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한인형 @douhuaaa12
FULL NAME han inhyung ( 한인형 )
YEAR AND CLASS ㅤclass 3-c
 GRAPEFRUIT  • despite her sweet appearance, inhyung always had a little bit of an attitude whenever things didn’t go her way - so her friends joked around and called her a grapefruit. pretty on the outside, bitter on the inside. now that inhyung has grown up, she just brushes it off as a silly nickname and doesn’t hold anything against it.

 HYUNGIE  • a shortened version of her name given by her parents which didn’t sit too well with the constantly cranky inhyung toddler, as it means “elder brother” as well. growing up though, everyone would call her “hyung” jokingly since she acted like one, so she got used to it.

 GONGJU  • if someone didn’t know inhyung well, they would oftenly refer to her as “princess” due to her extraordinary lifestyle. it’s also not hidden how she gets special treatment sometimes by teachers.
PLACE OF BIRTH seoul, south korea
HOMETOWN gangnam, seoul, south korea

NATIONALITY south korean
한인형 @douhuaaa12
FACE CLAIM (g)-idle’s shuhua
BACKUP FACE CLAIM wekimeki’s doyeon 

HEIGHT ㅤ168cm
WEIGHT ㅤ52kg

APPEARANCE inhyung rocks the same long, jet black hair along with a fair skin and a skinny, petite frame as shuhua. however inhyung still has some baby fat on her cheeks and arms, which she’s pretty insecure about. she also has a pretty big bust, which she denies all claims that it was man made. ( nobody really knows the truth to that. )

FASHION STYLE anyone would easily assume that a rich girl’s closet would’ve been filled with tons of expensive items - but inhyung is the complete opposite. she prefers comfort over style a lot of the time, therefore looking  kinda shaggy when she’s not trying to impress anyone.

url attached. ]
한인형 @douhuaaa12
inhyung is one of the more popular kids at dongryeok high school - not only for her stunning and youthful visuals, but also for her  cheerful   and ㅤ adventurous  behaviour. if she wasn’t spending her spare time at practice or at the dance studio, inhyung would be out with her friends trying out new restaurants, cafes and sometimes going out for movie marathons.

(somewhat) surprisingly, inhyung has amazing  perseverance . she has a pretty  positive   outlook on life and doesn’t give up easily - that is, only if she thinks it’s correct. these traits has helped her a lot throughout her dancing history and sometimes even her grades.

inhyung has a soft and  sensitive   heart - she sympathises with her fellow comrades often, and melts over anything child or animal related. she also cries over the littlest things, whenever someone insults her or when things don’t go her way which can get.. annoying at times.

inhyung is someone who is a little possessive over her friends - not that she has ill intentions though. she genuinely wants the best for all of her close buds and loves taking care of them, but she can’t help but feel  clingy   or sad whenever someone rejects her offers or when her friends go out without her.

search inhyung’s name up and you’ll get “ spoiled   princess” on the search bar. it’s not hard to spot if you spend a mere hour with her. ever since she was a child, inhyung has been spoiled rotten with the best and most expensive things, therefore, seeming  snobbish  . she also tends to show off sometimes with her friends around - but that’s just something you have to get used to around her.

inhyung has an ego. it’s not extremely big, but it’s definitely there. she only believes that she is right even if she isn’t during arguments - which can easily be the most annoying thing about inhyung. unless she’s defending you, then it’s great. inhyung is also a pretty  competitive   person, unconsciously comparing herself amongst her peers and getting easily  jealous .

han inhyung was born on the fifth of march to a family of millionaires - with her father being the boss of a worldwide supermarket company and her mother being a top cosmetics surgeon in the entire of korea, inhyung’s early life was filled with tons of laughter. she was spoiled with anything and everything she wanted at a young age - and being the only child that she is, she received lots of love from her relatives.

