Writing platforms

Do any of you know any other good and similar writing websites like asianfanfics/wattpad, where you can publish your fanfictions/fictions/stories, which you would recommend?

I only use this site and wattpad.

Thank you


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ao3 & mibba (mibba doesn't have k-pop fics tho)
AO3 (Archive of our own) and livejournal are also used. I think LJ was more used a couple of years back but you can still find quality fiction there so idk. I find it very confusing tbh. TvT (I do read there but I don’t write).
AO3 is very user-friendly and I believe it’s the go-to site for most fic writers these days.
Also, tumblr is sometimes used for writing as well although if you only write long stories, it might not be the best choice.
I heard oft ao3 and live journal