First Blog

Wow, I have had this account for three years and I have yet to put this blog to use.

I would like to introduce myself ;D

My name is Camille, I am currently 21 years old. I'm in college studying for art.

I've been a k-pop fan since 2014 but I became a dedicated Shawol in 2015. I have seen SHINee on four seperate occasions. I first saw SHINee in May 8th, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois for their fanmeet. I saw them again July 31st, 2016 when they came to Dallas,Texas for their second fanmeet. I saw them a third time March 24th, 2017 when they came back to Dallas, Texas, I was also able to greet them at the airport before hand this time. The last time I saw them was July 26th, 2018 when I traveled to Japan to go to their Tokyo Dome fanmeet. I was even lucky enough to see Taemin on his birthday in 2018 at the COEX when I traveld to Korea. I love the boys soooo much (I'm not even going to explain why because that could easily be a ten page paper) and they are AMAZING live.

I am Kibum biased as hell, and Jongyun is my bias wrecker. So obviously I ship Jongkey.

I'm not writter, like at all. I started doing it because I thought it would gbe fun but I really ended up enjoying it. I'm trying to improve as much as I can. I have been slow with updates latelty because I havn't been given alot of feedback from the readers which makes me think I have been doing awful lately lol. I have a few new stories people can check out if you want :D

Anyways Idk if anyone is even seeing this or will read this, I'll probably use this blog to post about SHINee or my feelings about what's going on in my life lol. I need some type of outlet.

I'll tag this with SHINee tags because I want to use this to connect with other shawols. Feel free to tell me about your experiences with SHINee or why you love them. And leave nice comments on my stories please :).   (If anyone ever reads this lollll")

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