inhyung had what others would call “boyish” interests, but her parents were all for it, buying her the biggest and coolest remote control trucks and cars, tons of toy planes and an entire box filled with action movies. . yes, she’s extremely pampered. growing up, inhyung had a pretty good social life. she was highly favourited by her preschool teachers, and was sent for ballet classes at the early age of 5. she was also sent for instrument classes but.. that didn’t turn out so well after her music instructor started pressurising and stressing her out, causing her to be unfond of instruments overall.

over the years, inhyung had expanded from ballet to contemporary, to lyrical dances - even trying out for chinese traditional dance, but quickly dropped out when she injured her arm temporarily. she had auditioned for many dance competitions and won - both solo and in groups, and she also did extremely well in physical education class, earning her a pretty high reputation amongst her peers during middle school.

as inhyung grew out from her, quote, kiddy years and into her teens, her bond with her family was getting weaker and weaker as she spends less time with them and more time with her friends. because of that, her parents are extremely strict on her - they wanted to know who her friends were, what their family background was and what time she came home almost every night which made inhyung pretty frustrated with the routine.

her father was also constantly asking her about her future, and how dancing was just a hobby and not an actual job — he wanted her to be a heir to his company, which inhyung had very distasteful thoughts about. their previous happy and joyful family relationship was now filled with awkward silence and tension.

 m o n o l o u g e
 “i’m not getting involved in your stupid company. can’t you understand that? i’m sick and tired of you forcing me into things.” inhyung fumed, staring straight into her father’s stern eyes across the dinner table. she was raging at this point - she’s old enough to make her own decisions, and her father has to understand that. her mother only looked up at her daughter due to her sudden outburst, continuing with her meal. of course she didn’t do anything, inhyung thought. she would only side with her father.  it was silent for a couple of minutes — and inhyung almost regretted her words. her father only sighed softly and shut his eyes, mumbling softly. “very well. if that’s how you want to be.” 

not long after the argument, her father had gone ahead to cancel all the pending elite high school applications that inhyung had applied for - and landed her straight to dongryeok high. he had a long talk with the principal of the school who promised to force inhyung to get better grades this year.

inhyung was obviously very upset, as she had already promised with her friends that they were all going to the same high school. his actions had made inhyung resent her parents even more. turns out, dongryeok wasn’t so bad after all. everyone inhyung had met was pretty nice, scoring her a bunch of friends within the first week of attending the school. and before she even knew it, her social status had shot up again.

she was quickly placed as the leader of the dance club and became the most popular member of the her class. there were quite a lot of rumours popping about, how she used money to get to such a high rank, and how her family was arrogant, money minded snobs. but she didn’t really care for any of that.

inhyung spends most of her time on the bleachers after track, smothered in sunscreen while waiting for her friends in the dance squad, cheering them on as she watched them practice hard for their performances. she usually hung out by the cheer dance team, but she never really considered joining them herself until a good friend of inhyung’s invited her to join them when they were lacking members - though still slightly uncertain, she decided to go for it. i mean, what could she lose, right?

on a normal school day, she would arrive a little later compared to others - taken that she wakes up late and bumps into her parents occasionally while getting ready for school. inhyung also gets to school by her family’s chauffeur which she makes little to no effort to hide from her friends.

she does mild revision in between the breaks of her classes and eats lunch with her close friends. she’d spend the majority of her time at cheer practice after school - maybe sometimes attending public dance classes if she felt like it. she’d spend the rest of her day studying — either with friends at a cafe, or at home.

her parents always invite her to have dinner with them, but she usually refuses. instead, she heads out to eat either by herself or with a friend. inhyung is also not a night owl, so she sleeps almost as soon as she’s finished with her studies.

on the weekends, inhyung would try out fancy restaurants and activities with her friends, cheer team included. that included things like rock climbing, haunted houses and little shopping sprees. if she has yet to finish with her homework, she would spend the evening by herself at a cafe and finish it ; having her dinner there as well.

a casual week with inhyung would consist of 60% activity, 20% friends and 20% studies. ( and she wonders why her grades are so low! ) she also tries to avoid her parents at her best. 

