shades of sins


from the top of the world, searching for little ones to spend some time with and dote on.


i don't really like repeating what i have said and you should read carefully before asking further? thank you.

as stated in the title, i am looking for some partners who can actually and handle the dirtiness- pure preferred but some storyline won't hurt.


i. pet peeves

when someone wants to plot but can't provide any idea or contribution. it's just a waste of time for us both because i won't bother sharing my ideas with someone who doesn't even respect them.

when someone pushes and pokes me. look. not everyone is free all the times. but i try my best, always. hence i expect the same. or you're out.

when someone is overly blunt and tends to act so cold or so. it's bland and it ain't cool like -- it kills the mood, heh. i'm chill. i abuse emojis when i feel like it and i adore cuties. code: daddy.

when someone claims to be good and picky and turns out to be a tryhard. goodbye.


ii. likes

as mentioned, cuties.

slightly preferred straight over . but both are welcomed. i'm excessively dominant, no negotiation on this.

kinks and themes wise, i'm more into the dark side; , non/dubcon, cheating, restricted relationships. but it's all up for discussion.


iii. application (comment or dm)

available on: line (most active), kik, twitter (oc & fl / inactive), facebook (fl; messenger or timeline)

fc: kim jongin, seo youngho, wong yukhei

suggestion: seulgi, joohyun, jisoo, lisa, nancy, yuqi - anyone small and cute; baekhyun, sehun, taeyong, renjun, jungwoo. 

platform + id:


faceclaim (yours and mine):


writing sample:

possible ideas (pwp or not)



iv. samples

your pretty mouth might be quenched, but this little one for sure isn't satisfied just yet. ` words clearly referring to the soft folds that were fluttering around his fingers and them in almost too hungrily, he kept them still and immobile while the female obediently strips her tousled clothes off and renders herself stark on the table, as glorious and impeccable as a five-star course served to the king he egotistically claimed to be ; are you sure it wasn't you that is the main dish here, babygirl? ` body hunched and hovering above hers, he threads the unengaged fingers into the slightly dampened hair and eased her neck backwards till their lips are positioned perfectly for a kiss that went from languid brushing to sloppy smooching within seconds. he swallows the meek whimpers from the pretty lips as his digits crooked and stimulated the poor cavern, as well as the high-pitched squeals when he hits the right spot, tongue delved into the warm orifice which is reeking of him and tasting like him, sliding against her own wet muscle and flicking up across the roof ; like that, baby. take daddy's fingers in your hungry and tell him what you wish for. daddy wants filth spilled from your lovely mouth.` he indeed gives the ruined mouth a bit of a break as the kiss trailed down the side of her swan-like neck and peppered itself on the protruding clavicles in the form of reddish hickeys and visible indents, before his thin tiers curled around the perky peak of her and engulfed the nub in slick saliva, the wetness producing louder noises once he began to smack his lips and on it hungrily ; this might be just one of the things i would demand from you, princess. wouldn't it be adorable if you wake daddy up by feeding your babygirl to him? ` as the suction becomes passionate and fervent, his fingers picked up their speed right inside of her yet again, rutting in and out of the heated hole in sync with the assault on her chest. in contradiction with her ed self, he is utterly calm when reaching under the table for a plastic bag labelled victoria's secret and retrieving a new set of lingeries with strapless bra and g-string undies, the provocativeness conflicting against the pure white lace ; i would like to see you put them on while coming for me. you are daddy's good girl, aren't you? ` letting go of the devoured with a pop, the smirk decorating his features was permanent even when he lowers himself and squats to meet with the sopping wet of hers, before shamelessly latching his mouth onto the oris and toying with the piece of flesh, chewing and , till it's swollen and engorged. in addition to the unrelenting pumping of strong digits against the deepest spot within her, he eats her out using the flat of his flexible tongue and eventually replaces the fingers with the said appendage, now clutching onto her pale thighs and maneuvering her hips to roll against his mouth—the whole fragile frame trembles under the vibration of his hoarse voice murmuring against her throbbing ; give daddy your baby juice, joohyun. come as hard as you can for daddy.


don't report, thanks.


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