ehh ... i'm dabi, lumiere's bumblebee ??
ehh ... i'm dabi, lumiere's bumblebee ??
NAME Eom Dan Bee 엄단비
ONE danbee, danbeenie, dannie, dan. these are her basic nicknames.
TWO bumblebee. other than the fact that her name has the name "bee" on it, her groans sounds like the bzz of a bee ( see trivia for more info ).
THREE dabi-chin. japanese fans who had watched Kuroko no Basket had seen the similarities between Danbee and Murasakibara Atsushi and decided to call her the same way Murasakbiara calls other people ( which is the addition of the suffix chin at the end of her name ).
FOUR nataebee ( 나태비 ). natae meaning sloth was combined to her name bee because of how lazy she is that is unrelevant to music + this was called by her other members whenever they're frustrated because she wasn't moving a muscle.
FIVE aga unnie ( 아가 언니 ). another nickname the members had created ( the younger ones ) because of her annoyingly chidlish personality yet being one of the oldest members. thus, child unnie.
BIRTHDATE September 18, 1997 ( 21 ).
BIRTHPLACE Seoul, South Korea.
HOMETOWN Seoul, South Korea.
↠ Korean ( 100% ). this is her native tongue.
↠ English ( 49% ). it was already part of their language training to learn English in order to deal with their international fans. Danbee, although not exactly good at it yet, used this to mesh it with the korean lyrics. she still at it though.
FACE CLAIM Kim Se Jeong ( Gugudan ).
BACKUP Lee Joo Eun ( DIA ).
STATURE 164cm & 48kg.
APPEARANCE Danbee's original haircolor was brown, and throughout her music career with Lumiere, her haircolor ranges from browns to blacks to blondes. She never agrees into going for bold colors ( unless she was forced to because it's needed for their comeback ). She didn't cared if they cut her hair short though, any length was fine to her. Despite the constant eating she does, she never gets fat. The heaviest she had gained was up to 50kg, but that's only because they took a break and all she did was eat. Nonetheless, she has a fast metabolism. Other than that, she looks exactly like Sejeong.
STYLE Danbee has a long range of fashion tastes. from girly outfits to boyish ones; from casual to elegant and fancy; from cozy to formal. Her color palette are mostly neutral colors from black to white; but when she's in the mood, she goes for warm colors such as brown to orange ( the color of autumn )
ㅤㅤㅤscroll left !
ㅤㅤONE According to most of the members in Lumiere, they say that Danbee has two kinds of personalities that often shows whenever she's onstage and off stage; infront and behind cameras. If they were to even ask which persona they prefer, it would be Eom Danbee infront of the camera. However, Danbee tolerates her own bad attitude infront of the camera and tries not to be brat. The fans are aware of her bad personality, kudos to her lovable Lumiere members, but despite it, they could also see how nice Danbee can be. She's just ... really childish and intimidating.
ㅤㅤTWO Despite the mature look she often wears, Danbee actually has a childish personality: both having the good and bad traits of a child. While she's loyal and respectful, it was only to those she had handpicked--the ones whom she thinks deserves her loyalty and respect. Those are the people she sees as talented or successful. Although there are a few exceptions that includes people who managed to tolerate her attitude and sees her in a differnt view even if they are the type of people Danbee hated.
ㅤㅤTHREE She's pretty laid-back for a trainee. When other's are so uptight and tensed because of the trainings and evaluations they have to go through, not once did the rest saw Danbee with a nervous face. Her confidence is the secret to it; she just knows she's too good. And because of this laid-back personality of hers, she ends up to be one of the few members of Lumiere to break off arguments when she thinks it's getting too much. She may be a sadist, but she never liked it when her co-members are suffering physically or mentally.
ㅤㅤFOUR Having a friendly nature, it leaves a confusing feeling to those who decided to befriend her. While Danbee may be intimidating and childish, that doesn't stop her from trying to be a good friend. Again, her loyalty has no bounds. Once she sees you as a friend, she definitely would treat you like a true friend.
ㅤㅤFIVE Determination is basically the one positive word the coaches, co-trainees, and fans alike would use to describe Danbee in general. Quitting was never a part of Danbee's dictionary. She may be talented and has a very passionate love for music, so people might assume that she would grow bored out of it for being "too good", but that's not what's stopping her. She strives for being the best--whether to bring herself or Lumiere to the skies.
ㅤㅤSIX The leader of Lumiere had once mentioned that Danbee was a sadist back then during their trainee years. She's not a sadist physically but she rather enjoys seeing trainees who tries so hard only to end up failing. She finds it entertaining whenever other trainees would give her stink-eyes everytime she does something that they can't do. She loathed passionate people who didn't manage to become what they want to be, and it annoys her because while quitting was not in her vocabulary, it's necessary to do so if it's just not enough--and that's not what those other trainees are doing. So Danbee resulted to mocking and fooling them instead.