• dislikes playing the guitar and piano
• she had tumble tots when she was three
• went to an all girls middle school
• has a pomeranian at home named bibi
• h a t e s bugs
• obsessed with chinese food
• dislikes plums
• her favorite quote is, “money can’t buy happiness.” • picky with food, especially veggies.
• falls in love easily ( maybe because she was in an all girls school? )
• won lots of awards for track, badminton and high jump back in middle school
• won over seven dance competitions back when she was in middle school
• her favorite genre of movies is action
• has a major crush on tom cruise
• she has an entire rack of pokemon collectables back home
• sleeps an awful lot for some reason. • coffee addict
• not a morning person, or a night person.
• ! has left the dance club ever since she had joined the cheer team
day 6 - i smile
billie elish - i don’t want to be you anymore
little mix - little me

maroon 5 - lost stars
sunmi - heroine
pikotaro - pen pineapple apple pen (oof)
한인형 @douhuaaa12


  soeul was one of the first few people inhyung met ever since moving to dongryeok. they met on field, when inhyung was exploring the school and happened to meet soeul during her cheer practice. they aren’t best friends as they‘re from different classes, but they do keep a close relationship by hanging out with the same group of friends. it was soeul that invited inhyung to try out for auditions - so she owes it all to her. their friendship is improving, as soeul helps inhyung out a lot over her dancing styles, and how to alter her emotional style of dancing to a more upbeat and powerful one.


  yeowool has been inhyung’s best friend ever since middle school. and despite going to separate high schools, they still contact each other very often over text messages and facetime. inhyung only trusts yeowool with all of her private information - family problems, school drama, etc. now that the cheerleading team is super busy with practice and yeowool has her exams upcoming, they’ve been contacting each other less and less, which inhyung is pretty sad about.


  if you were ever assigning group projects — maybe placing both inhyung and hyejae in the same team isn’t the smartest idea. nobody really knows what’s up with these two but as soon as they met in the cheer team, they can’t stand each other’s guts. inhyung constantly sizes them up, attempting to get soeul to have her back during their little arguments only to no avail. it’s still a wonder to the other students how the cheer team can last with these two on their team.


  inhyung’s first impression of jaemin was “soeul’s one true love”. she doesn’t hang out with jaemin very often but when she does, she enjoys teasing him. it wasn’t until jaemin’s huge accident that their friendship really grew; inhyung visiting him often at the hospital along with the other cheer members and always chatting with him. despite being the same age, inhyung constantly treats jaemin like a child.
한인형 @douhuaaa12
POSITION dancer & front / back spot if needed

DANCING STYLE as inhyung had a ton of ballet practice growing up, she has a very feminine and clean style of dancing - though her movements are sharp, she has very delicate hand movements, carrying out the move till her fingertips.
  TWINS   red velvet’s irene // twice’s mina // izone’s eunbi
FAVORITE MUSIC GENRE inhyung loves to pour her emotions into her dances, so she’s good at more emotional and ballet songs.
  EXAMPLE   crazy in love by sofia karlberg 🎶 lovely by billie elish 🎶 drunk in love by beyonce

AUDITION inhyung had put together a cute little performance with avril lavine’s girlfriend - including a little chant with the letters of DANCE. though it didn’t exactly fit the genre of cheer dance, the female had still passed thanks to her amazing perseverance
WHAT WOULD THEY DO AFTER SENIOR YEAR after the rough disagreement with her father - inhyung is still unsure over her future. originally, she had planned to attend an elite high school and university with her closest friends and open a dance studio together. inhyung still has the plan to open a dance studio, or be one of the top dancing instructors in the future. though, she is still scared of her father’s plans for her.
SUBJECT 1 is best, 3 is average and 5 is worst
 KOREAN  • 1
 ETHICS  • 3
 MUSIC  • 5
한인형 @douhuaaa12


