wishing a happy birthday for someone important to me

I'm not "supposed" to be talking to her, but I still care for her, no matter what. She's a person that I called my wife for months, someone who has helped me grown as a writer, someone who will always be important to me, no matter what. And I can't believe I just let her go like that... 


She's like my best friend, even now, and I hate imagining a future where she isn't there. I want to fight for us, I really do, because I'm being stupid and weak and I can't do this anymore. I miss you, so so much... And it hurts. 


So if you want to fight for our friendship as well, all you have to do is let me know. 


I hope you have an amazing year, and that you meet many new people to keep you happy. You deserve nothing but the best. 


And guess what, you an old lady now *evil laughs* 


Happy birthday Emma, I love you <3 


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I praying for you and your friend that you bond will become eternal bond of love ... May you two always live together and overcome all the obstacles together... God bless you both... Have a blessed birthday buddy... May god give both of you all the happiness of this world...
awww she responded :)
I just burst straight into tears when I read this, really. I had to go reply to your other message in order to try and like coherently form thoughts but even then I'm still really... Emotional aha. Not a day has gone past where I haven't missed you, and where I haven't thought - if only I had done x differently. This really is the best present I could ever receive, I'm so thankful for you and... Idk. Thank you. I'd say more but I genuinely am a lil too emotional to think straight. I love you <3
ur fighting :(
im sorry
not sure what its about but I hope it gets better for u both
oh and tell Emma I said happy birthday!