My Internal Voices

So, I've seen a lot of these kinds of posts on Instagram, usually coming from Tumblr, and I decided to make one myself. I think they're moodboards or something? Anyway, these are my... Inner voices /spirit guides I guess. They represent different aspects of myself, and can sometimes be hard to reconcile with. ((WIP, will update when necessary))



  • Giant white Dragon
  • Red energy
  • Sunrise, sunsets and clear skies
  • Packing up everything and going on a journey
  • Collecting shiny objects
  • Whimsy


  • Vampire
  • Emotional outbursts
  • Revenge plots and holding a grudge
  • Battle axe and beautiful blades
  • Keeping everyone at a distance because opening up to people means exposing your weaknesses


  • Werewolf
  • Being gentle isn't the same as being weak
  • Self-care is a bubble bath with tea light candles to keep the darkness at bay
  • Warm blankets, hot chocolate with mini marshmallows and a good book on a rainy day
  • Crying is healthy, it means you're feeling so much your body can't hold it all inside


  • Kitsune
  • Having a dark aesthetic doesn't mean you're a bad person (looks can be deceiving)
  • Baking. Making too many treats so you have to share with others 
  • Trying something new and loving when it turns out better than you hoped
  • Puns and corny jokes
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