of a bat/blackbird, Uyeong's animal should just be a fox. He perfectly knows how to take advantage of people with his sneaky ways, and instead of ruining people he doesn't like with physical fights, he will ruin them by sneaky mental jabs. Yes, once you rubbed him the wrong way, you will be done for. Especially people who hurt his little kids. He tries to take advantage out of everything, except when it could harm the people he loves. About strangers? Meh, they can deal with it. He is also the type of person that whenever he desires something, he will try to get it from his fans or people he know in a sneaky way. Who said he should be a fox? Nevermind that, he's a damn snake. The funny thing his: he will stay polite, making up for some really funny insults. -sunbaenim.


BACKGROUND Uyeong was born in a wealthy family with a younger sister, living in a penthouse in Busan. His parents both were lawyers, so they raised their kids strictly, well, more like the nannies did. Uyeong was mature for his age, but in other kids' eyes he was just a rich oddball with weird, wide eyes, so he got left out and mocked. After coming home with a uniform splattered with flour and eggs, his parents pulled him out of school. His sister weirdly didn't get bullied at all, so she was able to stay. Uyeong got homeschooled starting from when he was 10 until he graduated high school. He never really made friends, hence why he is so quiet and asocial, but also so sly, he learned the ways from his parents, the lawyers (who are always sly). The only ones he had were his sister and the family cat, so Uyeong developed a strong caring and protective feeling towards his sister. He discovered kpop on his own back in 2009 with 2NE1. He started to get into more groups, but was always a hardcore blackjack, singing along and dancing as well, music became his best friend. It also became his dream. But something was in the way, Uyeong had an incredibly low voice, even when he was just a young teen of 14 years old. He knew that his voice was going to get even lower once he went through puberty, and he seriously didn't know what to do with it. Once he did go through puberty in 2012, he joined a small company to train, H2 media. The company of MYNAME. The staff wouldn't have accepted him if it wasn't for his visuals, but they had plans for Uyeong, he would become a rapper. Girls would go crazy for him and his low and charismatic voice.


In 2015, bad news came for Uyeong. H2 media only had two trainees, him and a good friend, who was a girl and had an obvious crush on him. It was impossible to debut them, so they decided to pretty much kick the two out. Uyeong was devastated, he was really lost and didn't know what to do, until the notice came that mnet was going to do Boys24. Only individual trainees could participate, so Uyeong grabbed his chance and went to audition for the show. He sadly didn't get a spot onto the show. Uyeong didn't get why, but he thought it was because of his personality. He didn't plan on giving up though. He planned on restarting auditions, but he never needed to, because he got scouted by YG. He knows that his visuals got him here, but he was determined to become an all-rounded idol, and prove to everyone that he wasn't actually only one of those useless visuals.


This time there were many more trainees around him, who flocked around him. The young kids were always trailing after Uyeong, because he had brains, manners, visuals and also treated them very well. Uyeong was admired, Uyeong felt good, Uyeong became softer. But just for those cute little fluffballs, no one else, he's still a lawyer's kid, after all.




DAN AYEONG 20 - college student - sassy, outspoken, intelligent - 100% - Ahin
Uyeong's younger sister who is 5 years younger than him. She is a college student who really likes books and history. Uyeong tries to protect her, but she's just a daring ball of sass, dissing him all the time and making him flustered in front of others.


SHIN BOHEE 25 - trainee at cube - friendly, sweet, clingy - 90% - ZN
Uyeong's best friend who he got to know when he was training in H2 media, they were the only trainees back then. Bohee went to join Cube and might debut there (depends on the author tbh). She's known to have a hardcore crush on him but Uyeong just sees her as a sister. Poor girl got reverse friendzoned.


SHIN JINEUL age - occupation - personality - closeness - fc



THE FROST TWINS age - occupation - personality - closeness - fc


LEE HARU age - occupation - personality - closeness - fc




- soccer

- cats

- the little fluffballs of the company

- chamomile tea

- sleeping

- being complimented, do we spot some narcissicm there?

- sports shows

- 2NE1 & Loona

- black coffee

- black bean noodles

- spicy chicken

- he like really likes baby chuu cause she's so jumpy and fluffy, lowkey his favourite loona girl

- hiphop music, but also synthwave

- latex and leather pants



- cheap music videos annoy the out of him

- bullies

- people he doesn't know, everyone starts out slightly negative with him

- judging, even though he does it like all the time

- horror movies, pile of bull

- being called scary

- milk

- sour candy

- mint

- fast food burgers, taste and look like crap

- when his kids misbehave

- he says he dislikes skinship, but he unconciously does it with his children all the time

