Giving out Karma Points (again!)

Hi! I'm not on AFF as much anymore so I don't really have a use for my karma points lol. I was thinking about what I should do with them and came up with an idea. My friend from school is trying to start a Youtube channel but she's kinda discouraged because she's not garnering as many views as she thought she would. That's why I decided to kill two birds with one stone: give out karma points to people who need them AND help her out a little!! 

I will be giving out 20 KP a week to each person who watches at least one minute of her videos and leaves a comment. You can choose whether you want to sub or like, since I know that has a more permanent effect on your Youtube (like it would be annoying to be notified of a new video of hers coming out if you didn't like her content, you know?). 

Please message me if you're interested :) Like I said, this will be a weekly thing! Thank you :D

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