ㅤㅤSEVEN Other than music, which is the only thing she's actually happy of doing, she's lazy all-in-all. For a skilled person like her, she doesn't like putting too much effort into something she doesn't even like. Chores or not, she'll never do it. The only person she's going to follow and make her do it is the leader of Lumiere ( she's the leader, it's sensible to follow orders from her, would be her reply with a slurry tone )
ㅤㅤEIGHT Being petty and combine it with temperamental is the worst combination anyone can get from Danbee. Again, the singer's a very childish girl so she would definitely throw tantrums if there's something that wasn't going according to her plan. She's mad at the most simplest things like hiding her candies or leaving a finished paper cup of coffee in the studio without throwing it out in the trash. It would be impossible to guess it right that she's one of the oldest members of Lumiere because of her childish acts.
ㅤㅤNINE When it comes to arguments that are directed towards her, she can be simple-minded. Because of her childish personality, she would definitely argue back at things that ticks her off, even if it's rather obvious that they're provoking her. While it may be funny to look at as the audience, it was never a good thing to the members of Lumiere because they knew that Eom Danbee never backs down without a fight.
ㅤㅤTEN If she's mad, not only were her expressions are terrifying but her words are painful and uncomfortable to hear from a lady's mouth. Even if she was raised in a proper home with rich parents orienting her with proper etiquette, it's only a mystery as to how it ended up to her becoming like this. Her vulgaric vocabulary is off the charts whenever she's pissed. 
BACKGROUND Born from a wealthy family of musicians, with Mr. Eom as an Orchestra conductor and Mrs. Eom as an Opera singer, music had always been a part of Eom Danbee's life.
Since her family's status is considered as an elite, Danbee was raised to be a proper Korean lady and requires her to master a lot of things, including music. She was taught how to do household chores, to cook together with the maids, learn a few skills such as horseback-riding and fencing. She was given the best education because of the money thye have; letting her study in one of the most prestigious schools in Ulsan and made sure her grades were never below 85. Even with all the things she had done most of her life, she grew tired of doing them. She mastered all of them with ease, and it was too boring for her to do it again and again while knowing that she already reached the limit of being excellent at it.
Her parents then decided to teach her in the music field when she was 15. There, she was personally trained by her mother on how to sing professionally while playing instruments with her father. Danbee had then finally found something she could be so passionate about without the fear of reaching to the top so quickly, knowing that in music, the stairs are endless. This gave Danbee the motivation to improve and continue moving forward without stopping.
At the age of 19, she decided to become an idol. It was not something her parents had expected--becausae they thought she's going to be an opera singer like her mother--but nevertheless, they let her since it was still in the music field. Danbee wanted some thrill in her life, since she finds it boring, so the thought of involving herself with people who she hopes to be as musically talented as her. So she opted to audition in SM Entertainment where most korean group artists had been very successful.
TRIVIA infos.
ㅤㅤLIKES candies, food, music, movies, sleep, passionate and successful people
ㅤㅤDISLIKES boycotts, rainy weather, dogs, mornings, spicy food
ㅤㅤHOBBIES singing, listening to music, eating, watching movies, lyric writing
ㅤㅤONE she has a sweet-tooth, so she loves candy more than everything despite knowing that there's a possibility she can get a sore throat
ㅤㅤTWO she loves to eat, so she's not picky with food ( except spicy food ) ( and no, she doesn't do diets )
ㅤㅤTHREE she finds it annoying when people try so hard and still ends up becoming less of a success
ㅤㅤFOUR but absolutely hates more with people who keeps on saying things about something when they either never hearing the other side of the story or they simply criticize things when they themselves don't know how to do it ( aka boycotters basically )
ㅤㅤFIVE if she's not an idol, she would have been an opera singer like her mother
ㅤㅤSIX she sounds slurry and bored whenever she talks but that doesn't mean she's drunk ( it disappears when she sings )
ㅤㅤSEVEN loves music wiht a passion, so talk about music and she'll definitely crush you
ㅤㅤEIGHT during her trainee days under SM, she has friends who left her because of her bad attitude while only a few stayed behind because they tolerate her ( and they know how friendly and sweet she can really be if she tries to )
ㅤㅤNINE she hates the rainy weather because she has to bring an umbrella, make sure not to get wet and if she does get wet then she has to take a shower
ㅤㅤTEN she's scared of dogs--the moment she sees one she'll immeidately go to something high like a chair or table. do not let the dog approach her or hell would break loose
ㅤㅤELEVEN her role models are Jessica Jung of Girl's Generation and Super Junior
ㅤㅤTWELVE whenever she groans or moans ( not in a ed way ), it sounds like the bzzz of a bee
ㅤㅤTHIRTEEN she's one, if not the, richest member in Lumiere
ㅤㅤFOURTEEN she has an OCD. she hates it to the core when her things are disorganized 
ㅤㅤFIFTEEN she's a fast learner since she was a child so she could easily pick up things just by watching
ㅤㅤSIXTEEN she's never one who participates in games unless there's a reasonably good prize at the end of the game
ㅤㅤSEVENTEEN during ISAC, she only joins one sport--which is fencing--and just watches her group compete after that ( she's a bit of a tsundere, so she secretly cheers for them, she hates to lose, after all )
ㅤㅤEIGHTEEN everytime the members are asking each other what's in their bag or luggages, Danbee would always end up having 70% of the content as bags of candies and sweets
ㅤㅤNINETEEN she rarely joins Lumiere's vlives unless it's a group vlive or her leader forces her to participate if it's not a group vlive
ㅤㅤTWENTY she finds dancing both fun and a pain because she has to move a lot but at the same time, challenges her stamina and vocal chords to be able to sing without her voice shaking
DANBEE SAYS a summary of her.
