I dropped a piece of asparagus on the ground and I'm bummed lol I make bangin asparagus


Anyways, I've been asked a few times to teach a group of people some Kpop choreography a few times. I've flat out rejected the first 2 times. The latest time I've been asked, I said to keep me as a backup. Like if you can't find anybody else, i'll do it. But dear lord please find someone else lol


I've never taught anybody how to dance before. Formally anyways. And you want me to teach an entire class?? bruhhh why you do dis. Anyways, I know i'll be asked again soon (I'm not giving any kind of details as to why i'm being asked or who I'll be teaching or where btw. Just know a bunch of kpop lovers want to learn some choreo) so I might as well ing prepare for this. Especially considering I'll be getting paid to do this, which adds a WHOLE NEW LAYER OF STRESS


ANYWAYS ANYWAYS I need an idea for WHAT song/dance to teach. I'd ideally like to give like 4-5 different options and have people vote. Should I do something classic? Something fun? Something hard? something new? halp.


Note: I'll be teaching a CLASS, i don't know how many people will show up, i don't know what their dance skills are and I'll only have an hour. There's no way I could possibly teach an ENTIRE song's choreography to an entire group (10+ people). So at best I'd get halfway through the song. But let's be honest here, probably only a chorus and a dance break, and maybe an intro? ALSO, MOST IMPORTANT THING: I can't teach individual parts, I only have an hour and again, no idea how many people would show up. I can easily fit choreography so it's a solo dance. But just keep in mind I can't teach something that requires multiple people or something that requires props


So with that in mind, help! I need suggestions. 

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