looking for rp

hey im a big roleplayer and i get bored often so straight or /yuri. i dont really care about my gender (i can even be ) im a switch in the way i go from female and male. also a switch with being dom or sub. i have a furry oc if that your thing it is mine but i can respect your interests.

i like ropes withs and being teased or tortured. im a masochist i like pain or giving it. im soft for biting it melts me away. this could be a long time rp realationship i dont want to date date tho. but i can still give love. i can respect all kinks except for like piss poop vore or gore. i enjoy on my female side ttho like i said dont have to.

if you decide to dm me everytime we rp we can set a scene together. we can continue scenes or start over.

theres no rules except the one here im pretty open. and if at anytime you want to just stop rp im cool with that. we can just be friends if thats your jam. i try my best to be online but i got school sometimes. and if im too busy for this site im not anywhere else im the same amount of active on all my stuff before you ask if theres anywhere else. i dont send nudes but i dont care about recieving.

my pfp is what i look like obviously. so yea hit me up if interested

also a little add in you can call me tabby or paul

paul is my middle name tabby is just a nckname


what is your fave type of book?

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