ㅤㅤONE "ehh ... being skilled and being talented are two different things. it just so happens that i have both."
ㅤㅤTWO "i hate passionate people who keeps on trying even when they can't succeed; but i hate people running their mouths as if they have experience even more."
ㅤㅤTHREE "why do you keep on trying?"
ㅤㅤFOUR "you're my friend, why would i even talk about you?"
ㅤㅤFIVE "i know i'm a hypocrite. i'm friends with them whose talent are never close to mine but at least they know there's something more than being me as some girl who mocks passionate yet weak people."
ㅤㅤSIX "ahh, there's no use. no matter what you do, the coach would never give you as much lines as the other trainees. maybe you should quit. that would be easier for you."
ㅤㅤSEVEN "it's a comforting feeling that there are still people in this world who tries to understand complexive people like me. take our fans for example."
ㅤㅤEIGHT "ugh, this new flavor is worse than the previous. i should've bought the other bag of flavored candies."
ㅤㅤNINE "put a hot sauce in that pizza, i'll kill you."
ㅤㅤTEN "the leader's orders are absolute. those are the only things that would make me move."
ㅤㅤELEVEN "ughh, dancing is such a pain ..."
ㅤㅤTWELVE "well, uhm, i have candies ... chips ... clothes .. tooth brush and paste ... chocolates ... kimchi--"
ㅤㅤTHIRTEEN "huh, they may be good but i'm better. believe me, i've been fencing for half of my childhood life to know that i'm better than them."
ㅤㅤFOURTEEN "i'm not drunk. i just talk like i'm drunk."
ㅤㅤFIFTEEN "shut up ... you're too noisy and annoying."
STAGE NAME Dabi. she has a hard time pronouncing the "n" in her name so she ends up saying her name as "Eom Dabee" ; instead of writing her stage name as "Dabee", they decided to replace "ee" with "i" to make it look less weird
POSITION Main Vocalist.
BACKUP Lead Dancer, Vocalist.
VOCAL TWIN Kim Tae Yeon ( SNSD )
RAP TWIN none.
DANCE TWIN Kim Se Jeong ( Gugudan ).
TRAINING YEARS 2 years under SM Entertainment.
TRAINING LIFE There was an audition under SM when Danbee was going home from school inside the car when her chauffer picked her up at the school's gates. That alone gave her the signal that this is the thing she's been looking for, thus telling her parents that she would be an idol instead of an Opera singer.
Danbee is considered as one of the few trainees who are very difficult to befriend. Not only because of her intimidating aura yet still wearing a sluggish expression, her attitude that she barely hid from the other trainees had stopped them from trying. They found and knew how talented Danbee is, yet the sight of her mocking and provoking the ones who are trying but barely getting there pisses them off. One of the few trainees who hadn't judged Danbee yet ( but close to telliing herself that she's not a good person to be with ), Moon Jangmi, was the first person to approach Danbee that one training day to ask her point of view about the people Danbee mocks and provokes.
"I hate it when a person is so passionate and tries so hard when they cannot win at all. It's a waste of time. They should just find something else they could be good at. At least, they would be able to not feel disappointed in the end. Not that I mind though. It's entertaining for me to see their teeth grinding in frustration," was her reply, and Jangmi slightly understood Danbee's ideology from there.