- tropical house, he's tired of that genre, overused, saturated, you all



- winking

- blushing very easily

- squishing cheeks, mostly while saying he hates skinship

- wriggling when he's feeling awkward

- asking really weird questions at random moments 

- thumbs up

- always correcting his hair, it has to be perfect at all times



- soccer, will probably join the celebrity team, it was his only hobby except for music for all his life

- playing the piano

- making weird videos (like the just sleeping one)

- posting on his instagram

- cooking



- slugs

- slime, it's a very weird fear but others think it's hilarious

- dogs, especially the small ones, strangely



- housework

- speed ironing

- soccer tricks

- reverse cleopatra battle (low note battle, he's on a higher level than the others)



- keeps his calm, except when he's talking about Loona. Loona makes him go crazy, he's such a big fanboy

- his favourite in loona is chuu but if he would have to marry one of the girls he would go for jinsoul (for the sake of chuu being way too young)

- has adopted the loona maknae line and always dies because of their cuteness

- only needs 3 hours of sleep to be able to survive

- has some sort of hybernation mode where he seems like he's just staring at something but he's actually taking a nap (with his eyes open)

- falls asleep after one glass of alcohol

- latex is really his thing, and no, he's not some sort of master (stop all the crazy fanfictions lmao)

- secretly a bit ed

- can make anyone do favors for him

- his fans tend to be really thirsty and as well (like a.c.e fans lmao)

- he just attracts with the latex

- but he hates it

- he just likes the shinyness and how his legs come out

- has a car and motorcycle

- if another member wants to, he'll take them on a drive on his motorcycle

- very good cook, but is the best at desserts

- always wakes up early to make snacks for the members so whenever they can't get a meal they can still have something to eat

- drinks chamomile tea but doesn't get sleepy from it

- tends to curse a lot even though he's a really good man
- panual and looks at personality regardless of gender, but he's currently not interested in love. Unless someone suddenly comes and sweeps him off his feet.

- even when he's cursing and insulting he'll keep his honorifics  

- the housewife of the group, does all the chores and looks good while doing it






STAGENAME Uyeong, boy loves his own name too much. He will probably be named more by his unique last name (like Ong Seongwoo).


MONTH June (October)

ZODIAC gemini

COLOR lilac of darkness (that's what the other members call it lmao) #442255

ANIMAL Either a bat or blackbird, I can't decide

FLOWER deep purple/black hellebore. (watch out! It's poisonous!)


PERSONA the cold housewife



Vocal: I.M (24K Jeonguk)
Dance: Hwang Jungha (Myname Gunwoo)
Rap: Hwang Jungha (24K Jeonguk)


TRAINING YEARS 2012-?? (when do they debut again?), 2012-2015: H2 media, 2015-??: YG entertainment



TRAINING BACKGROUND Uyeong worked quite hard in training. He originally didn't get much love because singing with a voice so low would be pretty much impossible. So they teached him how to rap, and Uyeong worked pretty hard so he could become a rapper worthy of the rap position. In H2 media he was the only trainee together with Bohee, and no one else came so he left in 2015 before applying for Boys24. Once he joined YG, people flocked around him, so he knew he had to work hard to give a good example. Uyeong didn't like all the attention at first, because he isn't really used to it, but he started to like the attention, because they made him feel good, they made him feel appreciated. He finally knew that he wasn't uncool. Instead of focusing on rap, he started to work towards becoming all-rounded instead. But sadly, YG is only showing off his visual at the moment.





Dan Uyeong from a wealthy family - Of course netizens will hate him for being a silver spoon kid, but it seriously isn't the reason why he got into YG. It was his face.

Dan Uyeong left out of Empire? - Netizens thought this was a bullying scandal and blew it up like they did it with T-ara, but they just misunderstood him being the silent robot he usually is.



idk like maybe a sub-unit? Or a solo? I don't really know if it's fit for him to get a solo cause YG ignores his talents. But he'll definitely do some CF's and acting gigs.




NAME none, he's not really interested in love at the moment. Unless you find someone for him.



COMMENTS Surprise surprise! I hope I didn't disappoint you since Jungha is actually not UNB D: I really hope you like this guy. he's basically a softie towards his babies, but a cold robot towards strangers. Also I didn't think a LI was needed, but if you really think someone fits him, feel free to use him/her. I'm so happy I got a new home for him <3 Also since I really need to head to bed but want to finish him, I didn't add in relationships with the other bubs yet. Also, while checking the brownie points, I saw the cute baby who's the devil in disguise thing but... You now have a mama who's the devil in disguise!



Uyeong the mom having to deal with the annoying kids

Onesie dance practice!

Their comebacks should be like really spectacular dramatic imo

My mind is empty right now i'm sorry

Let him have long hair for a comeback and everyone up cause that was amazing


PASSWORD unit suggestion: rap line lmao (maybe it can be with a few vocals too but like just a badass unit)

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