 DUMDUM  • it was an affectionate pet name whenever hyunjin wasn’t taking care of himself well. she would lightly jab at his shoulder and lecture him about eating his meals or sleeping well when he was too busy practicing.
 MUSCLE MAN  • hyunjin frequently sneaks up behind inhyung and carries her backpack for her, causing her to call him a muscle man. sometimes muscly dude if she’s feeling playful. she also admires hyunjin’s physique  whenever he wears sleeveless shirts, which he’s fully aware of.
 HYUN  • it was originally “hyung”, so that they’d call each other the same thing. but inhyung scrapped the idea ( in fear of friendzoning or.. hyungzoning hyunjin ) and changed it to hyun instead. hyunjin calls her hyung anyways.
LOVE STORY inhyung and hyunjin were barely acquaintances before she had joined the cheerleading team - they had only exchanged a couple of words, but that was because they had the same friend group. she had always found the male good looking and admirable for his effort put into the team, but she never thought too much about him.

it wasn’t until one day during her first few cheer practices where she was trying out to be a flyer for fun; and instead of being supported by the bases, she had fallen onto the scorching hot ground thanks to her bad balance. hyunjin had then taken the responsibility and brought her to the school nurse despite her constant whining that he didn’t have to. he waited until the nurse had done a complete check up on her and even walked her out to the school gate, giving her some of his personal advice on balance and dance.

ever since then, she found hyunjin extremely charming - how determined he was to get synchronised with soeul’s movements, and how passionate he was while playing the drums. it almost made inhyung interested in learning the drums, so that the male could’ve taught her. almost. inhyung still isn’t fond of playing with instruments.

inhyung had only told soeul about her massive crush on hyunjin that, definitely wasn’t obvious at all to the public eye. the red cheeks, fidgeting of fingers and stuttering of words whenever he was around was completely normal - definitely. the girl had trusted soeul with all her heart not to tell hyunjin about any of this. ( which wasn’t exactly certain. )

unfortunately for inhyung though, her crush was pretty heavily one sided, as hyunjin had only seen her as an affectionate friend and she was aware of it. that didn’t stop her from making very slow advances; of course, nothing that makes hyunjin uncomfortable.

INTERACTIONS inhyung has gotten more comfortable around hyunjin as time progresses, opposed to how flustered she got during the beginning. she still gets shy whenever hyunjin does any skinship with her — almost running away when hyunjin placed an arm around her shoulder once.

she had also placed a mega sized box of hyunjin’s favourite flavour of pepero ( courtesy of soeul ) in his locker on pepero day. she quickly denied it though when he asked her about it — saying that pepero wasn’t her style. she’d rather just confess instead. everyone knew that was a complete lie, but thanks to her ego, she had to watch hyunjin accept other girls’ pepero the entire day in disappointment. she still  regrets that day; if she had just told him it was her, would things be different? 

inhyung can be a little weird around hyunjin - sometimes being flustered and shy, other times being a little sad and sensitive whenever someone else was, quote, all over him. majority of the time, she was her own happy cheerful self.

ENDINGㅤup to you tbh - oof. inhyung will be okay if hyunjin finds himself a girlfriend or develops a crush of his own, but it’d be preferred if it was a fluffy ending. uwu

COMMENTARY this is my first ever applyfic im so nervous ajajsjsjsj. i hope you like inhyung tho bc i took way too long on her sm h.
• inhyung having a little breakdown over her private family issues, but yeowool hasn’t been replying her for a couple days now. maybe she slowly opens up to another member of the cheer squad?
• a transition from ms i-know-it-all toughie pants to ms spaghetti sauce whenever hyunjin’s around
• maybe somewhere down the road; someone tries to get inhyung’s head out of her for once lol ( maybe hyejae?)ㅤ

PASSWORD since the team had a pretty big downfall the previous year - maybe they could do something that features their blues and downfalls of the year? but ends pretty happily bc they end got each other’s back& ye sappy stuff like that. or maybe something thunder or lightning related would look hella cool too.
han inhyung
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