Nobody could complain though because there's no point in fighting her when they know that Danbee's not only talented, but she's also passionate about what she does. Everytime she makes an effort in her training, whether it's singing, dancing or rapping, it's evident that she's improving. That's how she ended up having only a few friends staying behind her. The ones who looked past her bad attitude and see the childish yet friendly and loyal Eom Danbee who values her friends more than her candies.
REACTION TO BOYCOTT Rather than feeling intimidated, she's beyond pissed at them. They were exactly the people whom she hated the most. Those hypocrites who keeps on saying they're a flop and they would be soon when they themselves doesn't have any idea how hard it is be an idol, talented or not.
"s. Hypocrites. heads. Am I missing more names? How about mothering ass trashes that makes me want to stomp their heads deep underground?"
"You're a hypocrite too though ..."
"The I care if I'm a hypocrite too? At least I know better than to say false things as if they're saying the absolute truth."
"Okay you need to chill, unnie."
"No, I need a ing lawyer."
RELATIONS scroll left please !!
장미  Jangmi was the first trainee who had ever approached her, and one of the few trainees who didn't judged her immediately. She may not have admitted, but she's glad for Jangmi's open-mindedness, because Danbee's aware that many people don't like her and her own personality and ideology. Despite Danbee being a bit of a tusndere, she cares deeply for her and treasures her as a true friend.
규휸  As an avid fan of Super Junior, Danbee once stated that Kyuuhyun and Ryeowook were her biases in the group. Aside from Kyuhyun's playful antics, Danbee had completely adored his voice. Her mother once told her that Kyuhyun's voice is great and soothing to hear. Danbee rarely interacted with the members of Super Junior, however the Lumiere members are pleased and amused to see Danbee switching personalities whenever they interact. 
려욱  Ryeowook is one of the two biases of Danbee in Super Junior, and one of the vocalists of SM that she idolizes a lot. Although she love Kyuhyun's soothing voice, Ryeowook's powerful ones always tug a string in Danbee's heart whenever he sings. Unfortunately for her, she gave him a bad impression during her trainee days when he had witnessed Danbee provoking one of the trainees. Ryeowook, being experiences and a straight-forward man, had given her his own medicine and lectured her about bullying the other trainees. Thanks to him, Danbee had tone down her childish acts ( but still didn't stop her from doing so--she just does it sometimes when she just can't control it anymore ). Nonetheless, Ryeowook praises her for her vocals ( "it's just a shame that she has that kind of attitude despite the friendly nature she shows as well" ).
마크  Despite debuting earlier than her, Mark is one of the few younger idols that she praises. She gave credit for him being a trainee at such a young age, and ended up debuting as well as one of the popular rappers in the Korean music industry. She did interacted with Mark a few times when NCT and Lumiere crossed paths, but that was only Danbee patting Mark despite being taller than her and giving out praises ( Jangmi complains that Danbee acted like Mark is her hoobae when it's the other way around--Danbee's reason is that she's older ).
제시카  Her role model. Her life. Literally. When Jessica was still a member of SNSD, and Danbee had met her during those late nights when Danbee was left in the studio to practice out her vocals and Jessica just so happens to enter the same studio as well to get something. Danbee literally freaked out when Jessica complimented her voice because this is her rolemodel, for Christ's sakes! Other than that, it was only pats and praises as their interactions ( short but meaningful for her ). She was saddened when Jessica left the agency but that didn't stop her at treating Jessica Jung as her role model.
이름  collab ?
˗ˏˋ SUGALGI   GABBY   6/10 ˎˊ˗
` Danbee's highly inspired from Murasakbiara Atsushi from the anime Kuroko no Basket
` weeps i got carried away with the personality section i'm not sure if her personality's too contradicting for you but if it is, then i'll apologize in advance ;;
` it's been a long time since i've ever applied to an idol-au appfic so forgive me if the trainee section is a bit rusty ( and the background too )
` i sincerely hope you like her ;w; i really enjoyed writing her !!
ONE that one trainee ( can be any of the applicants if they want that suits the people Danbee bullies ) is being provoked by Danbee when they're still trainees and Ryeowook entered the scene ( see r/s with Ryeowook )
TWO Jangmi being that good kind of childishness vs. Danbee being that bad kind of childishness
THREE Lumiere members losing their mind because they thought Danbee's dead but ends up realizing that she's just sleeping on her stomach and her hair hiding her face
FOUR Leader of Lumiere forcing ( can be dragging if she's strong ) Danbee out of her room to join her doing vlive
FIVE Danbee expressing her thoughts about the boycotts and ends up cursing infront of the cameras ( oh demnnn )
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